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TAPE_NUMBER: EF99/1040 IN_TIME: 18:52:39 LENGTH: 01:24 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Natural Sound VOICED BY PHILLIPA MEAGHER The Australian Defence Force says it has successfully carried out its first air drop over East Timor. Thousands are hiding out in the mountains and villages in the north of the troubled province. The U-N World Food Programme is hoping to make further airdrops into other regions where there are more refugees without food. (0.03) The houses are still burning in war ravaged East Timor. After two weeks of upheaval and killings the refugees are slowly beginning to trickling back to their burned-out homes. It seems there may at last be salvation from the violence wrought by the anti-sepratist militias. (0.19) It's estimated that about twenty thousand people are still sheltering in mountainous jungle in a desperate attempt to escape the killing fields. Many have not eaten for days. But help was on the way with the first aid flight. (0.33) The Australian Defence Force sent two Hercules planes loaded with rice and blankets for the refugees. (0.39) Both planes picked up an Indonesian government observer in Dili, Jakarta's condition for allowing the relief flights to go ahead. The Defence Force says it has confirmed both airdrops hit their target. The World Food Programme, entrusted with organising the airdrops, hopes to dispatch two plane loads of food a day. But it may have to seek new permission from Indonesia. (1.00) The U-N is also seeking permission to deliver humanitarian aid to about 150 thousand East Timorese trapped in West Timor. (1.09) U.N. aid flights to East Timor have been delayed due to concerns low flying aircraft may be targets for rebels or that refugees emerging from their mountain hideouts to collect the aid may become easy targets for militia. (1.24) VISION ENDS SHOTLIST: Dili and various villages in the north, East Timor, - 17 September, 1999 XFA 0.00 Aerial of East Timor 0.09 Aerial of the headland 0.19 Zoom into coastline 0.33 Mid shot of inside of the Hercules 0.39 Mid shot of aid being dropped 0.45 Aerial of East Timor 0.50 Mid shot of another dispatch of aid 1.00 Mid shot of field as aid is being dropped 1.09 Aerial of region 1.15 Wide shot of smoke 1.24 VISION ENDS?