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TAPE_NUMBER: EN9935 IN_TIME: 11:13:22 LENGTH: 03:46 SOURCES: APTN/MERCURY/DEF MIX PRODUCTIONS RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video clips without clearance, No access Internet Music/performance rights must be cleared. FEED: SCRIPT: xfa TOP PRODUCER SPINS THE DISCS AT IBIZA STORY: DAVID MORALES LOCATION: IBIZA DATE: AUGUST 1999 Long gone are the days when being a successful musician meant you actually had to play a musical instrument or possess a reasonable singing voice. With the advent of house music, a whole new breed of DJs have forged a name for themselves by remixing tracks and launching them at clubs throughout Europe and America. If the music gets people dancing, chances are it will become a hit on the airwaves several months later. The summer season on the tiny balearic island of Ibiza has proved over the past decade to be the best testing ground for future hits and the favoured destination for celeb DJ's, record producers, supermodels and Europe's glitterati in general. This summer one of the many hot DJ's playing at Ibiza was DAVID MORALES. As a DJ, remixer, producer and co-owner of DEF MIX PRODUCTIONS,(one of the world's most successful dance music production companies), Morales has made a mark all of his own. Aside from spinning records at major clubs around the world, his productions skills have kept him in great demand with top recording artists such as MARIAH CAREY, MICHAEL JACKSON, SEAL, CE-CE PENISTON, JANET JACKSON, TINA TURNER, JAMIROQUAI, WHITNEY HOUSTON, and THE SPICE GIRLS (he wrote and produced their massive hit \"Spice Up Your Life\") to name but a few. Morales' most recent projects include producing the PET SHOP BOYS' latest album \"Nightlife\" which features their current single, \"I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore\". In 1996, he was nominated for a Grammy Award for producing MARIAH CAREY'S \"Fantasy\", followed by a second Grammy nomination in '97 for Best Remixer. In 1998, Morales finally received the coveted award for \"Remixer of the Year\". He has also remixed tracks for countless artists from MADONNA (\"Deeper and Deeper\"), ARETHA FRANKLIN, ETERNAL, BJORK and MAXI PRIEST. In 1997, David and his partner JUDY WEINSTEIN created \"Definity Records\", and hit the chart jackpot with their first release on the label entitled \"The Face -Needin' U\" which soared to Number 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart and enjoyed great success in Europe with a number 8 position on the UK pop chart. The video for The Face topped the MTV Europe Dance Chart at number one. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Morales first discovered his powers as a hit-maker back in 1987 when he started working as a DJ for a new club named \"Red Zone\". His time there, coupled with a trip to the UK, resulted in a series of mixes called \"The Red Zone Mixes\" and launched his name as a legend in the underground. In 1991 Morales started work on his own record, David Morales and the Bad Yard Club \"The Program\", which was released on Mercury Records in '93. The single, \"In De Ghetto\" featuring CRYSTAL WATERS went to the top of the UK Record Mirror Chart. The multi-talented Morales has been a guest DJ on MTV's \"The Grind\" as well as mixing his own Saturday night program called \"Morales at Midnight\" on the New York radio station, WKTU. Nowadays though, he is focusing mainly on his own writing and producing. For further information, please contact MERCURY RECORDS in London on +44 (0) 181 910.57.13 or DEF MIX PRODUCTIONS in New York on +1 (0) 212 505.77.28. SHOTLIST: CLIP VIDEO 'I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT' BY PET SHOP BOYS ; CLIP 'FANTASY' BY MARIAH CAREY ; SOT DAVID MORALES ; MORALES DEEJAYING IN IBIZA CLUB PASHA ; SOT MORALES ; CLIP VIDEO 'FANTASY' ; SOT MORALES ; CLIP VIDEO 'I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT' BY PET SHOP BOYS ; SOT MORALES ; CLIP 'NEEDIN' YOU BY DAVID MORALES ?