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TAPE_NUMBER: EN9932 IN_TIME: 11:25:42 LENGTH: 03:15 SOURCES: APTN/ARTISAN ENTERTAINMENT RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance from ARTISAN ENTERTAINMENT Santa Monica, California on (+001)310.449.92.00 or fax (+001) 310.255.38.60 No Access Internet FEED: SCRIPT: xfa BLAIR WITCH CASTS A SPELL AT THE U.S. BOX OFFICE STORY:BLAIRWITCH MARKETING LOCATION: VARIOUS DATE: AUGUST 10TH + FILE In the neverending battle to get bums on seats in movie theatres across the globe, two independent film makers are currently laughing all the way to the bank as their low budget hit, "The Blair Witch Project" came in second from the top of the US box office last weekend. The scary tale took in about $US24million, only $US2million less than the top box office film, "The Sixth Sense", Hollywood's big budget drama starring BRUCE WILLIS. It also beat "Runaway Bride" and "The Thomas Crown Affair" which isn't bad going for a film which only cost $US60,000 to make and has taken a total of $US80million so far, Cowrittendirected and edited by DANIEL MYRICK and EDUARDO SANCHEZ, The Blair Witch Project has benefitted from a canny marketing campaign ever since it first turned heads at the Sundance Festival in January of this year. After a midnight screening at Sundance, Artisan Entertainment purchased the film for $US1million and began its marketing campaign in earnest. The Blair Witch website which had been started in June '98, even before the film was edited, became a magnet for curious fans. Artisan added journal entries by one of the characters, faked police reports and a history of the Blair Witch dating back to the 18th century. Myrick and Sanchez next found themselves at the highly prestigious Cannes Film festival where the film was invited to participate in the "Quinzaine des Realisateurs" sidebar section. Now on general release in the States, Blair Witch has attracted a cult following, as witnessed by the average of 2 million hits its website receives every day. "Blair Witch" puts a modern twist on the universal fear of the dark and things that go bump in the night. But if you're expecting another Screamstyle gorefest, think again. This chiller is very much a pseudodocumentary. The story revolves around three students' attempt to find out more about the legend of a witch who lived in the Black Hills Forest in Maryland and whose magic was most definitely black. The innovative way the film was made, including black and white 16mm film and Hi8 video, has everything to do with how it plays out on screen. An opening title card informs that, in October 1994, three young film makers hiked into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to shoot a documentary about the legend of the Blair Witch. The filmmakers were never heard from again, but a year later their footage was found, an edited version of which constitutes the present feature. This information, of course, puts a chill into the viewer from the outset, since it guarantees that things did not turn out well. While creating the students' horrific oneway journey into the forest, Myrick and Sanchez maintained a realistic documentary feel by training their actors to use cameras, then sending them out into the forest for eight days to shoot the picture themselves; certain destination points and encounters were established in advance, and notes to the thesps were left in baskets along the way. Otherwise, they were on their own, and improvised their way through a rigorous shoot without a clue as to how and when things were going to wind up. All the visuals, therefore, are either handheld, often jittery colour video images taken by the bossy director and project organizer, Heather (HEATHER DONAHUE), or blackandwhite 16mm shots filmed by the troupe's tyro cameraman, the hippieish Joshua (JOSHUA LEONARD); regular guy Michael (MICHAEL WILLIAMS) is along to record sound. The expedition starts out optimistically, as Heather interviews locals about the Blair Witch legend, which involves numerous mysterious disappearances and evidence of gruesome torture many years ago. Once into the forest, which is beginning to become brown and wet with the onset of autumn, Heather attempts to keep everyone's spirits up despite the long daily slogs with heavy backpacks, but terror sets in on the second night when they hear what sounds like people circling their tent and stepping on twigs and branches nearby. Thus begins an awful succession of days taken up with endless walking and periods of willed levelheadedness broken by feardriven yelling and recriminations about how they ever got into this mess. Unable to find their way back to civilization, the trio is forced to set up camp every evening and, just as they fear they will, the bonechilling noises continue; in the mornings, they emerge to find little rock piles and twig bundles that prove someone was there... Daniel Myrick studied cinema at the University of Florida and had made several shorts (including "All Shook Up") before launching into his first feature length film with Sanchez. His cinematic partner also studied at Florida University where he wrote and directed a 16mm feature entitled "Gabriel's Dream". SHOTLIST: BLAIR WITCH PROJECT" CLIP ; SOT HOWARD KARREN, DEPUTY EDITOR, PREMIERE MAGAZINE ; CLIP FILM ; SOT DIRECTORS EDUARDO SANCHEZ & DANIEL MYRICK ; SOT HOWARD KARREN ; GVS EXTR LOEWS THEATRE ; SOT VOX POP ; SOT VOX POP ; GVS INTERNET SITE ; SOT KARREN ; CLIP FILM 146302 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: DANDRIDGE 8/12/99 EN9932 10:57:09 04:57 APTN/HBO PICTURES No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet English/Nat BERRY TELLS SAD HOLLYWOOD TALE STORY: DOROTHY DANDRIDGE LOCATION: LOS ANGELES DATE: AUGUST 9TH '99 HALLE BERRY has beaten JANET JACKSON and WHITNEY HOUSTON in a race to the screen. Berry stars in the DOROTHY DANDRIDGE STORY. Both Janet and Whitney had been desperate to bring the tragic life story of this postwar actress to the big screen. But it is Berry, best known for her lead role in WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE, who won the race. And in L.A. yesterday she proudly unveiled the movie she has nurtured onto the screen. Though Whitney secured the rights to one Dorothy Dandridge Story, Halle's interpretation, airing on HBO, is based on a book written about the starlet by Dandridge's manager Earl Mills. "Most of her life was public domain. So everything that was in my book is in Whitney's book, is in Janet's book." says Halle. There were plenty of low points in the life of Dandridge, but Halle says her story is more of a celebration. "I really want to tell the story in a positive point of view. If I had a hero, she would be my hero. I'm really going to celebrate how she lived and not how she tragically died." The attraction to these leading ladies of the Dandridge story is obvious. Dandridge was a rare individual in the Hollywood of the 1940s and 1950s she was black and she was an actress. She started out performing at the age of the 3 and took to the stage professionally as one of the Dandridge sisters. The highlight of her career was to become the first black woman nominated for a best actress award for her role in Carmen Jones as Carmen Jones. But her tough career and disappointments led to an early death at 42. As well as starring Berry was executive producer on the project. She also had more than 80 costume changes for this biopic which recreates many of her famous routines. Dandridge's nomination and affair with director Otto Preminger did not lead anywhere and her death was called an accidental overdose of prescription antidepressants. Dandridge's other films include DRUMS OF THE PARADE, TARZEN'S PERIL, THE DECKS RAN RED, THE MURDER MEN and ATLANTIC CITY. But the sad truth is that Hollywood just didn't know what to do with a talented, beautiful, black actress in post war America. KLAUS MARIA BRANDAUER (MEPHISTO, OUT OF AFRICA) stars at the director Preminger while BRENT SPINER (STAR TREK) plays her manager. Both of them joined Berry at the world premiere in L.A. yesterday. LIONEL RITCHIE also turned out as did the movie's director MARTHA COOLIDGE (RAMBLING ROSE, VALLEY GIRL), one of Hollywood's leading female filmmakers. Spiner's Star Trek colleague LAVAR BURTON also attended. CLIP FROM "DOROTHY DANDRIDGE" (COURTESY HBO); TILT DOWN MOVIE POSTER; TILT UP HALLE BERRY AND PULLOUT ; SOT HALLE BERRY ; FILM CLIP ; MCU BRENT SPINER ; SOT BRENT SPINER ; MCU KLAUS MARIA BRANDAUER ; FILM CLIP ; SOT KLAUS MARIA BRANDAUER ; SOT HALLE BERRY ; FILM CLIP ; SOT MARTHA COOLIDGE (DIRECTOR) ; MCU COOLIDGE AND BERRY POSING ; SOT LIONEL RITCHIE ; FILM CLIP. 146320 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: FAYE WONG 8/12/99 EN9932 11:02:14 02:20 APTN No access Internet Mandarin/Nat FAYE WONG DEFLECTS DIVORCE QUESTIONS STORY:FAYE WONG LOCATION: HONG KONG DATE: AUGUST 10TH 1999 Undoubtedly FAYE WONG is the undisputed Queen of Chinese and Cantopop in Asia. She is also one of the coolest pop stars on the planet, as famed in the East for her own brand of cool insouciance as for her music. Wong maintains a magical hold on her fans around the world and she has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. Although her fame in the East is not replicated in the wider world. But Wong lost some of her legendary cool at a press conference in Hong Kong this morning when a reporter pressed her on the progress of her divorce proceedings. Wong insisted the affair was no one's business but her own. And she wasn't about to reveal her innermost secrets to help the circulation of newspapers. Regarded as the queen of Asian pop, Wong was married to DO WEI, a Beijing pop musician in 1996 who has publicly admitted that he tied the knot with her only because she was pregnant. They have daughter who is now two years old but their divorce has hit the headlines in Asia as Do Wei has been seen with GAO YUAN, a photographer whom he had dated before marrying Wong. Today's press conference was called to launch the new Pepsi commercial which will feature Wong. The title song of the commercial will be the same title as her new record which will be seen in all of Asia on 11th August. This will also be the first time that the Pepsi commercial will be aired in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong at the same time. Wong did a lot of firsts in this new commercial which is called Desire. She swam in front of the cameras for the first time, she did a somersault, she also went behind the camera and filmed one of the sequences of the video. It was also her first to act in a video with children. The song was composed by Faye Wong and ZHANG YA DONG. The lyrics were written by Wong. The theme of the commercial is 'unlimited desire' and is meant to encourage young people to challenge themselves and ask for more from their lives. They said Pepsi chose Wong because of her trendy image and unique position in the East. At the press conference she was presented with a belated birthday present a bird in flight with an inscription 'Your wish will come true'. They chose to give her the statue because birds feature a lot in the video. COUNTDOWN TO VIDEO FEATURING FAYE WONG ; WONG ENTERS PRESS ROOM: POSES TO PHOTOGRAPHERS; SOT FAYE WONG SOT IN MANDARIN; WIDE OF PRESSER; WONG IS PRESENTED WITH A PRESENT OF BIRD IN FLIGHT WITH INSCRIPTION YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE; CUTAWAY MEDIA; SOT FAYE WONG ; CUTAWAY PHOTOGRAPHERS ; SOT FAYE WONG; CUTAWAY : SOT FAYE WONG; MCU SCREEN FEATURING VIDEO 146324 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: VICTOR MATURE 8/12/99 EN9932 10:51:22 01:15 FOX/PARAMOUNT No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet English/Nat SCREEN IDOL DEAD AT 86 STORY:VICTOR MATURE LOCATION: VARIOUS DATE: FILE Veteran screen idol VICTOR MATURE, star of epics such as SAMSON AND DELILAH and MY DARLING CLEMENTINE, has died at the age of 86. The actor earned the nickname "beautiful hunk of a man" for his roles in such films as ONE MILLION B.C. Victor Mature liked to joke. He once tried to get into a country club that didn't accept actors by saying, "Hell, I'm no actor, and I've got 28 pictures and a scrapbook of reviews to prove it." Born January 29, 1913,(although there is some dispute about the year), in Louisville, Kentucky, he was the son of an Austrian immigrant who became a successful businessman. He arrived in California in the mid'30s, paying his way with odd jobs because he didn't want to rely on his father. At the height of his stardom, Mature dated stars such as RITA HAYWORTH and LANA TURNER, and was married five times. He first made his name as a glamourboy star with a devilmaycare attitude, but gradually gained more critical respect in the late 1940s. In the 1946 film "My Darling Clementine," he was Doc Holliday to Henry Fonda's Wyatt Earp. The version of the fabled gunfight at the OK Corral is considered one of director JOHN FORD's greatest films. Tall, darkhaired and muscular, Mature got his nickname "beautiful hunk of a man" from roles like Samson. The 1949 epic of Samson and Delilah cast Mature and HEDY LAMARR in the title roles. It was a smash hit. During the making of the film he was asked to wrestle with a tame lion. He was assured that it had no teeth, but Mature refused, saying he didn't want to be gummed to death. He was a favorite of reporters during his heyday, always available for interviews and happy to deflate the pomposities of Hollywood as well as his own image. He appeared in musicals, westerns, comedies, historical epics and melodramas before largely retiring from films around 1960. But in 1984 he made a rare appearance on television, playing Samson's father in a new version of "Samson and Delilah". Mature died at the age of 86 after battling cancer for three years. A funeral service will to be held Tuesday in Louisville. CLIP FROM "MY DARLING CLEMENTINE" (COURTESY FOX VIDEO) ; CLIP FROM "SAMSON AND DELILAH" (COURTESY PARAMOUNT) 146325 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: MARTIN SHEEN 8/12/99 EN9932 10:52:45 01:36 ABC No Access NORTH AMERICA/CNN/FOX, NO ACCESS INTERNET English/Nat MARTIN SHEEN ARRESTED ON PROTEST STORY: MARTIN SHEEN LOCATION: LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO DATE: AUGUST 9TH 1999 His film star son CHARLIE SHEEN has had his fair share of run ins with the law. But now it was the turn of idealistic dad MARTIN SHEEN to get arrested. The star of BADLANDS and APOCALYPSE NOW was among 80 demonstrators to be arrested at an antinuclear demonstration in Los Alamos, New Mexico, yesterday. Sheen, a long time and devoted antinuclear protester, was the first demonstrator to be busted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. About 400 protesters showed up at the weapons lab on the 54th anniversary of the Abombing of Nagasaki in World War Two. Sheen told the crowd he wants nuclear scientists to take a deep, personal look at what they're giving to the future. He crossed over the line into the National Laboratory and then proceeded to kneel down and recite the Lord's Prayer before being led away amidst a throng of reporters. As well as countering the nuclear industry, Sheen is an indefatigable activist on a host of liberal issues. He has been arrested many times on various protest marchs and sitins. His many other films include GANDHI, THE DEAD ZONE and WALL STREET. As befitting an idealist of his status, he has played both the late JOHN F KENNEDY and his slain brother BOBBY on screen. His two sons, Charlie and EMILIO ESTEVEZ, have both followed him into acting careers. Charlie has had plenty of run ins with the law but these tend to be for offences of a less idealistic nature. Sheen asked for nuclear scientist to look into their heart and conscience. "What we're calling them to do is take a real, deep, personal look at what they are giving to the future. These weapons are a larceny of the poor, and if we can have some measure of consciousness about this issue, maybe in another 50 years we won't even remember what happened here. "But today we have to come and remember what happened 54 years ago." As well as the estimated 400 people, some coming from as far away as Britain and France, the demonstration was attended by two llamas with signs draped over their backs that said: "Los Alamos, Stop Building Nuclear Bombs" and "Abolish Nuclear Weapons." Last year, Sheen was taken into custody at Fort Benning, Ga., while protesting U.S. training of Latin American soldiers who he said committed atrocities. He was arrested in 1997 for blocking access to a California strawberry field where he said workers were being exploited. MCU MARTIN SHEEN CROSSING LINE AND KNEELING DOWN AS HE SAYS THE LORDS PRAYER ; SHEEN BEING ARRESTED AND LED AWAY THROUGH CROWD W.S. SHEEN SURROUNDED BY REPORTERS AS HE IS LED AWAY; BACK VIEW W.S. SHEEN. 146359 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: FLAMENCO 8/12/99 EN9932 11:17:15 03:47 APTN music/ performance rights must be cleared/No access Internet Spanish/Nat STORY: LAS MINAS FLAMENCO FESTIVAL LOCATION: ANDALUCIA, SPAIN, DATE: AUGUST 8 & 9 1999 Some of Spain's best known and upandcoming flamenco artists are currently strutting their stuff at the Las Minas Flamenco festival in Andalucia, the home of flamenco. The weeklong Flamenco festival is considered one of the most important in promoting new Flamenco artists with competitions in dance, song and flamenco guitar. Held in La Union, a small mining town in Andalucia known for its singing lore, the festival has been going since 1961. The evening performances, held in La Union's old market place, were given by veteran flamenco singer "EL PELE", (aka MANYUEL MORENO MAYA), followed by 26 yearold flamenco singer, MIGUEL POVEDO, from Barcelona and ending with internationally known flamenco dancer, SARA BARRAS. El Pele, who has gypsy origins, has incorporated other rhythms such as the drum into his performances, moving away from the purer form of Flamenco exemplified in Miguel Povedo's style. Pele says "Flamenco is one of the oldest, richest and most important of all cultures. In Flamenco, various moods are expressed from happiness to grief and sadness. All the desire to live, all the moods that you may have, in this case my emotions, are expressed singing. It is very expressive and connects quickly with people." 26yearold Miguel Povedo's career in Flamenco started in 1993 when he won the singing prize Lampara Minera in LA Union's competitions. His style is considered classical Flamenco and is highly acclaimed by Flamenco critics around the world. For Povedo, Flamenco is his way of expressing himself: "Flamenco is my way of self expression, and it is the best way,to express myself through, music, song and Flamenco, through song which is my favorite." Flamenco dancer Sarra Barras finished the evening performance with a standing ovation, dancing her first act, dressed in traditional mens clothing and performing traditionally men's flamenco steps. Sarra is considered one of the best women flamenco dancers at the moment, and according to local press, has travelled to Hollywood to meet with TOM CRUISE for a possible part in a future movie, dancing flamenco. In the 80's and 90's, flamenco has experienced a revival and returned to the Spanish mainstream, with styles infused by jazz, salsa, blues and rock making their way in the charts and clubs and a new respect for the old, traditional flamenco artists. The sanitized kitsch image of flamenco as all frills and castanets that was exploited during Franco's rule of Spain has been left behind and a new generation of flamenco singers and dancers are now expressing the vitality and attitudes of a younger generation. The roots of flamenco have evolved in southern Spain from many sources : Morocco, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Greece and other parts of the Near and Far East. How exactly they came together as flamenco is still a subject of great debate, though most authorities believe the roots of the music were brought to Spain by gypsies arriving in the 15th century. It was then fused with elements of Arab and Jewish music in the Andalucian mountains where the "pagan" gypsies had taken refuge from the Catholic authorities. EXTR PEOPLE QUEUEING OUTSIDE VENUE IN OLD MARKETPLACE ; CU TICKETS ; PEOPLE ENTERING VENUE ; WS FLAMENCO PERFORMANCE ; PAN DANCERS ; CA AUDIENCE ; PELE IN PERFORMANCE ; SOT PELE (SPANISH) ; MIGUEL POVEDO PERFORMANCE ; SOT MIGUEL (SPANISH) ; SARA BARRAS PERFORMANCE. 146364 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: WILLIAM SHATNER 8/12/99 EN9932 11:09:17 02:00 ABC/APTN FILE ABC = No access N. America/CBC/No access Internet English/Nat HOLLYWOOD IN SHOCK AS WILLIAM SHATNER'S WIFE FOUND DEAD Story: William Shatner Date: August 10th Location: North Hollywood The wife of actor WILLIAM SHATNER was found dead in the swimming pool of their home, an apparent drowning that authorities said they were treating as an accident. NERINE SHATNER, 40, was pronounced dead at the scene. Shatner arrived home at about 10:15 p.m. and found her at the bottom of the pool, police Lt. ADAM BERCOVICI said. "(Shatner) dialed 911 and dived into the pool to render aid to his wife," Bercovici said. The Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the Studio City home, but efforts to revive Mrs. Shatner were unsuccessful, spokesman Brian Humphrey said. "Sadly, she was beyond our help," Humphrey said. Foul play did not play a role in her death, Bercovici said. "She was home alone for a short period of time and accidentally drowned while swimming in the family pool," he said. An autopsy was scheduled to determine the exact cause of death. The couple was married in November 1997. Shatner, 68, is best known as Capt. James T. Kirk on the science fiction television show "Star Trek." He also appeared in several "Star Trek" movies and the 1980s television police drama "T.J. Hooker." Tragedy struck the "Star Trek" cast in June, when DeForest Kelley, who portrayed the cantankerous and compassionate Dr. McCoy, died after a lengthy illness at the age of 79. ABC PIX OF POLICE OUTSIDE WILLIAM SHATNER'S HOUSE ( ; SOT LT. ADAM BERCOVICI; CLIP FROM "STAR TREK" (END ABC FILE) ; APTN FILE: WS WILLIAM SHATNER AT STAR TREK CONVENTION ; SOT WILLIAM SHATNER; W.S. SHATNER 146417 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: SHATNER REAX 8/12/99 EN9932 11:29:04 01:32 ABC ABC = No access N. America/CBC/No access Internet English/Nat STAR TREK STAR SPEAKS OF HIS GRIEF. STORY:WILLIAM SHATNER REAX DATE:AUGUST 10TH '99 LOCATION: L.A. WILLIAM SHATNER, alias Captain Kirk in the longrunning Star Trek series, spoke of his grief over the loss of his wife, NERINE SHATNER, (forty) after she was found dead in the swimming pool of their home yesterday. Authorities said they were treating the death as an accident. Shatner arrived home at about 10:15 p.m. and found her at the bottom of the pool, police Lt. ADAM BERCOVICI said. "(Shatner) dialed 911 and dived into the pool to render aid to his wife," Bercovici said. The Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the Studio City home, but efforts to revive Mrs. Shatner were unsuccessful, spokesman Brian Humphrey said. "Sadly, she was beyond our help," Humphrey said. Foul play did not play a role in her death, Bercovici said. "She was home alone for a short period of time and accidentally drowned while swimming in the family pool," he said. An autopsy was scheduled to determine the exact cause of death. The couple was married in November 1997. Both Nerine and her husband have a history of alcohol abuse but Nerine had been sober for several years. Shatner, 68, is best known as Capt. James T. Kirk on the science fiction television show "Star Trek." He also appeared in several "Star Trek" movies and the 1980s television police drama "T.J. Hooker." Tragedy struck the "Star Trek" cast in June, when DeForest Kelley, who portrayed the cantankerous and compassionate Dr. McCoy, died after a lengthy illness at the age of 79. ABC PIX OF POLICE OUTSIDE WILLIAM SHATNER'S HOUSE ( ; SOT LT. ADAM BERCOVICI; CLIP FROM "STAR TREK" (END ABC FILE) ; APTN FILE: WS WILLIAM SHATNER AT STAR TREK CONVENTION ; SOT WILLIAM SHATNER; W.S. SHATNER 146503 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: MICKEY BLUE EYES 8/12/99 EN9932 11:11:28 04:43 APTN/WARNER BROS No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance from Warner Bros on (+0044) 0171.437.56.00/No access Internet English/Nat THIN LIZZIE DAZZLES PREMIERE CROWD STORY: MICKEY BLUE EYES PREMIERE LOCATION: LONDON DATE: AUGUST 10TH '99 LIZ HURLEY, the English actress celebrated for her habit of wearing cleavageplunging dresses, dazzled fans once again when she accompanied boyfriend HUGH GRANT to the premiere of his new film, "Mickey Blue Eyes", in London last night. Always faithful to the Versace label, she kept the cameras clicking with a backless, floorlength split dress made of gold mesh which was sheer around the legs. On it was sewn a myriad of mirrors which jangled as she walked, as well as a mosaic of tiny pink squares. She said of her passion for Versace: "Donatella is a friend of mine and she sends them to me from time to time. "I wear jeans 365 days a year and it's quite nice to get out of them occasionally." The dress itself was featured in Versace's haute couture show held in Paris last month. And the actress, who produced the film rather than starring in it, revealed she actually manages to get ready for her glitzy appearances faster than her longterm partner, Hugh. Speaking at last night's screening in London's Leicester Square, the glamorous star said: "It doesn't take me long to get ready, but it takes Hugh ages. "He has a lot of shirts to choose from but they all look the same." Hurley's dresses have been show stoppers at many of Grant's past premieres including the opening of "Four Weddings And A Funeral", where she wore the Versace safetypin creation and the "Notting Hill" event at which she upstaged the leading lady, JULIA ROBERTS. "Mickey Blue Eyes" is the second producing venture for Hurley who set up Simian Films with Hugh Grant as part of their firstlook deal with Castle Rock Entertainment several years ago. Their first venture together was the '96 thriller, "Extreme Measures" which costarred Grant and GENE HACKMAN. On working together, Grant said it was a "surprisingly good" experience but added "We fight as you would with any girlfriend that's working with you, like cats. But it's also quite soothing if you're a neurotic actor like I am when there's someone who knows your foibles." In the film, Grant plays Michael Felgate, an English auctioneer who falls in love with Gina (played by JEANNE TRIPPLEHORN), a young school teacher whose father is tied up with the mafia. Gina has always been secretive about her father (played by JAMES CAAN) but when Michael finally meets the charming Frank Vitale, he can't understand why. After Michael proposes to Gina, she is forced to explain exactly what kind of family she comes from. Her father is a prominent member of New York's ultra violent Graziosi crime family and she won't accept Michael's marriage proposal because every her father has ultimately destroyed every "civilian" relationship she's ever attempted. Michael promises to steer clear of the Mob but keeping his hands clean proves harder than he imagined and bit by bit he is drawn into the mob's world. After Michael inadvertently finds himself aiding the mob to launder money via his art auction house, he loses the girl he loves and ends up an accessory to murder. Desperate to win back the woman he loves, Michael buys himself time by posing as the notorious Chicago wiseguy, Mickey Blue Eyes. But just how long will his luck last, now there's the real question... Grant commented: "I've always been obsessed with the mob. I've always wanted to be in a mob film, and no one asked me, but now I am." Tripplehorn who was also at the event in a stunning sleeveless outfit, admitted her obsession with Hugh Grant, laughing that she had at last succeeded in her long term desire to get him into bed. The film was directed by KELLY MAKIN, known for his commercials and rock videos and for his film, "The Kids In the Hall's Brain Candy". Other guests at the screening included Oasis star, LIAM GALLAGHER and his pregnant wife PATSY KENSIT, for whose child Hurley is to be Godmother. CLIP FROM 'MICKEY BLUE EYES' ; ARRIVAL LIZ HURLEY & HUGH GRANT ; PULL UP POSTER ; GRANT KISSES FAN ; ARRIVAL PATSY KENSIT & LIAM GALLAGHER ; CA PHOTOGRAPHERS ; JEANNE TRIPPLEHORN & GRANT POSE FOR PRESS ; ARRIVAL INTR DIRECTOR ; SOT DIRECTOR, KELLY MAKIN ; ARRIVAL TRIPPLEHORN ; SOT TRIPPLEHORN (ON BEING QUOTED AS WANTING TO GET GRANT INTO BED) ; CA HURLEY ; SOT TRIPPLEHORN ; CLIP FILM ; SOT HURLEY ; CA HURLEY & GRANT ; SOT GRANT ; CA GRANT ; SOT GRANT ; CLIP TRAILER 146504 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: CRADLE OF FILTH 8/12/99 EN9932 11:37:33 03:47 APTN/MUSIC FOR NATIONS No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet, music/ performance rights must be cleared English/Nat LONDON COMES OUT TO WORSHIP THE LORDS OF BLACK METAL STORY:CRADLE OF FILTH LOCATION:LONDON DATE:AUGUST 10TH '99 In the murky, but hugely popular, underworld of black metal, CRADLE OF FILTH are the new lords. This British band have become one of the most popular groups in a genre that has hundreds of thousands of fanatical fans around the world. Black Metal; a crude and sometimes ridiculous mix of heavy metal, gothic lyrics, halfbaked satanism and whatever inspiration can be taken from old horror movies. For the Cradle of Filth, their greatest inspiration comes from the camp horror films of the Hammer studio from 1960's England. And on their latest record, CRUELTY AND THE BEAST, they are joined by actress INGRID PITT, the screen queen of countless Hammer horror movies. Pitt starred in THE VAMPIRE LOVERS and COUNTESS DRACULA, two movies based loosely on Erzsebet Bathory, the 16th century noble woman who liked to bathe in the blood of virgin girls. On the Filth's new album, Pitt provides the distinctive vocals on the track, BATHORY ARIA, PART III, EYES THAT WITNESSED MURDER. The Filth began life in 1991, formed in their home base of Suffolk. After recording a couple of much bootlegged demos, they signed to Cacophonous Records in 1993 and released the hugely popular, THE PRINCIPLE OF EVIL MADE FLESH. After falling out with their record label and several lineup changes, the group signed to Music For Nations and released their massive seller DUSK AND HER EMBRACE. The group like to describe themselves as "supreme vampyric evil" and certainly they had lots of little devils worshipping them when they turned up for a record signing in the centre of London on Tuesday. After a meet and greet with the fans, the band lived upto their blackened reputation by trashing their dressing room in true rock 'n roll style before being escorted off the premises by police. The songs of Filth are frenzied, intense, demonic and painful screams with which no effort is spared. The group were arrested in the Vatican for wearing 'I Love Satan' teachers and dressing as priests. And they are constantly harrassed by religious groups over their popular and blasphemous tshirts. But that is exactly the sort of stuff that their fans love them for. They have recently returned from the States were they headlined the Milwaukee Metal Fest. The current lineup of the group is DANI FILTH (Oral Pleasures), STUART (Infernal Overkill), LECTOR (Torture Chamber Music), ROBIN GRAVES (Nocturnal Pulse) and ADRIAN ERLANDSSON (Drums). While not worshipping the antiChrist and defying organised religion, the boys like nothing better than settling down with a bottle of Jack Daniels and reading Nietzsche, Byron and Bram Stoker. And there is a special treat in store for Filth fans at the end of the month with the release of the longawaited PanDaemonAeon, a long form video of uncensored promo videos, live footage and band interviews directed by cult movie maker ALEX CHANDON. For more information about Cradle of Filth contact Music For Nations. VIDEOCLIP "FROM CRADLE TO ENSLAVE"; VS FANS QUEUING UP FOR CRADLE OF FILTH ; MCU FANS GOING NUTS TO CAMERA ; VOXPOP FAN;VOXPOP FAN; CRADLE OF FILTH MEMBERS ARRIVING DOWNSTAIRS ; C.A. SECURITY MEN ; C.U. BAND MEMBER AND PULLOUT ; C.U. BAND MEMBERS; C.U. DANI FILTH ; W.S. PHOTOGRAPHERS AND BAND ; SOT LEAD SINGER, DANI FILTH; VIDEOCLIP ; SOT DANI FILTH (ABOUT VIDEOCLIP); TILT UP DANCER IN FISHNET STOCKINGS TO BAND AT SIGNING ; C.U. DANI FILTH SIGNING ; SIDESHOT DANI SIGNING ; C.U. FANS PHOTOGRAPHING EACH OTHER NEXT TO DANI;.C.U. PAPER SIGN "COME AND SEE THE FREAKS"; VOXPOP FANS; VIDEOCLIP;SOT DANI FILTH ; VIDEOCLIP. 146547 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: BOB HERBERT 8/12/99 EN9932 11:16:17 00:52 APTN/VIRGIN No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet, music/ performance rights must be cleared English/Nat POP MUSIC GURU BOB HERBERT DIES IN CAR ACCIDENT Story: Bob Herbert Date: August 11th Location: London BOB HERBERT, the man who formed the SPICE GIRLS and who lately had managed the teen pop group FIVE, has been killed in a car accident. Herbert, 57, was killed instantly Monday afternoon (9/8) when he lost control of his car in heavy rain and it collided with another car in Windsor, west of London, according to RCA, Five's record company. Two people in the other car were injured. Herbert's management of the stillpopular Spice Girls set the pace for the late1990s trend for manufactured pop groups that appeal to teenaged record buyers, like America's Backstreet Boys. Herbert and his son, Chris, had sought candidates for the Spice Girls via an advertisment in a trade magazine in 1996, then chose and drilled the five young women who would go on to international pop stardom. But once the fivesome became successful, they decided they wanted more artistic input and control over their repertoire and careers in general, and fired him in favour of manager SIMON FULLER.. "We were all shocked and saddened to hear the news," the Spice Girls said in a statement Tuesday (10/08). "Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family. We know he will be sadly missed." Five is on a promotional trip in South America and unavailable for comment. Herbert, who lived in Camberley, south of London, is survived by his wife, Ann, daughter Nicky, and son Chris, who is comanager of Five. APTN filmed Bob Herbert and the band Five during a magazine photoshoot in October 1998 during the making of a television documentary called 'Love Me For A Reason' chronicling the history of teen bands. The documentary was shown on Channel Five in the UK and TV3 in Ireland. Bob and his son Chris Herbert ran the pop music company, Safe management. APTN FILE (OCTOBER 1998) OF CHRIS HERBERT AND GROUP 'FIVE' EATING PIZZA ; PULL UP FROM HERBERT TO GROUP MEMBERS ; PULL BACK HERBERT TO WS FIVE IN PHOTO SHOOT ; CLIP VIDEO 'GOODBYE' FROM SPICE GIRLS 146555 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: LYNX FESTIVAL 8/12/99 EN9932 11:30:45 01:35 VNR music/ performance rights must be cleared/No access Internet English/Nat MUSIC FESTIVAL CASHES IN ON ECLIPSE HYPE Story: Voodoo Lynx Festival Date: August 11th, '99 Location: Cornwall, UK It's been brewing for weeks; radio and TV programmes around the world have been informing us all about the solar eclipse, why it occurs, the best place to see it and how not to go blind while witnessing this truly oncein alifetime natural occurence. So it's hardly surprisingly that a few festival entrepreneurs got together and came up with the LYNX VOODOO ECLIPSE; an all night dance event celebrating the magic and mysticism of the UK's first full solar eclipse in seventy years. Sponsored by the men's deodorant, Lynx, the event was timed to coincide with the total eclipse and is being held at "a secret location" in the South of England where visibility of the phenomenon was expected to be the best. Among the acts taking part in the event are dance music maestros, FATBOY SLIM, FAITHLESS, CARL COX, FREESTYLERS and DJ SONIQUE. Two other eclipse festivals are also taking place in the south of England; the Lizard 99 Festival at Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall, where around 13,000 people were on site on Wednesday morning and the similar sized Total Eclipse Festival at Newnham Park, near Plymouth. Both are hoping for a capacity crowd of 20,000. An hour before the eclipse a torrential rainstorm lashed west Cornwall and heavy cloud completely blocked out the sun and moon. But at 11.11am the screen showed the vanishing sun, the freak "eclipse wind" blew across the area, and blackness suddenly descended. Despite the fact that the sun and moon could not be seen, the crowd saw an amazing sunset effect in the South West. In Cornwall the eclipse was witnessed by over 1.1 million people, with the county council estimating that around 270,000 visitors, doubling the normal number for the season, had come to see the event. Numbers were swelled by over 25,000 people who flooded into Cornwall overnight in a late dash for the darkness. The target for huge numbers of eclipse watchers was west Cornwall, right on the centre line of totality. The eclipse was first experienced in the UK on the Isles of Scilly at 9.55am when the moon took the first "bite" out of the solar disc. In Marazion and Penzance, right in the centre of the 64mile wide band of totality, day turned to night for two minutes and six seconds when the moon completely obscured the face of the sun, unfortunately witnessed by noone in the area. The twohour 40minute heavenly spectacular moved away from the UK mainland when Torquay, the last spot to experience totality, was plunged into darkness for 72 seconds. Watching the event in Falmouth, Cornwall, was TV astronomer Patrick Moore, who described it as a "strange, weird experience". He added: "The temperature dropped suddenly and the light dropped, and there were strange atmospheric effects too, a strange kind of breeze I have not felt before." Among the ecstatic sky watchers popping champagne corks in Falmouth was Steve Stavrou, 32, who travelled overnight from his home in Brighton to view the event. He said: "It's disappointing we didn't get the full view but it was still a marvellous event. The main thing was to have been with so many people for what is really a unique experience." Andrea Simmons, watching from Penzance where totality lasted for two minutes and six seconds, said: "It was absolutely fantastic, a wonderful experience. There were clouds but you still got the full atmosphere of it, and I felt really shivery when a big gust of wind came with it." Fellow Penzance eclipse watcher Richard Brown said: "I think the cloud helped the effect. To see the dawn effect in the south west was fantastic. I think the conditions must have helped increase the effect." Thousands of music fans gathered as the BBC Radio One Roadshow swung into action overlooking Mount Bay and the famous St Michael's Mount in Marazion, Penzance. Coastguards confirmed later that the eclipse had passed without incident as a flotilla of up to 10,000 boats headed for the line of totality. COACHES ARRIVING AT NIGHT ; PARTYGOERS ARRIVING ; WS ENTRANCE TO FESTIVAL ; GVS DANCE HALL WITH DEEJAY AT CONTROLS ; SOT FAT BOY SLIM ; GVS EVENT ; PERFORMANCE TRIBAL DANCERS ; FAT BOY SLIM PERFORMANCE 146685 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: THE RATCATCHER 8/12/99 EN9932 11:41:28 03:45 APTN/PATHE DISTRIBUTION No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet English/Nat EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL OPENS WITH LOCAL FILM STORY:THE RATCATCHER LOCATION:CANNES, FRANCE DATE:RECENT A major part of the massive annual Edinburgh Festival is the Edinburgh Film Festival. Although tiny compared to Cannes or Venice, Edinburgh has established itself as an important stopping off point on the round of international film festivals. It attracts major international films, but also important is the growing number of Scottish and British movies that get screened at Edinburgh. And this year the festival's opening movie on Sunday will be the UK premiere of RATCATCHER, a debut feature from young Scottish director LYNNE RAMSAY. Set in Glasgow in the 1970s, Ratcatcher is seen through the eyes of 12 year old James Gillespie. Haunted by a tragic secret, he becomes more and more estranged from his own family and disappears into a private world of his own. His closest companions are Margaret Anne, a vulnerable 14 year old who expresses her desperate need for love in all the wrong ways, and the animalloving Kenny. Ratcatcher was shown to great acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section. APTN caught up with the director at the South of France festival. National Film School graduate Ramsay has already won a Cannes Prix du Jury the previous year for her short film, Small Deaths. For the central roles of James and Margaret, Ramsay and her producer GAVIN EMERSON saw 1500 children before casting WILLIAM EADIE and LEANNE MULLEN. Neither had ever acted before. Ramsay's niece, Lynne Ramsay Jr, plays James's sister. Scottish actors TOMMY FLANAGAN and MANDY MATTHEWS play James' father and mother. Ratcatcher is a coproduction between BBC films and Pathe Pictures. PATHE DISTRIBUTION IN LONDON ON 00 44 171 323 5151. FILMCLIP "THE RATCATCHER"; SOT LYNNE RAMSAY; FILM CLIP ; SOT LYNNE RAMSAY; FILM CLIP; SOT LYNNE RAMSAY; FILM CLIP 146686 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: TEACHING MRS TINGLE 8/12/99 EN9932 11:45:21 02:48 APTN/MIRAMAX No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet English/Nat WILLIAMSON'S NEW MOVIE IS A SCREAM STORY:TEACHING MRS TINGLE LOCATION:LOS ANGELES DATE:AUGUST 11TH '99 Writer KEVIN WILLIAMSON reinvented and reinvigorated the horror genre in the 1990s with SCREAM and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Now he is back and making his directing debut with an even more deadly story, TEACHING MRS TINGLE. Although this latest film was actually the first script that Williamson wrote, way back in 1994. The script languished on a production company's shelf for years while Williamson became one of the hottest new properties in Hollywood. Miramax bought up the script and offered Williamson the chance to direct it. Inspired by his own memories of a much hated teacher at Pamlico County High School in North Carolina, this dark comedy is about a bunch of students who decide on an extreme measure to improve their school grades they plan to kill their teacher. Williamson has gathered together an impressive cast. HELEN MIRREN (PRIME SUSPECT, SOME MOTHER'S SON) plays the much hated Mrs Tingle. The film also stars VIVICA A. FOX (INDEPENDENCE DAY), KATIE HOLMES (DAWSON'S CREEK), MARISA COUGHLAN, MICHAEL MCKEAN (SPINAL TAP), MOLLY RINGWALD (BREAKFAST CLUB), JEFFREY TAMBOR (LARRY SAUNDERS) and LESLEY ANN WARREN. Williamson and some of his stars, Holmes, Mirren and Warren, turned out for the world premiere in Hollywood last night. In keeping with the High School setting, the actresses abandoned the customary limos and arrived on a school bus. Holmes plays young, pretty and popular Jo Lynn, preparing to graduate from high school with a bright future ahead of her. But when another classmate sets Jo Lynn up in her History class she receives a failing mark from the muchfeared and despised Mrs. Tingle. Because of that one black mark Jo Lynn loses the opportunity to be her school's valedictorian, an opening that her big rival Mary Beth (LIZ STAUBER) is quick to seize. With her postgraduation dreams swiftly eroding away, Jo Lynn comes up with the only option available to her Mrs. Tingle's history class is going to need a substitute teacher. EXTR THEATRE ; PULL DOWN POSTER ; SCHOOL BUS ARRIVAL ; CLIP TRAILER 'TEACHING MRS TINGLE' ; SOT KEVIN WILLIAMSON ; CLIP TRAILER ; HELEN MIRREN ARRIVAL AT PREMIERE ; ARRIVAL KATIE HOLMES ; SOT MIRREN ; CLIP FILM ; SOT KATIE HOLMES ; CLIP FILM ; 146688 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: KISS 8/12/99 EN9932 11:32:25 02:18 APTN/POLYGRAM RECORDS/NEW LINE No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet English/Nat KISS WALK THE WALK STORY:KISS STAR OF FAME LOCATION:LOS ANGELES DATE:AUGUST 11TH '99 Those giants of seventies' pomp rock, KISS, finally got to walk the walk when they joined the pantheon of music and film greats on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. The creaking legends of spandex, makeup and flying rock solos attended the ceremony in L.A. and naturally turned up in all their slap and finery. This is a busy week for the tongue wagging rocksters. On Monday night they attended the world premiere of DETROIT ROCK CITY. So it was even more appropriate that they were being honoured in Hollywood. In a move that stretches the tonguewagging talents of the four piece, GENE SIMMONS, PAUL STANLEY, ACE FREHLEY and PETER CRISS all play themselves, although the focus of the film lies with a small group of their diehard fans. The story is a coming of age comedy featuring four Midwestern High School kids who are on an unstoppable quest to snag a quartet of tickets for a KISS concert. In their passionate pursuit of this hard rock Holy Grail, the foursome are pitted against authoritarian nightmare figures, parental hypocrisy, trials of conscience and the persistent, unwanted interference of disco. What began as a desire to bag a handful of concert tickets becomes a more meaningful metaphor for their future lives Detroit Rock City is about nothing if it not about the liberty to pursue one's dreams. EDWARD FURLONG, GIUSEPPE ANDREWS, SAM HUNTINGTON and JAMES DE BELLO star as the foursome in the film that tries to capture the very particular world of the 1970s, as lived by a bunch of Kissheads. Gene Simmons is acting as producer on the film. KISS became cultural icons in the 1970s with their outlandish style, makeup and high volume rock'n' roll. The original foursome split up acrimoniously but they recently reformed and have found a whole new generation of rock fans across America. The movie, due for release this summer, should awaken the interest of even more young fans. NEW LINE CINEMA IN LONDON ON (00 44 171 439 1378). MCU KISS FAN (WITH MASK ON) AND PULLOUT TO CROWD OF FANS ; TILT UP KISS FANS IN COSTUME ; MCU FAN WEARING KISS T.SHIRT ; MCU ARRIVAL KISS ; C.A. FAN IN CROWD ; SOT MAYOR OF HOLLYWOOD INTRODUCING KISS MEMBERS ;SOT PETER CRISS (KISS GUITARIST AND VOCALIST); VIDEOCLIP "I LOVE IT LOUD" (COURTESY POLYGRAM); PULLOUT FROM STAR TO REVEAL KISS MEMBERS POSING IN FRONT OF PLAQUE ; C.U. STAR ; MCU GENE SIMMONS TWISTING HIS TONGUE AND SOT PETER CRISS ; FILM CLIP FROM "DETROIT ROCK CITY"; GENE SIMMONS WIGGLING HIS TONGUE AT CAMERA. 146700 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: SPIELBERG 8/12/99 EN9932 11:34:51 02:34 APTN No access Internet English/Nat STEVEN SPIELBERG IS HONOURED BY THE PENTAGON Story: Steven Spielberg Date: August 11th'99 Location: Washington DC Film maker STEVEN SPIELBERG, winner of five Academy Awards for his epic "Saving Private Ryan", has received the highest U.S. civilian honour at the Pentagon, in Washington DC. He's the top director in Hollywood and now he is being honoured by the Pentagon for his commitment to public service. Steven Spielberg was also given an honour cordon by US Defence SECRETARY WILLIAM COHEN and his wife Janet. Usually this ceremony is reserved for top diplomats, but on Wednesday (11/08) it was Spielberg's moment to be recognised for the place he commands in popular Western culture. He collected the military's highest civilian honour at a special ceremony in the Pentagon. Spielberg won five Academy Awards for "Saving Private Ryan". At the ceremony Secretary Cohen remarked that this film contributed to North America's national conscience. It reminded audiences of the sacrifices made by an earlier generation to secure today's freedom. And the Defence Secretary also called Spielberg's blockbuster epic an "emotional catharsis" for all who saw it, particularly World War II veterans. The award, a medal for distinguished public service, honours Spielberg for making "an historic contribution to the national consciousness". The ceremony was attended by General Henry Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, other military brass and invited guests. Other recent recipients of the award include former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Senator Strom Thurmond, and former Senators Bob Dole and John Glenn. The film maker told the gathering that he was trying to pursue an "active remembrance of the past" so that the younger generation would not forget the sacrifices of their forefathers. And he added that of all the movies he has directed only two have instilled him with real pride, SCHINDLER'S LIST and Saving Private Ryan. AR ARRIVING AND STEVEN SPIELBERG GETTING OUT OF CAR AND BEING GREETED BY US DEFENCE SECRETARY WILLIAM COHEN AND HIS WIFE JANET; C.A MILITARY OFFICERS ; SPIELBERG WALKING UP STEPS OF THE PENTAGON ; W.S. CEREMONY ; C.A. PRESS; SOT WILLIAM COHEN ; C.A. SPIELBERG ;SOT COHEN; MCU SPIELBERG BEING PRESENTED WITH MEDAL ; SOT SPIELBERG;C.A. PRESS ; SOT SPIELBERG ; W.S. SPIELBERG AND COHEN. 146723 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: CARNIE WILSON 8/12/99 EN9932 11:48:15 01:15 APTN/SBK No re-use/re-sale film/video clips without clearance/No access Internet, music/ performance rights must be cleared. English/Nat CARNIE WILSON SHRINKS LIVE ON THE INTERNET Story: Carnie Wilson Date: August 11th Location: San Diego Singer and former talk show host CARNIE WILSON gave an unusual performance yesterday a live broadcast via the Internet of her gastric bypass surgery. She's one of over 100,000 Americans who've chosen this radical form of cosmetic surgery to drastically lose weight and change their body shape. Wilson, the 31yearold daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, said prior to Tuesday's surgery that she was "morbidly obese" and the procedure provided a permanent solution to weight loss. "I am so obese the fact is that I could die. That's really what it is. I could have a massive heart attack," she said in a videotaped interview provided on the Web site The surgery was performed at Alvarado Hospital Medical Center by a team of doctors. Many people who tried to see the surgery weren't successful because the Internet server couldn't handle the demand, a hospital spokeswoman said. The Web site features celebrities and their health problems. Wilson, part of the nowdefunct Wilson Phillips trio, said she has battled weight problems since childhood, craving sugar to the point of sneaking into the kitchen to eat powdered cake mix. In the operation, Wilson's stomach was reduced to a small pouch and attached to her small intestine. One of Wilson's surgeons, Dr. Wesley Clark, says the surgery is recommended only for people who are more than 100 pounds overweight. He wouldn't say what Wilson's weight was, but says she was at least twice her ideal body weight. W.S. PERSON ON INTERNET ; C.U. WEBSITE ; C.U.SCREEN ; EXCERPTS FROM LIVE OPERATION ; VIDECLIP "HOLD ON" BY WILSON PHILLIPS TRIO); EXCERPTS FROM OPERATION LIVE ON THE INTERNET. 147544 ARTIC: GREENPEACE - EVIDENCE OF GLOBAL WARMING 8/18/99 EF99/0917 13:19:27 01:26 Greenpeace VNR Greenpeace = No re-use without clearance VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) Natural Sound A recent Greenpeace expedition to the Arctic claims to have found growing evidence that global warming is threatening the survival of Arctic wildlife. Greenpeace say they've found new evidence of the polar ice pack retreating by hundreds of kilometres in just a few short weeks. That is putting increasing pressure on the survival of local wildlife. Greenpeace research teams say they've seen a steady decline in the number of walrus in the Arctic in recent years. For three weeks a team of scientists and activists aboard the Greenpeace icebreaker "Arctic Sunrise" have surveyed the wildlife in the Chukchi Sea region between Alaska and Russia. They found that the rim of the ice pack in some parts of the area had retreated by nearly 300 miles (approximately 480 kilometres) during their short visit to the Arctic. Greenpeace say that the emission of greenhouse gasses by the chemical industry and the burning of fossil fuels are causing global warming. During their visit the researchers also launched this protest, hanging a banner from one of the retreating icecaps. They were highlighting how the western Arctic is one of the regions with the steepest increase in temperature levels on earth. Temperatures are rising at up to five times the rate observed in other parts of the globe, Greenpeace say. As a result, the rim of the polar ice pack, habitat and hunting ground of Arctic wildlife, is fast retreating. Many species have difficulty adapting to their changing environment. Over the past years a steady decline of the walrus population in the Arctic has been observed by Greenpeace. While more calves were found this year than in previous years, results showed that fewer and fewer were reaching adulthood. It's not just the walrus population which could be threatened. Reindeer, polar bears, seals and seabirds like the black guillemot are also dependent on the area around the rim of the polar ice as their hunting grounds. As with the walrus, if the polar ice melts any more, they could soon disappear. Arctic, 1. Dingy driving past Greenpeace icebreaker "Arctic Sunrise", drifting ice block in foreground 2. Greenpeace activists moving empty chemical barrels on shore 3. Woman activist moving barrel 4. Male activist by barrel with yellow writing "SHELL" 5. Two woman activists assembling a measuring device 6. Close up of hands fastening thread on device 7. Pan of group of activists hanging device on a post 8. Man with ice picks climbing down side of iceberg 9. Activists on edge of iceberg rigging up big yellow banner 10. Close up of picture of skull 11. Banner 12. Activist tightening ropes of banner 13. Banner, pull out into wide shot of iceberg 14. Group of walrus on sandbank 15. Reindeer grazing 16. Sea swallow on rock, flying off 147624 ISRAEL: 2 SOLDIERS KILLED BY GUERRILLAS 8/18/99 EF99/0916 03:15:54 - 09:22:20 02:38 IBA/Channel2 No Access Israel/Internet VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) Hebrew/Nat Two Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes with guerrillas Tuesday in southern Lebanon. The first Israeli fatalities in the region since Prime Minister Ehud Barak took office in July. The deaths are sure to increase already mounting public pressure on Barak to pull Israel's troops out of Lebanon. Barak's election campaign promised to withdraw from the security zone that Israel occupies to protect its northern villages from cross-border attacks. Tuesday's casualties bring to 12 the total number of Israelis killed this year in Lebanon. The two young Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes with guerillas. Their deaths mark the first Israeli fatalities in the area since Prime Minister Ehud Barak took office in July. Barak campaigned on a pledge to withdraw troops by next July from a security zone that Israel occupies to protect its northern villages from cross-border attacks. The deaths are sure to increase already mounting public pressure on Barak to pull Israel's troops out of Lebanon. SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) "There is a certain escalation in Lebanon. We will continue to do everything in order to get Israel Defense Forces, with all its great achievements and with the pain that comes with it, out of Lebanon and back to the International border." SUPERCAPTION: Ehud Barak, Israeli Prime Minister The casualties came on a day of fierce artillery, mortar and rocket exchanges, after Hezbollah vowed revenge for Monday's killing of commander Ali Hassan Deeb, better known as Abu Hassan. Hezbollah and the Lebanese government blame Israel for the roadside bomb that killed him, although no one has claimed responsibility. Army chief-of-staff, Lieutenant General Shaul Mofaz, suggested Tuesday that Abu Hassan's death was the result of a power struggle among the guerrillas themselves. Other Israelis said Abu Hassan had criminal links. The chief of staff defended the Israeli Defense Force's role in south Lebanon. SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) "In the past few months I can say that Hezbollah's action inside the security zone in South Lebanon, including the road side bombs and the mortar fire continues. That means, there is war activities inside the security zone in Lebanon and the Israel Defense Force continues doing its job - guarding the Northern border of Israel." SUPERCAPTION: Shaul Mofaz, Army Chief of Staff The army identified the two Israelis killed as Staff Sergeant Eyal Goyta, 21 and Staff Seargant Doron Hirshkowitz, 21. The army spokesman said in a statement that three Hezbollah guerrillas were also killed. Three of seven Israelis injured were in serious condition, the army said, and one of the wounded was a battalion commander. Northern Israel, 17 August 1999 Helipad, Northern border of Israel, Channel 2 1. Helicopter landing 2. Two soldiers walking 3. Wide shot of soldiers approaching helicopter Rambam Hospital, Haifa (North Israel), IBA 4. Midshot of ambulances with helicopter above 5. Helicopter landing by ambulances 6. Various shots of paramedics carrying soldiers on stretchers 7. Various shots of wounded soldiers on stretchers being led into the Hospital 8. Soldier in stretcher surrounded by people inside hospital 9. Soldier on phone being led on stretcher 10. Stretcher being wheeled into lift with doctors and nurses 11.SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) Ehud Barak, Israeli Prime Minister 12. Helicopter taking off 13. SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) Shaul Mofaz, Army Chief of Staff 14. Israeli army jeep with soldier sitting inside 147638 USA: TURKISH EARTHQUAKE DISASTER: RESCUE WORKERS DESPATCHED 8/18/99 EF99/0916 07:25:26 - 09:13:26 02:35 APTN VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) English/Nat A 70-member team from Virginia, USA, accompanied by fire trucks and specially trained dogs, is due to arrive in Turkey on Wednesday to help locate victims of Tuesday's devastating earthquake. Once there, the team will aid the overwhelmed Turkish emergency services to help with search-and-rescue operations, survivor detection and rubble removal. In a global outpouring of help for victims of Tuesday's massive earthquake in Turkey, governments around the world dispatched sniffer dogs and rescue experts to search for the missing and medical teams to cope with thousands of injuries. A major relief operation quickly moved into high gear - fighting against time to try to rescue those trapped under debris and to assist thousands who lost their homes. Fairfax County's search and rescue team from Virginia prepared to head out to Turkey to join forces with other international teams. SOUNDBITE: (English) "That hasn't been determined yet to the extent of what role we will play over there, but what we are trained to do is search and rescue victims that may be trapped. But once we arrive there and make an assessment of what we can do to help restore this country back to a normal state, we will take part in it." SUPER CAPTION: Lieutenant Lorenzo Thrower, Urban Search and Rescue Team Spokesman The team is one of two in the United States that can be dispatched anywhere in the world for rescue operations. Usually the team which includes cave-in experts, dog teams, doctors and paramedics works at collapsed concrete structures. SOUNDBITE: (English) "Other than the specialised concrete-breaking tools and things like that we are taking with us, we also have the capability of doing electronic searches by using listening devices that are very sensitive. We can pick up people tapping with their fingers inside collapsed buildings, as well as very special search cameras that we can probe down into void spaces and try to identify the location of where people are. So, we are pretty technically advanced as far as things like that go. We've done a lot of training with that type of equipment and we have found people in the past with that equipment." SUPER CAPTION: Lieutenant Michael Regan, Urban Search and Rescue Team Manager Previously the team helped after the Philippine earthquake in 1990 and in rescue operations at the federal building in Oklahoma City and the U-S Embassy in Nairobi after both were bombed. In Turkey the latest death count has topped two-thousand. Authorities say nearly eleven-thousand have been injured. It seems certain the casualty count will climb. As many as ten-thousand people could still be trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings around Golcuk a navy base town near the quake's epicentre. Thousands more are missing in Istanbul and elsewhere. Fairfax, Virginia, USA - August 17 1999 1. Fireman readying equipment 2. Firemen carrying equipment 3. Crews weighing equipment to be shipped 4. Close up helmet 5. Crew loading truck 6. Firefighter with his son in his arms 7. Close up assignment sheet 8. Firemen signing up and checking identification 9. Close up Fairfax County shirt 10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lieutenant Lorenzo Thrower, Urban Search and Rescue Team Spokesman 11. Rescue-trained dog 12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lieutenant Michael Regan, Urban Search and Rescue Team Manager 13. Buses transporting firefighters to Air Force base 14. Firefighter dropping equipment and receiving instructions 147639 USA: NEW YORK: JEWISH SECURITY CONFERENCE 8/18/99 EF99/0916 03:22:53 - 07:37:33 - 09:25:06 02:11 APTN VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) English/Nat In the wake of last week's race-motivated shooting at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles, a group of Jewish organizations has united to address the issue of security in their community. The Anti-Defamation League (A-D-L) and United Jewish Communities (U-J-C) sponsored a special satellite conference on security awareness and procedures Tuesday afternoon. SOUNDBITE: (English) "The purpose of our coming together is to discuss the issue of security in the Jewish community." SUPER CAPTION: Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League The event came a week after an alleged neo-Nazi sympathisers attacked a Los Angeles Jewish community centre. Nearly 200 Jewish organizations nationwide were invited to participate. The talks, which were not open to the media, also included presentations from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F-B-I) as well as senior law enforcement experts. At a press conference before the satellite conference, Jewish leaders said although there was cause for concern about the safety of Jewish centers, it would be wrong to let hate-mongers have the upper hand. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We hope and pray that it's not a pattern. That it's only a throw back into the past. But we are concerned. We're concerned and therefore decided to reach out to the totality of the Jewish community to ask them and to inform them that there is a danger, but at the same time to make sure that it is put into perspective. God forbid that the bigots and the hate mongers would instill a level of fear to the extent that it changes the way Jewish institutions live and operate." SUPER CAPTION: Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League Speakers also raised the importance of not over-reacting in trying to secure a safe environment for children. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We want our children to be secure but not scared. And we want communities to take prudent action, but not panic. And it is an extraordinarily difficult balance." SUPER CAPTION: Martin Raffle, Associate Executive Director, Jewish Council for Public Affairs Jewish leaders also discussed placing more emphasis on prevention in law enforcement, as well as strengthening hate crime legislation throughout the country. SOUNDBITE: (English) "A responsible response is to be aware. 50% of prevention comes from awareness, seeing whether people are there who shouldn't be there, seeing whether things are there that don't belong. And then we're calling for debate and discussion in another area. Which is that government, that law enforcement begin to change the balance as important as it is to remove and apprehend a criminal and remove him from the streets of society, it's just as important to prevent the crime. And I think it's important that we begin to reexamine whether our law enforcement shouldn't be given more authority to prevent some crimes." SUPER CAPTION: Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League Meanwhile, in Washington, President Bill Clinton unveiled new initiatives to combat youth violence - in a move to combat youth violence after all the recent shootings. In addition to anti-violence advertisements, Clinton announced new grants to beef up school security as well as an outreach programme encouraging parents to talk to their children about violence. New York City, USA - 17 August, 1999 1. Wide shot of presser with Abraham Foxman on podium 2. Cutaway press 3. Cutaway press 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League 5. Cutaway cameras 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League 7. Wide shot, Martin Raffle at podium 8. Cutaway press 9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Martin Raffle, Associate Executive Director, Jewish Council for Public Affairs 10. Close-up journalist 11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Abraham H. Foxman 12. Wide shot presser 147642 USA: BAN ON BRITISH BLOOD DUE TO BSE 8/18/99 EF99/0916 03:21:39 01:06 APTN/BBC/VNR BBC = No Access UK/CNBC/CNN/Fox/Euronews/Internet VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) English/Nat The U-S government has announced it's banning blood donations from anyone who has spent more than six months in Britain and may have been exposed to mad cow's disease. Officials said the restriction would cut the U-S blood supply during a critical time of shortage - but the government deems it a necessary precaution. The U-S Food and Drug Administration imposed the ban on blood donations by anyone who has travelled to, or lived in, Britain for a total of six months since 1980. America is desperately short of donated blood but the government is determined to avoid the risk of contamination. That means tighter controls. Now the U-S - fearful of mad cow disease has banned donations from anybody who has spent at least 6 months in Britain since 1980. This man used to be a regular blood donor. Now he's forbidden. SOUNDBITE: (English) "I've been to the U-K in the past ten years maybe 20/25 times." SUPER CAPTION: VOX POP, Blood donor Americans are familiar with images of British cows stricken with mad cow disease. Some say the ban shows reasonable caution. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We're dealing with a disease that may still be on the increase in terms of human disease. We're dealing with an organism that you can't identify. And we're dealing with a disease that only causes symptoms some several years after its first transmitted. All of those things I think argue in favour of more caution." SUPERCAPTION: Dr Peter Lurie, Medical Researcher The donor ban is strictly a precaution - there is no evidence that any mad cow-type illness has been spread through blood transfusions. But the mad cow disease that swept through Britain's cattle has been linked to a human brain-destroying illness. Both illnesses are so mysterious that scientists simply can't rule out the possibility they could infect blood. Still, the FDA's donor ban is controversial. It's sure to frighten both Americans whose blood is refused - a?