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TAPE_NUMBER: EN9927 IN_TIME: 10:50:09 LENGTH: 01:13 SOURCES: Shots 1-2 = BBC, Shot 3 = GRANADA, the rest = APTN RESTRICTIONS: BBC = No Access UK/CNN/Euro News/Fox/CNBC/Internet, Granada = No Access UK Internet, Shots 5-6 = No Access Ireland FEED: SCRIPT: xfa Story: Posh Wedding Location: Uk/Dublin Date: July 6 1999 + file The first pictures of soccer star David Beckham and his bride Posh Spice Victoria Adams at their lavish wedding show the couple in matching ivory outfits and seated on luxurious gold and red thrones. The photographs, which appear in the Sun newspaper on Tuesday, show the couple surrounded by candles and sitting behind an enormous arrangement of ivy and red roses as they enjoyed their wedding banquet at Luttrellstown Castle near Dublin on Sunday night. Adams is pictured in her wedding dress - a sleeveless creation with a tight-fitting bodice and full skirt, topped off with a tiara - while the smiling Manchester United star is wearing a cream suit and matching tie. These are the first pictures to be published of the wedding of Posh Spice Victoria Adams and Manchester United footballer David Beckham. They appeared in Britain's Sun newspaper on Tuesday. Only 29 close family and friends, including the three other members of the British pop group, were at the wedding. Geri Halliwell, who quit the group 13 months ago, was not there. The couple tied the knot in the grounds of a Dublin castle on Sunday afternoon in what was billed as the show business wedding of the year. A single white dove was released at the end of the ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle. Posh Spice - one of the architects of the girl power philosophy - stuck to her principles and did not pledge to "obey" the Manchester United player. After the ceremony the couple joined more than 230 guests - all asked to wear black or white - for the sumptuous wedding celebrations. Their baby son Brooklyn was also at the ceremony and will be with the couple throughout the evening. Details of the nuptials were a closely guarded secret to safeguard the one (m) million pound contract with OK! Magazine. David, 24, and Victoria, 25, although young parents, observed tradition of staying apart in the last hours before their wedding. His best man was fellow team member Gary Neville, and Victoria's bridesmaid was her sister Louise. The bride's fabulous gown was designed by American Vera Weng. An 18-piece orchestra played especially rehearsed numbers, including a Spice Girls medley. Apart from Manchester United stars, Sir Bobby Charlton and a few other football friends and the Spice Girls, there were no celebrity guests. Before the wedding on Sunday, David Beckham relaxed with a game of golf with best man Gary Neville and two other friends. SHOTLIST: BBC - LONDON, 6 JULY 1999 1. FRONT PAGE OF SUN NEWSPAPER WITH PICTURE OF POSH SPICE AND DAVE BECKHAM'S WEDDING 2. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD IN SUN NEWSPAPER OF WEDDING PHOTOS GRANADA - FILE, CHESTER, U-K, 25 JANUARY 1998 3. POSH SPICE AND DAVE BECKHAM AFTER ANNOUNCING THEIR ENGAGEMENT APTN - LUTTRELLSTOWN CASTLE, NEAR DUBLIN, IRELAND, 4 JULY 1999 4. CHILDREN AT THE GATE OF THE CASTLE APTN - LUTTRELLSTOWN CASTLE, NEAR DUBLIN, IRELAND, 4 JULY 1999 5. BUSES ARRIVING AT THE GATE OF THE CASTLE 6. CHILDREN SCREAMING 7. BUS DRIVING DOWN THE LANE?