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TAPE_NUMBER: EN9927 IN_TIME: 10:29:55 LENGTH: 02:12 SOURCES: APTN/TV3 RESTRICTIONS: TV3 Pix = No Access Ireland, All No Access Internet FEED: SCRIPT: xfa Story: Posh-Beckham Wedding Location: Dublin Date: July 4 1999 It was billed as the wedding of the year. And certainly it was one of the most lucrative with a magazine paying a reported one million pounds sterling for exclusive rights to the event. And so it was that POSH SPICE VICTORIA ADAMS yesterday, July 4, married her football star boyfriend DAVID BECKHAM in a ceremony shielded away from the prying eyes of rival publications and the TV media. The Spice Girl wed England and Manchester United soccer hero David Beckham Sunday at a 15th century Irish castle. Victoria reportedly wore a diamond and gold coronet that outshone royalty. Just 29 close family and friends, including the three other members of the British pop group, Baby Spice Emma Bunton, Sporty Spice Melanie Chisholm and Scary Spice Melanie Brown, witnessed the wedding. Geri Halliwell, who quit the group 13 months ago, was not there. Instead she was performing at the charity Party In The Park event in London. A single white dove was released at the culmination of the ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle. Posh Spice - one of the architects of the girl power philosophy - stuck to her principles and did not pledge to "obey" the Manchester United player. After the ceremony the couple joined more than 230 guests - all asked to wear black or white - for the sumptuous wedding celebrations. Their baby son Brooklyn was also at the ceremony and with the couple throughout the evening. Details of the nuptials are a closely guarded secret to safeguard the lucrative contract with OK! Magazine. David 24, and Victoria 25, although young parents, have observed tradition by staying apart in the last hours before their wedding. His best man was fellow team member Gary Neville, and Victoria's bridesmaid was her sister Louise. No description of the bride's fabulous gown was given, apart from the fact that it is designed by American Vera Wang. An 18 piece orchestra was playing especially rehearsed numbers, including a Spice Girls medley. SIR ELTON JOHN, a close friend of the Spices, was due to attend and perform a few songs at the reception but fell ill. Earlier in the day Beckham relaxed with a game of golf with best man Gary Neville and two other friends. They hired two golf carts and played nine holes of the 75 par course on Sunday. A respectable swing was showed off by Beckham, who was wearing a black and white checked shirt, baggy grey pants and a baseball cap. In his last game as a single man Beckham was very cheerful and smiled and waved to the members of the press. A massive security ring including an air exclusion zone has been placed around the wedding. Only helicopters carrying the couple's guests to and from exclusive the castle outside Dublin were to be allowed to fly overhead according to an Irish Aviation Authority order. SHOTLIST: EXT LUTTRELLSTOWN CASTLE; VS CROWDS OUTSIDE CASTLE; VEHICLES GOING IN; SOT JUDITH LIPSEY, SPOKESWOMAN, SPICE GIRLS; DAVID BECKHAM PLAYING GOLF WITH FRIENDS (JULY 4TH); PERFORMANCE GERI HALLIWELL (JULY 4TH - PARTY IN THE PARK, LONDON); SOT THE CORRS (ON CHOICE OF VENUE); SOT RONAN KEATING; SOT BOY GEORGE PIX MAN CHESTER UNTD BOARDING BUSES OUTSIDE HOTEL - TV3 PIX - NO ACCESS IRELAND?