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ISSUE_NO = 1568 NO_OF_ITEMS = 5 ITEM_NO = 2 DESCRIPTION : While the Queen flew to Newfoundland, ships were ploughing the well-known route across the North Atlantic to the St. Lawrence. For them, the ocean voyage may, nowadays, by only half their journey. The St. Lawrence leads to an inland Mediterranean, shared by Canada and America. From the mouth of the great river to the most inland port is about the same distance as across the Atlantic: over two thousand miles. Thanks to the great new system of locks and canals, built in the international rapids section of the river, the St. Lawrence Seaway (already in operation) give direct access to the Great Lakes for ocean-going ships. The Seaway took nearly five years of non-stop work, and the expenditure of about a hundred and thirty million pounds. A dream come true: the St. Lawrence Seaway ready for its official opening by the Queen. CARD_FILE = 77360 CARD_TITLE : SEAWAY READY SHOT_LIST : CU rough sea (key). LS ship. GV sea. MS sailor. LS lighthouse on rocks. Pan sea and rocks. CU flag hoisted. MS flag flying. TS wake of ship up to mainland. CU diagram showing inland route. MS on board ship. LS berthed tanker. Tracking Hydro Electric Scheme. Low angle - ships mast passes under bridge. CU diagram showing Inland Lakes. Aerial pan - canals and locks. MS ships pass along canal. GV locl. MS same - ship enters. Low angle same. Tracking lock walls. MS approaching lock gates. Shot through porthole - lock opens. GV canal scene - gangway lifts. MS ship in canal. Aerial shot lake. BS ship. SCU ship passes camera. MS on board ship. MS ship tracking with whip. Another angle same. LS skyscraper skyline. GV same with ships docked. LS same. KEYWORDS : Environment; Ships and Boats; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Civil Engineering; Industries, Trades and Crafts; Navy - Active MATERIAL : TWTD Tape 3 D/N/Cuts 04289, 04290 FEET_SHOT = 171 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000