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ISSUE_NO = 848 NO_OF_ITEMS = 3 ITEM_NO = 2 DESCRIPTION : The Queen Elizabeth, the world's biggest ship, arrives in Southampton for her maiden voyage. She had spent the last five years on war work, carrying troops to various parts of the world. CARD_FILE = 46020 CARD_TITLE : "QUEEN ELIZABETH" SAILS FROM SOUTHAMPTON SHOT_LIST : CUT STORY: KS GV Queen Elizabeth. Various shots of RMS Queen Elizabeth also elevated shot with Southampton in background. Stern of liner showing "Queen Elizabeth" on same CU Captain Commodore Sir James Bisset, speaking CU of Commodore's flag also Company's flag at masthead. G.I's boarding ship. CU Names carved on rails. G.I.'s walk about decks. Ship pulling away from quay, band plays 'Auld lang Syne'. Various shots of ship as tugs assist her. Shots of her passing along channel, fellow in fore swimming. Planes pass overhead. Various shots of Queen Elizabeth passing out of camera. CUTS: Various shots of the Queen Elizabeth. G.I.'s embarking. Various shots aboard ship, as they walk round decks. G.I.'s and girls look from portholes. KEYWORDS : Ships and Boats; Navy - Active; Personalities - Armed Forces; Military - Active; Music and Dance; Aviation; Women; Celebrations - Miscellaneous; Great Britain INDEX : Ceremonies & Celebrations, Flags, Military, Nationalities - Americans, Shipping, Paul Wyand MATERIAL : NEGATIVE - CAN 8559 CUT SOUND LAV - CAN 8562 CUT LAV - CAN 8553 WYAND LAV CUTS - CAN 8555 FISHER LAV CUTS - CAN 8556 WYAND NEG CUTS - CAN 8557 FISHER NEG CUTS - CAN 8559 LENGTH_SHOT = 1500 DATE_SUBD = 08/27/1945