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ISSUE_NO = 706 NO_OF_ITEMS = 3 ITEM_NO = 2 DESCRIPTION : ROAD TO BENGHAZI - The latest pictures from Libya show the quiet occupation of Barce a sizeable town on the road to Benghazi. The Eighth Army got the railway working again, bringing supplies to forward bases. CARD_FILE = 43190 CARD_TITLE : 'On The Road To Benghazi' W.O. No. A283/1/2/3/4 ground. Armoured car tows artillery past camera. Various shots of natives, taken from inside building, looking at tower where Union Jack is flying. Several angle shots of damaged bridge, and engineer working on same; damaged tracks. Soldiers locating mines; look down shot of railway unloading goods onto army lorries. Photo of Mussolini on muddy road, track of tank run over same, also mud thrown at it. Army, including Grants entering Benghazi. Angle shots of avenue. Natives barter with troops for eggs. CU's natives and soldiers, also a sailor. GS Benghazi harbour and pan showing several ships burning. Also damaged hole. CU three eggs being fried. Pan of harbour. Mine taken out of ground and carried away. Cuts - Bells of R.C. Church Giovannia Berta ringing. Building in Barce flying white flag. CU native woman. Black troops lift railway line about heads. Wrecked army truck. Native children. Wrecked German planes on Derna aerodrome. Shots of Derna Hospital (wards). LS British officers walking to Town Hall followed by natives. Patients in grounds. Improvised Union Jack hoisted at Town Hall. Martuba and Barce road-sign. First jeep enters town into camera. Prisoners out of building with hands up. Engineers repair damaged road. 'To Benghazi' signpost. Municiple Building. Opera House and British Steamer at Tobruk. Shot of Red Ensign. Filling petrol tanks with water. Sherman tanks through streets. Soldiers clean building. KEYWORDS : Vehicles; Military - Active; Munitions and Armaments; Indigenous People; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Air Raids and War Damage; Civil Engineering; Railways; Environment; Business and Commerce; Food, Drink and Cooking; Navy - R&R; Ships and Boats; Fire; Music and Dance; Religion and superstition; Ethnic Minorities; Aviation; Airforce - Active; Medicine and Health; Prisoners of War; North Africa MATERIAL : Print 6718 Swiss Lav 6770 Cuts 6922 Cuts 6397 (Pathe) A283/3 Cuts 6684 - A283/1 Cuts 6699 - A283/2 LENGTH_SHOT = 3308 DATE_SUBD = 12/10/1942