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ISSUE_NO = 389 NO_OF_ITEMS = 10 ITEM_NO = 8 DESCRIPTION : His Majesty inspects Home Fleet during gale at Portland. CARD_FILE = 4886 CARD_TITLE : The King At Portland SHOT_LIST : Shots of the King and royal car arriving. Shots of the ships in the harbour. Royal barge taking him to ship. Shot of the King boarding and being piped aboard 'Royal Sovereign'. The King is seen taking the salute and is with Sir Samuel Hoare and Lord Louis Mountbatten. Shot of the King in evening dress attending concert on board 'Courageous'. Stage scene. Aerial of the fleet in harbour including 'Nelson', 'Victoria and Albert' and 'Courageous'. He inspects subs and new mine laying submarine. He boards the Royal barge. Shot of same seen passing the 'Nelson'. SOUND : Commentator KEYWORDS : Navy - Active; Navy - Ceremonial; Royalty; Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII of Great Britain); Ships and Boats; Personalities - Politicians; Sir Samuel Hoare, Lord Templewood; Personalities - Armed Forces; Entertainment and Leisure; Earl Mountbatten of Burma (Lord Louis Mountbatten); Submarines; Great Britain MATERIAL : Comb Dupe Negative 06453 Neg 428 New Pos 09372 LENGTH_SHOT = 168 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000