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Great Activity In The British Fleet
ISSUE_NO = 161A NO_OF_ITEMS = 6 ITEM_NO = 4 DESCRIPTION : With Navy Week pending, battleships proceed south to Portland for review by His Majesty. CARD_FILE = 1893 CARD_TITLE : Navy Proceeds to Portland for Royal Review SHOT_LIST : Fairly close shot of Battleships at sea. Slight pan shot of one of these. Shot down from mast of Battleships to deck below, on to gun turrets etc. Close shot of bows through water with spray over same. Good shot of ships in Line Ahead with sun setting on water. (Nelson & Rodney are ships included in the Line Ahead) SOUND : Commentator KEYWORDS : Navy - Active; Ships and Boats; Environment; Great Britain MATERIAL : B&W 180 B&W 933 Neg cuts 1116 LENGTH_SHOT = 94 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000