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ACL-3004 Digibeta; Beta SP
B W, Color
1950s - 1960s
3004-1 01:00:00:00 -- 01:00:06:02 1960s Color w Sound SPEAKING VS Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at podium. VO male narrator- preacher of nonviolence. (brief) EBC (8028) 3004-2 01:00:06:03 -- 01:00:13:17 1956 B W Silent FAMILY Montgomery, Alabama. (Bus boycott) Excellent - Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, walk down steps of courthouse as Black protesters clap and wave. They pose cheek to cheek, smiling for camera. AFP (8004) 3004-3 01:00:13:18 -- 01:00:29:13 1968 B W w Sound SPEAKING CU Excerpt of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.'s final speech to striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee - I just want to do God's will ... I've seen the promised land. VTM (8102) 3004-4 01:00:29:14 -- 01:00:33:29 1960s Color w Sound ZO Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking outdoors to group of reporters w microphones. DN (8024) 3004-5 01:00:34:00 -- 01:01:37:23 1956 B W w Sound Excellent - Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks to reporters during bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. We are protesting under the aegis of the the spirit of love, non-violence & passive resistance. CU of King's wife Coretta Scott King speaking in support of the protest and racial desegregation. Whatever happens to him - it happens to me. AFP (8004) 3004-6 01:01:37:24 -- 01:02:07:01 1956 B W Silent Attempt on Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. CU address number 309 on doorframe, broken windows, EXT damage to home of MLK after bombing. Shadow of uniformed policeman inspecting damage (great shot for crime scenes). King talks on telephone inside house. VTM (8102) 3004-7 01:02:07:02 -- 01:02:47:07 1950s B W w Sound Reverend MLK Jr. speaks from church pulpit. VO narrator describes King's philosophy of non-violence-(Grainy)- men and women in congregation applaud his sermon. EXT: Beulah Baptist Church, sermon poster case, people entering front door of church for service. Montgomery, Alabama. DN (8024) 3004-8 01:02:47:08 -- 01:03:39:19 1960s B W w Sound Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at podium during Montgomery Bus Boycott. Montgomery, Alabama. The federal government will not put a cent into this city unless it decides to face the realities of desegregation. Speaks of nonviolent protest as weapon for social change. VTM (8102) 3004-9 01:03:39:20 -- 01:03:57:28 ca. 1963 B W w Sound Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. is helped onto platform by men and addresses large cheering rally. King stands beside Ralph Abernathy, cofounder of the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference)and unidentified White clergyman. VO narrator: At what point does freedom of speech become incitement to riot? EBC (8028) 3004-10 01:03:57:29 -- 01:04:30:01 1963 B W w Sound Excellent- VS Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. walking with other speakers, politicians on Constitution Avenue in the March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom, August 28, 1963. very faint VO narrator. A. Philip Randolph marching, founder of first Black labor union (Pullman railroad sleeping car porters), original planner of march. Roy Wilkins, NAACP Executive director, marches beside him (left) Walter Reuther, head of AFLCIO, marches. Protesters carry picket signs for higher minimum wage, against police brutality, demanding first class citizenship. AFP (8004) 3004-11 01:04:30:02 -- 01:11:52:20 1963 B W w Sound Two Black boys in military school uniforms holding American flag in crowd at March on Washington, DC, August 28, 1963. Man holds flask to give young man in uniform drink of water. VO: announcer introduces Martin Luther King, Jr. King delivering I have a dream speech at podium in front of Lincoln Memorial. Excellent WS & CU people in crowd listening, cheering & clapping on the Mall - Lincoln Memorial, HA crowds on Mall, Washington Monument in BG. DN (8024) 3004-12 01:11:52:21 -- 01:15:21:06 1963 B W w Sound CU (grainy) Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering I have a dream speech to crowd at March on Washington, DC for Jobs & Freedom, August 28, 1963. MS ZI Lincoln Memorial. Reaction shots of children in audience, HA crowd on Washington Mall w Washington Monument. VTM (8102) 3004-13 01:15:21:07 -- 01:15:35:15 1963 B W w Sound Left to right: Whitney Young, Jr. (Urban League), Reverend MLK, Jr. (SCLC pres.), A. Philip Randolph, John Lewis (SNCC) Rabbi Joachim Prinz (American Jewish Congress) Dr. Eugene Carson Blake (National Council of Churches) A. Philip Randolph (labor union founder) President JFK Walter Reuther (United Auto Workers) and Vice President Lyndon Johnson (rear) standing for photographers in White House Cabinet Room during their meeting to discuss the Civil Rights Bill pending in Congress following the March on Washington, August 28, 1963. VO reporter: JFK told leaders bipartisan support would be necessary to pass Bill. Randolph talks & smiles with JFK. AFP (8004) 3004-14 01:15:35:16 -- 01:21:23:02 1964 B W w Sound Excerpts from A Man of Peace- portrait of MLK. MLK preaches from pulpit at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA - his father sits behind him. MLK describes problems facing people- poverty, nuclear war, civil rights- we look into a future shrouded with impenetrable uncertainties. I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. Young Black men & women in congregation listening. King greets congregation outside church after service. He stands with his young son, MLK III. CU August Schou, director Nobel Institute, announcing on television that King won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. VO host: News program about Dr. King. PAN neighborhood street ZI house of Martin Luther King, Jr. Children play in yard. Atlanta, Georgia. CU TD portrait of Mahatma Gandhi to King family having lunch at dinner table, MLK saying blessing. Wife Coretta Scott King serves food to their four children. One of his sons says Daddy, you're not talking. He replies, I'm too hungry, Martin. Young daughter talks about her school homework - Nobel Prize history. MLK tells her- You'll get an 'A' on that. VTM (8102) 3004-15 01:21:23:03 -- 01:31:05:22 1964 B W w Sound EXT Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) offices, Atlanta, Georgia. VO reporter. INT SCLC president Martin Luther King, Jr. in office, talks in interview about winning Nobel Prize in peaceful fight for civil rights. PAN over family pictures on shelf. MLK sits in church, watching his father preach from pulpit. MLK discusses reading Bible (Old & New Testaments), justice & love, and Gandhi. Nonviolence, passive resistance from Jesus, operational technique by Gandhi. MLK says he has conquered fear of death, and discusses the importance of quality, not quantity of life. (Man of Peace excerpt) VTM (8102) 3004-16 01:31:05:23 -- 01:33:57:20 1964 B W w Sound Grainy - VO reporter. Man of Peace. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. receives Nobel Peace Prize insignia, diploma, medal from Albert Yann, head of Nobel committee at ceremony in Oslo, Norway. CU TU Coretta Scott King's hands over prize case, herself sitting in audience. VO music: Porgy and Bess excerpt. King makes speech at podium- refusal to accept starless midnight of war, racism. VO Male host- not seeking fame, but found it. King shakes hands & greets congregation outside Ebenezer Baptist church, Atlanta, Georgia. VTM (8102) 3004-17 01:33:57:21 -- 01:34:41:23 1964 B W w Sound Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks from desk about philosophy of nonviolence, conversion vs. annihilation of opponent. Respect for the dignity and worth of human personality. DN (8024) 3004-18 01:34:41:24 -- 01:37:39:29 1964 B W w Sound Newsreel: President Signs Historic Bill VO male narrator. VS Washington DC, Capitol, Washington Monument, tourists at Lincoln Memorial. Lyndon B. Johnson makes statement- asking cooperation and support from all Americans. He signs bill w political officials crowded in White House room. He distributes honorary ballpoint pens to Republican senators Everett Dirksen, Democratic senator Hubert Humphrey, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, six pens to Attorney General RFK. Congressmen shake hands, laugh. DN (8024) 3004-19 01:37:40:00 -- 01:37:56:08 1960s B W w Sound VO male narrator: Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks at podium to large crowd in stadium. (silent) The message of love and nonviolence grew. DN (8024) 3004-20 01:37:56:09 -- 01:39:40:08 1965 B W w Sound Newsreel: Push Rights Bill - Open Hearing on Vote Legislation President Lyndon B. Johnson signs bill to reinforce voting rights, sitting beside Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. Demonstration march in Montgomery, Alabama. Crowds march arm-in-arm. MLK addresses crowd of marchers. DN (8024) 3004-21 01:39:40:09 -- 01:43:06:09 1965 B W w Sound Newsreel: The Selma Story - President Seeks End to Civil Strife. LBJ addresses joint session of Congress. Good: White and Black marchers in New York in support of Selma protesters, civil rights. HA crowds gathered in streets. For the reverend James A. Reed, the demonstrators write his epitaph with this tribute. MLK speaks outside of church headquarters for voting rights. Excellent: second attempted march to Montgomery led by MLK. Marchers are stopped by line of state troopers in helmets with batons at bridge. They kneel to pray in the streets, are turned back. VO host: MLK turned marchers at request of president to avoid second violent confrontation. News media following marchers on Edmund Pettus Bridge. DN (8024) 3004-22 01:43:06:10 -- 01:44:41:13 1965 B W w Sound The Selma March - Troops Guard Rights Marchers MLK leads third, successful Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to present petition to Gov. George Wallace. MLK speaks to crowd outside courthouse. Over-the-shoulder POV of military police stationed along Hwy. 80. Excellent - VS Marchers spend night in field of Black-owned farm on route, guarded by military police, helicopter. DN (8024) 3004-23 01:44:41:14 -- 01:45:21:10 1965 B W Silent VS MLK (dressed casually in cap & short-sleeved shirt) and Coretta Scott King hold hands as they march on road beside man on crutches w amputated leg, talking & singing w others on Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. DN (8024) 3004-24 01:45:21:11 -- 01:45:29:16 1965 B W Silent MLK (dressed casually in cap & short-sleeved shirt), Coretta Scott King hold hands as they march on road beside man on crutches w amputated leg, talking & singing w others on Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. DN (8024) 3004-25 01:45:29:17 -- 01:47:30:04 1965 B W w Sound Newsreel Historic Ceremony - The Right to Vote Signed into Law VO LBJ speech inside Capitol building- signing 1965 Voter Registration Act, VS murals, rotunda, Abraham Lincoln statue, Washington, DC Politician whispers in MLK's ear. LBJ walks holding hands with his daughter Lynda Bird Johnson. LBJ signs Voter Registration Act in White House, shakes hands. MLK, Roy Wilkins, James Farmer observe ceremony. DN (8024) 3004-26 01:47:30:05 -- 01:47:39:11 1967 B W w Sound Grainy- MLK speaking at anti-Vietnam War rally Stop the bombing! Stop the war! VTM (8102) 3004-27 01:47:39:12 -- 01:48:03:06 1967 B W w Sound Newsreel: VO narrator-MLK arrives at United Nations to seek international pressure to halt US bombing of North Vietnam. Anti-war demonstration at United Nations. Police dragging bearded male protester behind police barricades in streets. Three people arrested for rushing a float in parade. DN (8024) 3004-28 01:48:03:07 -- 01:49:15:18 1968 B W w Sound Senator RFK speaking to crowd after assassination of MLK, Jr., Indianapolis, IN.(following shot takes up from where this one left off but uses stock footage and has better sound.)RFK describes directions nation can move in: racial polarization & hatred vs. understanding & compassion. DN (8024) 3004-29 01:49:15:19 -- 01:50:20:15 1968 B W w Sound Newsreel VO male host: MLK assassination aftermath in Memphis, TN. Police pointing from motel balcony at night. Police fire tear gas into crowds rioting in Washington, DC RFK speech from campaign trail (same as last shot) Coretta Scott King and children view body of MLK. Huge funeral procession march with politicians- RFK, Richard Nixon, MLK coffin on horsedrawn cart, Atlanta, GA. VTM (8102) 01:50:20:16 END OF TAPE