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Suburbs, Streets, Stunts, Suburban Houses, Waves, Wheat, Winter, Swimming Pools, Swimsuits.
03:01:17:00 Color 1950s Swimming. Girl in white bathingsuit dives into pool. girl slides down slide into pool. 03:02:05:00 Color 1950s Swimming pool - slide shot of boy and girl down slide into pool. 03:02:27:00 Color 1950s Fishing - man and woman fly fishing on river. 03:02:36:00 Color 1950s Skiing - man and boy ride in ski lift Chair lift. MS of ski lift in Aspen, Colorado LS of two skiers down hill. 03:03:10:00 Color 1950s Ice Skating - Figure skating at Western Resort in Colorado Springs. Four skaters spin on ice. Pan L to R. 03:03:25:00 Color 1950s Golf course on California coast. Two golfers putt - both miss. 03:03:48:00 Color 1950s Ostrich race. Ostrich pulling buggy and rider on oval track. 03:04:28:00 Color 1950s Swimming - young boy in the old swimming hole - farm pond. 03:04:53:00 Color 1950s Boy fishing in pond with dog. 03:05:16:00 Color 1950s Four horses w surries racing on track - running shot. 03:05:23:00 Color 1950s Homes - EXT - luxury California home - pan to swimming pool. 03:06:02:00 Color 1950s Small boy w little puppies around dog house. 03:06:27:00 Color 1950s Baby with mother in yard as baby takes first steps and walks out of screen. 03:06:40:00 Color 1950s Woman at kitchen oven range. refrigerator, removes cooked fowl from oven - places on top of range. 03:08:01:00 Color 1950s Board games - Checkers. Elderly man and young man playing checkers. 03:08:19:00 Color 1950s Young boy at table drinking milk & eating chocolate pudding. 03:08:47:00 Color 1950s Women students in art class with model. 03:09:08:00 Color 1950s Student - nuclear research - isotope. 03:09:49:00 Color 1950s Student in classroom with geiger counter. 03:10:31:00 Color 1950s FAmily on deep sea fishing boat in Key West, Florida. 03:10:59:00 Color 1950s Family on sandy beach in Key West, Florida. 03:11:15:00 Color 1950 1950 Chevrolet convertible pulls up to fishing dock in Key West. Family gets out. 03:11:53:00 Color 1950s Parks - Family at pond with ducks in it (Williamsburg, VA) 03:12:10:00 Color 1950s People riding horseback on sand dunes in Michigan. 03:12:21:00 Color 1950s Family walking along and looking at Fort Sumter in South Carolina. 03:12:26:00 Color 1950s Family looking at huge moss covered tree in Savannah, Georgia. 03:12:40:00 Color 1950s Family looking towards river at Bonneville Dam. 03:12:44:00 Color 1950s Los Angeles - LS of LA freeway. 03:13:10:00 Color 1950s Open air marketplace - Hollywood, California. 03:14:08:00 Color 1950s Grauman's Chinese Theater EXT - Hollywood, California. 03:14:37:00 Color 1950s Restaurant signs - pan down on original BIG BOY drive-in hamburger sign to restaurant. 03:15:01:00 Color 1950s 'Fountain of Youth' sign in St. Augustine, Florida. 03:15:08:00 Color 1950s Savannah, Georgia travel shot - Chevrolet to camera. Shows heavy tropical foliage in Savannah. 03:15:24:00 Color 1950 1950 chevrolet drives away from camera while going through small mountain town. 03:15:49:00 Color 1950s Williamsburg, Virginia - travel shot of maroon Chevrolet going down residential street. 03:16:08:00 Color 1950 3 4 ton 1950 Chevrolet state truck - semi-business "Finkote Roofing Co." Goes down business street. 03:16:34:00 Color 1950s Maroon Chevrolet travel shot. Road on snowy mountains in Aspen, Colorado. 03:16:57:00 Color 1950s Lumber and lumbering - travel shot through car window showing log jam on Columbia River - mountains in background. 03:17:07:00 Color 1950s Key West, Florida - the Causeway at Key West. 03:18:17:00 Color 1950s Front travel shot of Columbia River Highway showing mountainous scenery DRIVER'S POV. 03:18:28:00 Color 1950s Olympic National Park - Car travels in the foreground - beauty shot of mountains in background with clouds. 03:18:38:00 Color 1950s Tractor trailer truck on highway - travel shot - 'Middle Atlantic' - orange and red. 03:19:53:00 Color 1951 1951 Chevrolet 4 door - running shot down highway. 03:20:13:00 Color 1950s California scenics - oceanside scene. 03:20:38:00 Color 1950s Country streets - front travel shot - shoreline of Lake Michigan. Michigan Highway. 03:20:58:00 Color 1950s Front travel shot - California freeway through mountains in San Luis Obispo. 03:21:37:00 Color 1950s California high shot of beach highway. 03:21:55:00 Color 1950s Front travel shot to Lake Michigan (DRIVER'S POV) 03:22:20:00 Color 1950s Oak Creek Canyon scenics - side travel shot - Flagstaff, Arizona. 03:22:34:00 Color 1950s Travel shot down shoreline drive to beach of Naragansett Bay (DRIVER'S POV). 03:23:06:00 Color 1950s Petrified Forest - car passes thru first shot. 03:23:56:00 Color 1950s Sand dunes in Northern Michigan. 03:24:09:00 Color 1950 pan 3 4 front shot of 1950 Chevrolet aero-sedan. 03:24:21:00 Color 1950 1950 Chevrolet drives thru ghost town near Colorado Springs. 03:24:34:00 Color 1950s Alligator farm - pile of alligators. 03:25:15:00 Color 1950s Underwater - Marineland, St. Augustine, Florida. Dolphin feed - Shark thru frame. 03:25:38:00 Color 1950s Marineland - Turtles and dolphins get fed. Diver in scene. CU dolphin, turtle, shark. 03:25:59:00 Color 1950s American Airlines airplane landing. "Convair comes in for landing. 03:26:30:00 Color 1950s Parade - MS of tulip festival, Holland, Michigan. 03:26:59:00 Color 1950s Clouds - fleecy 03:27:21:00 Color 1950s ECU of Camellia flower in full bloom w dew drops on it. 03:27:35:00 Color 1950s Wheat pouring into farm wagon from combine. EXT CU of wheat being funneled into pile. 03:27:53:00 Color 1950s CU of wave as bow of boat cuts through water. 03:28:29:00 Color 1950s SLO-MO of ocean waves crashing on shoreline excellent (lazy waves to low camera angle. 03:28:43:00 Color 1950s Wake of ship from rear of ocean freighter. 03:29:00:00 Color 1950s ECU of boat whistle blowing from ocean freighter. 03:29:11:00 Color 1950s Ocean freighter being tugged from docks. 03:29:34:00 Color 1950s ECU of propeller on ocean freighter. Churning water. 03:29:47:00 Color 1950s Interior of steel factory - MS of molten metal being poured from furnace to ladle. 03:32:54:00 Color 1950s Front travel shot on four lane highway - red car thru overpass (shaky) DRIVER'S POV. "Merging Traffic" sign. 03:33:52:00 Color 1950s EXT of Kroger grocery store - traffic passes. 03:34:10:00 Color 1950s Front travel on highway - red car - train on overpass truck passes (shaky) DRIVER'S POV. 03:35:26:00 Color 1950s Crowds of people at the beach in California. 03:40:13:00 Color 1950s homes - EXT static shot of small houses car in driveway man walks slowly on sidewalk. 03:40:57:00 Color 1950s Checker cab (taxi) pulls up to curb - GI gets out. 03:41:47:00 Color 1950s Soldier - GI getting out of taxi cab and starting to walk towards house. 03:42:20:00 Color 1950s Soldier - CU soldier and his wife embrace. She faces camera. 03:42:42:00 Color 1950s GI (with cane) in front of house - wife runs down steps, they embrace. 03:42:58:00 Color 1950s Woman sitting in chair reading magazine, gets up and goes to front door. 03:43:21:00 Color 1950s CU magazine - House Beautiful - MS woman reading it - she looks out window, gets up and goes to door. 03:44:04:00 Color 1950s Homes - EXT side shot of house - showing front door - man walks to camera. 03:44:20:00 Color 1950s CU of male feet walking across lawn to car at curb. 03:44:51:00 Color 1950s MS of man approaching front door of home as wife opens door and greets him. They both enter and door closes. 03:46:03:00 Color 1950s Homes - Interior bedroom. Plexiglass - air conditioned bedroom - dream suite sequence - dolly back from woman pan left to dressing table. 03:47:12:00 Color 1950s Furniture - dressing table. Plexiglass - dream sequence - woman comes in - sits at dressing table, opens drawers. 03:48:20:00 Color 1950s Playground - small children playing on swings - two teenagers walk through. 03:48:47:00 Color 1948 interior of Oldsmobile showroom showing "90", 1948 on turntable. 03:49:30:00 Color 1948 Two men go to 1948 Oldsmobile "90". 03:50:15:00 Color 1950s Two men standing by the side of Kroger truck. 03:50:53:00 Color 1948 1948 Oldsmobile (90) speed shot. Convertible shot from back seat, man drives. 03:51:23:00 Color 1950s Three Oldsmobile cars drive over hump. 03:51:39:00 Color 1950s Young boy and collie dog on living room floor. Collie gets up. 03:53:14:00 Color 1940s 1940s San Francisco Bay Area - two pan shots - travel shot from Golden Gate Bridge (POV from front of moving car DRIVER'S POV) various California travel shots. Pacific Ocean front, rocky coastline sign "Point Joe - meeting of two ocean currents - S.S. St. Cecilia Wrecked Here, Aug. 28, 1906". California coast from moving car (passenger side window POV). 04:01:12:00 Ends