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PET-277 1 inch
B W Color
1930s - 1940s
05:01:18:29 - 05:52:57:29 Color 1930s - 1940s A history of Los Angeles 05:01:18:29 - 05:13:40:23 B W 1930s - 1940s VS AVs of Los Angeles - industrial and residential areas - grid pattern. Beverly Hills or Hollywood homes, AVs. AVs Hollywood hills. AV - Warner Bros., Warner Brothers studios. VS downtown buildings - passes over Warner Bros sign, Knickerbocker Hotel. AVs of skyscrapers. City Hall (?) LS of Los Angeles - AVs. MS AVs of Los Angeles - skyscrapers, traffic. AVs of hills, industrial area. AVs of dark smoke cloud from oil fire on ground. 05:13:43:03 - 05:16:02:19 B W 1940s VS "Cinegrill" neon sign. MS busy city street at night with lots of neon signs and traffic. CU neon sign for "The Brown Derby Bamboo Room." MS "Cinegrill" sign. MS "Ciro's" neon sign with billboard next to it advertising "Fun Festival." EXT "The Players" with neon sign over doors. Traffic at night on busy street with lots of neon signs. CU "Ciro's" sign. 05:16:03:26 - 05:16:16:05 B W 1940s MS "NBC" sign at night. 'NBC - KNBH Television Channel 4" sign. Los Angeles. 05:16:18:15 - 05:17:04:21 B W 1940s EXT building with neon sign, "Melody Lane of Hollywood Cafe" with car driving past in FG - nighttime. CU "Earl Carroll theater Restaurant" neon sign. Traffic at night on busy street. "The Players" neon sign. 05:17:07:13 - 05:17:24:07 B W 1930s - 1940s Shooting movie in studio. Men and one woman stand behind motion picture camera on tripod, woman holds pencil and notebook. (famous actors?) They look like they're watching the action - one man shouts. Hollywood motion picture crew - cameras, director, etc. 05:17:28:02 - 05:17:43:29 B W 1930s - 1940s VS shanty town type of living quarters - shacks. Trash by side of road near houses - old tires. Poverty. Hollywood studio ? 05:17:44:02 - 05:17:53:19 B W 1930s - 1940s AVs of Los Angeles. 05:17:56:11 - 05:18:27:20 B W 1930s - 1940s Set up shot of crew shooting film on studio set - movie making recreation. Director, cameramen, and others at work. Everyone walks off set except for cameramen - several takes. 05:18:29:25 - 05:18:32:05 B W 1940s Hollywood Boulevard - busy street with lots of traffic, neon signs, marquee - brief. 05:18:33:21 - 05:20:50:28 B W 1940s Long WA shot of Hollywood from hill. CU "Mocambo" neon sign. Pan houses, high rise buildings across a wide area of Los Angeles - daytime. Various WA shots of Los Angeles cityscape - daytime. Nighttime shot of busy Los Angeles street with neon signs and traffic. MS "The Brown Derby" neon sign with derby hat outline flashing on and off. "Sardis" neon sign. 05:20:54:05 - 05:21:08:14 B W 1930s - 1940s AV of oil fire - black plume of smoke billowing into vast cloud, leaving shadow on ground below. Pollution. Fire. 05:21:13:20 - 05:23:19:01 B W 1930s 1930s Hollywood car chase. Automobile weaves on road, headlights on full, POV from back of car driving in front of weaving automobile - nighttime (very dark). Stunt driving. Car chase. CU detective drives car, police officer sits staring out windscreen, dog sits in back of car - POV front of car. Brief MS car chase on city street at night. VS car chase at night through dark city streets. Motorcycle cops in chase. Police on motorbikes. Cars pull up and stop - police and detectives get out. POV from front of car as crashes through front of garage door with "Larchmont Station" sign on it. VS car chasing ambulance through residential neighborhood. Cars and motorcycles speeding around corners. Man climbs out of side door of moving car as it chases ambulance. POV from front of car as it speeds through city streets at night. Man jumps from moving car to moving ambulance - stunt man. Car stunt. Movie stunt. Various MWA shots of car chase on city street. CU man wearing bow tie holding on to outside of car - MS as he jumps from car to moving ambulance. 05:23:20:08 - 05:23:50:29 B W 1930s - 1940s VS movie set with actors, director, lights and cameramen at work. Motion picture crew. 05:23:53:20 - 05:24:23:09 B W 1930s - 1940s AV pan of oil field with derricks. 05:24:25:15 - 05:26:44:12 B W 1930s - 1940s AV pan of industrial region. AV with sign on roof of large warehouse, studio "Pathe Studios Culver City." Various AVs over studios, industrial area, and coast (looks like roller coaster on water). 05:26:47:07 - 05:28:06:26 B W 1930s - 1940s EHA shot of Los Angeles street with car and bus driving past street vending stall with odd umbrella type cover. VS Los Angeles city streets with Christmas decorations, lots of traffic, and pedestrians. Strings of stars and bells hang above street. MWA (high) of busy commercial street - "MImi's" on side of building. 05:28:09:12 - 05:29:46:20 B W 1930s - 1940s MS people walking on boardwalk and on sand at Santa Monica beach and pier - some people lay on sand. 05:29:47:04 - 05:31:30:24 B W 1930s - 1940s POV back of vehicle driving at low speed on straight road, through different neighborhoods - road lined by tall palm trees. 05:31:36:28 - 05:34:54:29 B W ca1931 CU speaker on radio set. CU hand, holding pencil between fingers, turns dial back and forth, jogging dial - radio controls. MS radio operator, wearing headphones, speaks into microphone held in his hand - reading from notebook. Radio operator takes notes. VS radio operator at work. Radio station. 05:34:56:05 - 05:52:57:29 B W ca1938 Various AVs - industrial area with large round storage tanks - downtown with high rise buildings - studios - Warner Bros., Pathe - residential communities - coast, roller coaster, resorts - airfield with airplanes parked - downtown skyscrapers, municipal buildings, office buildings, traffic, Hollywood Bowl, and on over hills and highway.