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PET-337 1 inch
03:01:02:00 B W 1920s New Year's Eve - Crowd on street, Nightclub interior (great shots, including CU shot of "disco ball" mirrored ball over dance floor) people celebrating, drinking, dancing, roulettte, chefs with lit letter boxes spelling HNY Midnight blast, streamers, confetti, slow motion at end. 03:16:01:00 B W 1920s Making bootleg liquor and bathtub gin. 03:16:50:00 B W 1920s Distribution of bootleg liquor - pouring into bottles, bottle montage, shoeshine, buying of liquor 03:20:26:00 B W 1920s Peepholes in speakeasy door (various cuts). 03:22:06:00 B W 1920s Stock Market Crash - re-creation footage, crash activity, men on stock market floor, selling, ticker tape machine. 03:28:34:00 B W 1920s Nightclub - chorus girls do 'Hawaiian' dance. 03:29:16:00 B W 1930s Canal Street - elevated train, tenement district in 1930s includes pedestrians, horsedrawn carts. 03:32:19:00 END