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PET-77 1 inch
1950s - 1960s
Vol. 31 #24 BLIZZARD OF '58 Blizzard blankets Virginia to Maine. Mike Todd dies in New Mexico plane crash, Elizabeth Taylor bereaved. Queen Elizabeth returns from trip to Australia & New Zealand. Poodle dog grooming in Canada. New York Press Photographers' Beauty Contest. Rock band on stage in Japan "ROCKABILLY" sings, a Elvis Presley imitator. NCAA basketball finals, Kentucky vs. Seattle. Vol. 37 #12 Demonstrations in Cyprus, US embassy, bomb damage, British building bombed, Americans evacuate. Beatles arrive in New York City, press conference at airport, girls scream in Central Park. New Orleans Mardi Gras, parades, floats, crowds. Innsbruck Olympics, 4-man bobsled, Alpine skiing, men's figure skating. Vol. 37 #17 LBJ signs tax cut bill surrounded by Congressional leaders. Beatlemania in London, sleeping girls await Beatles touchdown at Heathrow, screaming girls, Beatles emerge from airplane, girls faint, are carried out Beatles pressed in car in France. 1945's big story: Marshal Petain tried in France for treason, as is Quisling, Tojo Himmler's dead body, Nuremberg trials, Rudolf Hess, executions. (See also VTM-76A) Vol. 36 #96 Special Release - President Assassinated, Texas, Dallas DC, Washington - White House Kennedy waving to crowd in Dallas. With Jackie Kennedy & parents. Large crowd at Berlin wall. White House with Black Guard. Out of plane with Jackie Kennedy & others. Greeted. Motorcade. CU of warehouse. Police off cars looking at building. People wait around hospital. Bouquet on seat. People cry, pray, read newspaper. Flag at half-mast. Church services. United Nations tribute. Pres, JFK, Jackie Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr. (JFK Jr.) President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), Pres Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Willie Brandt (also on DN-2)