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PET-201 1 inch
1930s, 1940s, 1950s
01:01:00:25 B W 1939 Africa, 1939. Man, wearing fez, stands at boat's helm with his back to the CAM. Pan, African men gathering branches and wood, brief. CU men playing musical instruments - some kind of horn, good. VS African men, tribes. MS men dance and play horns. Brief CU person with head dress sits on hunkers. CU child with pierced mouth, shields face from CAM, brief. Men in water - climb aboard boat. MWA expedition walks across lush area with palm trees in BG. Men gather wood. Pan villages with huts, shot from river. Men in canoe-type boat. WA silhouette of people walking in single file across horizon carrying loads on their heads, good. VS landscape with animals - elephants, hippopotamus. 01:02:55:20 B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s Russian film, with audio track. Man with moustache riar heroes are welcomed to village - villagers excitedly place carpets and flowers on ground and musicians and boys lead the way. Men hug, show emotion, and then soldier shakes hands of villagdes towards CAM on motorcycle with sidecar - stops when car passes. Musical number - women sing as they work, hand weaving rugs, in grand room with pillars. One young worker stares dreamily at rose bush and is joined by older woman as others continue to weave, happily. Both women run outside to meet motorcycle messenger and are disappointed by what he tells them. Young woman is grief-striken, she drops roses to ground. We elders, women and children. He makes young women giddy, they all laugh. Happy soldier hears woman sing and leaves house - he spies on her as she grooms horse. She leads horse to water and sings as she looks at her reflection. Long braids. Romance. 01:12:28:23 B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s Outtakes from "Man's Paradise" VS Bali, with audio. VS Balinese dancers enter temple. VS "The Dance of the Garuda Bird," excellent. Balinese costumes and theater. Garuda bird is slain. Girls dance the Janger from seated positions on ground - CU head and shoulder movements. CU male musicians. VS dance movements - girls and boys and one girl dances with fan. 01:17:12:16 B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s Three young women strip naked and bath under sacred water near temple. VS funeral preparations and ceremony. Children, and bare-breasted women, bring gifts from temple, carrying them on their heads. VS funeral procession - men carry huge tower to sea and remove packages which belonged to deceased and take them out to sea. VS destruction of funeral tower at water's edge. Death ritual. Funeral rites. Beach scene with palm trees in silhouette. 01:21:35:22 B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s Fade to woman sitting on arm rest of man's chair. He says, "No hatred. No rich, no poor, and all happy. Say, why can't we be like the Balinese?" Woman responds, "Because, my dear, we are civilized." Racism. 01:22:25:23 B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s CU "Morambo" coaster. ECU man's hand placing drink on coaster. CU popping top off champagne bottle - opening bottle of champagne. CU "La Piro's" menu. ECU "Slapsie's" book of matches - hand strikes match, VS. 01:24:53:04 B W 1940s Republican presidential convention, Philadelphia, 1948 ? VS delegates from many states holding placards for Stassen and Warren. Good CU of woman wearing elephant hat and good CUs of delegates. People fan themselves in heat. 01:27:37:13 B W 1940s VS 1940's studio audience, applauding, laughing, good CUs of women, excellent. INT radio recording studio - man working at control panel - view of audience from control booth, good. New audience applauding. 01:28:16:02 B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s Brief convention shot. 01:28:25:22 B W 1950s VS 1950's television audience - audience applaud, laugh, listen, excellent (almost 100% white). Excellent shots of older men and women sitting in NBC audience wearing hats and coats, funny and sweet. Audience participation - women make their way to front. People are very self- conscious in front of CAM. 01:36:18:21 B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s Groucho Marx mingles with audience, smoking cigar, and holding microphone - collecting money in hat. "You Bet Your Life" TV quiz show. (Few black and Hispanic people in audience) VS audience members paying attention, laughing and applauding, excellent. 01:41:56:24 B W 1950s VS of younger audience members, good. Woman and man walk towards CAM. VS Groucho Marx - sitting beside young woman with his arm around her shoulders, talking, making her laugh. VS self-conscious audience as Marx wanders through and picks people and shakes hands. Marx smokes cigar. VS audience with good CUs - applause, laughter, and good 1950's fashion