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PET-348 1 inch
1917; 1930s; 1940s
B W 1917, 1930s-1940s Lower East Side, New York City. VS London. Times Square, New York City. New York City during WWI. Various performances. 12:01:21:22 B W 1931 Slate "Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. SPECIAL EFFECTS DEPARTMENT" Excellent footage of the Lower East Side, New York City, tracking shot passes busy street full of street vendors and people walking on sidewalk. Pedestrians cross street, shop. Cars and trucks. Front of car with "AAA" medallion on front grill. Slower pan of street vendors and stalls. 12:03:45:10 B W 1931 New York City street vendor leaning on chair, puts his hand through the fly of his pants, rummages, and then buttons up. Funny. (Masculine itch, discomfort. At a push could be used for pervert, exhibitionist) Pan street vendors, includes little man standing on box, old Jewish man with long white beard, man tips hat to passing CAM and takes a bow, man with gut smoking cigar, looking cocky. Young man, wearing light-colored suit, waves at CAM. Man holds up newspaper for CAM. Horse-drawn cart passes in front of CAM at intersection. People cross street, including woman pushing children in pram, or baby carriage. 12:05:55:18 B W 1931 CU tracking shot of street vendors, shoppers, stalls, and stores on the Lower East Side of New York City, excellent Two boys run along sidewalk looking at CAM. 12:06:46:13 B W 1936 Mid 1930s: Excellent shots of Piccadilly Circus, London, daytime. Advertisements on EXT of buildings, "Bovril," "Guinness,"Sandeman's Port." Traffic, including double-decker buses, cars, bicycles, and trucks drive around Piccadilly Circus and statue of Eros, good. Excellent tracking shot over stone bridge and past people looking out over Piccadilly Square and statues, fountains. Buildings and traffic in BG. MOSTLY REAR POV SHOTS. 12:08:22:28 B W 1936 MS English country house surrounded by hedge and trees. 12:08:56:06 B W 1936 London at night. CAM moves through London traffic and London streets, rear pov, very good. Street lights hang over middle of street. Neon signs on buildings. Excellent London streets at night, theaters, advertising, traffic, street lamps, taxis. 12:12:49:24 B W 1936 Excellent London scenes during daytime, driving through traffic. Pedestrians, double-decker buses, cars, trucks, horse and cart, man pulling cart. Busy city center commercial street. London police, bobbies. Traffic islands in middle of street where people wait to cross. Men wearing suits, few wear bowler hats, walk on street. "Dentist" sign hangs outside of building. Busy traffic in city center, several lanes of traffic move in both directions. Traffic on avenue through park, Hyde Park. MOSTLY REAR POV SHOTS. 12:16:27:28 B W 1936 VS man cycling bicycle through heavy traffic in London, daytime, excellent. Pedestrians cross street. Trams and trucks on road with cars and cyclist - Big Ben clock tower slowly revealed in BG. Big Ben, good. Police direct traffic, brief. Man in truck makes hand signal out of side window. Head on shot of tram driving through city, sign on front says "Wimbledon" Male pedestrian runs and hops on to back of moving tram, excellent. REAR POV SHOTS. 12:19:10:01 B W 1937 Parisian rooftop with Eiffel Tower in BG. Paris at night with neon signs (under exposed). Static shot of the base and mid-section of Eiffel Tower with fountains and FG (looks fake but seems not?). MS elaborate fountains. 12:23:23:21 B W 1942 War industry - airplane manufacturing plant. Aircraft assembly line. EXT men work on aircraft, servicing parked airplanes. 12:28:57:16 B W 1944 New York City. Nighttime tracking shot of Times Square, New York City, area - theater district (very fast moving) Theater marquees. "Lake Placid Serenade." Roseland ballroom marquee advertises new year's eve celebration. "Ham n Eggs" diner on corner. Marquee "Laffing Room Only." "Frenchman's Creek." Pedestrians. Stores, advertisements, restaurants. Parked cars covered with light sprinkling of snow. "Pepsi-Cola" neon billboard. Traffic. "Vaudeville" sign over marquee. Broadway theater marquees (Royale Theater, John Golden Theater, Plymouth Theater, Booth Theater, etc.) 12:32:02:04 B W 1930 AV of "Hollywoodland" sign. 12:32:25:04 B W 1917 New York City WWI era (1917) Soldiers parade - march in snow down 5th Avenue, turning corner at 23rd Street in Manhattan as spectators watch. WWI military parade. CU crowded sidewalk, New York. VS crowd on sidewalk, mostly men wearing coats and hats, few black people and women in crowd, excellent. Boys jump in front of CAM, wave hats at CAM. 12:33:47:13 B W 1917 Crowded sidewalk as spectators wait for military parade to pass - WWI era, sunny day. Men march in civilian clothing, new recruits. Police man with baton, or night stick, tries to keep woman on sidewalk but she gets out onto street. Cop swings his nightstick. Flags and bunting hang over parade route, spectators cheer and wave American flags. Marching band. VS spectators watching parade make its way through small town. Tracking shot of sidewalk packed with spectators. 12:37:16:19 B W 1917 Crowded downtown New York City, WWI era. MCU men milling around Wall Street. MHA crowded Nassau Street with street sign on lamppost in shot, good. Financial area. 12:37:47:27 B W 1930s AVs of New York City at night - buildings, traffic, neon signs. Static shot of city at night from sky scraper. 12:39:04:07 B W 1930s Times Square, New York City, daytime. Traffic, pedestrians, mid 1930s. CU man with cigar in his mouth, stands in middle of traffic jam. Cars begin to move. CU pedestrians walk through heavy traffic. 12:42:16:20 B W 1930s New York City. CU street sign on lamppost "E. 42, 3rd AVE." and "3rd AVE, E.42 ST." Traffic passes and cars parked in BG. Third Avenue trolley passes, pedestrians cross avenue. CU street sign, "W.42 TIMES SQ." Herald Square Theater marquee "The Four Cohans in George Washington, Jr." CU poster "Austin & Stone's Museum - Vaudeville ..." 12:44:07:23 B W 1930s-1940s Slate "Special Effects Yankee Doodle" Marquee with flashing sign overhead, advertising the Four Cohans. Sign, "The American Idea by Geo M Cohan" Neon signs, "Little Nellie Kelly" "Barber Shop" VS theater marquees. Poster "The Manhattan Opera House presents Geo. M Cohan's The Voice of McConnell" - silhouettes of people reflected on poster. Sign, "Cohan & Harris present George M Cohan in The Yankee Prince." 12:47:51:29 B W 1930s Slate "Yankee Doodle" People wearing period costumes. Poster outside of theater "O'Rourke's Varietie's" People pass by, ZI on poster. CU neon sign "Sam H. Harris presents George M. Cohan in his triumphal return to the stage in I'D RATHER BE RIGHT." ZI on sign and pan down to theater lobby and people leaving after show - dressed in formal evening wear. ZI poster "OPENING TONIGHT - The Brooklyn theater presents The Cohans in Pecks Bad Boy." Pan up to stage door with light over doorway and people entering. Sign, "Stage Entrance." 12:48:52:26 B W 1942 VS stage show with chorus line. Dancers wear skimpy costumes, some with elaborate head dresses, sparse audience in BG. Line of dancers shimmy towards orchestra pit, shot from behind, MHA. CU musicians in orchestra pit, man stands and plays violin, Dancing Dolans on stage LS Dancing Dolans on stage, rehearsals, dancing, good. CU women dancing on stage, wearing elaborate sequins costumes, not the usual run of the mill glamor girls - some women are plump and older, good. Women wearing satin leotards and hats dance, very loose chorus line. CU drum kit, hands with drum sticks, playing drums. Pan up to stage with man and woman performing roller skating tricks. 12:52:22:09 B W 1930s-1940s Excellent clown act - juggling hats. 12:53:01:11 B W 1930s-1940s MCU stage curtain advertising, "If your wife can't cook keep her as an ornament and EAT at the GROTTO restaurant." VS strong men act - strong men pose with women, curtain falls, and one man is caught outside. Strong men perform and one drops the other to the floor. Various acrobatic stunts as gentlemen watch and applaud. 12:54:52:07 B W 1930s-1940s Slate "Harvest Moon." Women stand on set of larger than life vegetables in which four people, dressed as scare crows, dance, wearing white face paint. Each dancer has solo dance. 12:56:14:28 B W 1930s-1940s Two men and one woman dance on sparse set - ballet