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PET-859 Beta SP
01:00:00:00 - 01:14:29:00 Color 1964 Bowling: beautiful color shots of Brunswick automated pin-setting machine in action inside bowling alley. CU Brunswick pin setting machine inside bowling alley. White 1964 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight on country road, ZI to "Ninety-Eight" name plate on side of car. 1964 Oldsmobile's on test track. INT auto repair shop, mechanics working on 1959 Chevrolet. MS man driving a blue 1961 Chevrolet (Impala?) away from used car lot. EXT used car lot signs. More shots of 1964 Oldsmobile's on General Motors test track. 01:14:30:00 - 01:21:54:00 Color 1950s 1960s Red 1962 or 1963 two-door Chevrolet pulls up outside (restaurant?), man gets out and walks to entrance door (sign outside "Air Conditioned for your Summer Comfort"). Great shots of a well-lit clean looking pool hall (maybe youth center). CU of billiard balls on pool table, get racked up, go into pockets. Woman playing billiards pool good. Car POV down scenic road (Springtime, with everything in blossom nice). WS LS Detroit (from lake). Surf crashing on rocky shoreline (West Coast). Sandy beach. EXT Bob's Big Boy restaurant (early 1950s). EXT OK Used Cars car lot (early 1960s), with nice drive-by of late 1950s early 1960s cars parked at outdoor used car lot. EXT Le Jeune Auto theater (drive-in theater in Miami, Florida now closed. Location was at 1201 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, Florida), at night LS. 01:21:54:25 - 01:25:45:00 Color early 1960s Farm animals: CU brown cows eating grain from trough man feeding grain to cows CU pigs eating grain. CU farm dinner bell ringing. MS HA family of four in blue 1963 Chevrolet convertible driving through farm countryside, pointing to scenery. Family surrounds brown cow outside barn on farm, as calf drinks milk from mother cow's udder. CU baby calf feeding on mother's milk from udder of mother cow. INT WS dairy, cows being automatically milked via tubes family shown process of automated milking. Boys hoeing in farm vegetable patch cars pass in bg on country road. 02:00:00:00 - 02:03:00:20 Color early 1960s WS LS classic, iconic shot of large family eating dinner at dinner table very Norman Rockwell-ish: 3 boys, 2 girls, and mother and father boys drinking milk. CU man washing cow's udder before milking LS automated dairy, with children being shown the milking process. MCU man (chuckling smiling, balding, middle-aged) sits down at restaurant table, wipes brow (hot), opens newspaper to read it waitress pours water into his water glass, but misses and gets water on his suit jacket man looks directly into CAM with exasperated, resigned expression (great reaction shot). 02:03:01:20 - 02:08:36:00 Color early 1960s MS man in dentist's chair. MS middle-aged to elderly man watching television and eating apples. MCU iconic shot of businessman on telephone. MS delivery man handing gift box with red ribbon to unseen woman off camera to right side nice. Generic MS shot of businessman in suit talking directly to camera near-"talking head". MCU perky blonde woman cashier at cash register. LS brunette woman in red plaid dress hanging wash clothes on clothesline. MCU strange shot of expressionless businessman looking straight at CAM, plain blue bg, eventually begins talking. 02:08:37:00 - 02:17:20:15 Color early 1960s MCU newspapers landing in bushes (obviously thrown by paperboy) good. CU of boy pitching softball. Great MS traveling shot from moving car of paperboy on bicycle throwing newspapers onto front lawns nice suburban neighborhood, great color. MS woman in pink plaid dress holding bouquet of roses, puts roses into wheelbarrow. CU blonde woman in variety of perplexed reaction shots (she may be a waitress taking an order). Middle-aged businessman in restaurant at lunch tries to read menu while waitress waits, he lights cigarette and she looks impatient and bored. Jolly businessman at next table reads paper. CU supermarket cash register, cam moves to side to show smiling blonde woman cashier ringing up order. Geeky young tall man throwing groceries into paper bag as woman customer eyes him suspiciously. More shots of the blonde cashier woman at cash register. Great POV driver behind wheel of car as service station attendant washes windshield. CU middle-aged businessman in variety of reaction shots (perplexed, happy, etc.). Chevrolet delivery van (from florist) pulls into suburban driveway, man holding flower box gift-wrapped in red ribbon, walks up driveway toward CAM. 02:17:21:00 - 02:27:28:00 Color early 1960s POV INT rear Oldsmobile station wagon (Stratocruiser?) looking toward front test driving station wagon through countryside. Glamorous blonde woman (mother) wearing pink dress and pearl necklace in front passenger's seat, smiling, brushing back hair. Sunny day, blue skies. Polite children (boy and girl) sitting in back seat of station wagon girl wearing navy blue, red and white sailor's suit, both children pointing at passing scenery. Blonde woman in passenger seat of red convertible, hair blowing in wind LA shot of smiling man wearing dark sunglasses at car steering wheel. CU shoe on gas pedal. Driver's POV at steering wheel, down country road. MS smiling brunette woman in front passenger seat, turns to left and rear passenger seat while talking. Smiling businessman in business suit (car salesman?) in rear of car. LA AV couple (man in sunglasses and cap, blonde woman with hair blowing in wind) test driving red convertible, with car salesman in back seat car looks like an Oldsmobile. Balding man in suit, in front passenger seat, smiling nervously while occasionally glancing at driver good depiction of uneasiness. CU corn stalks in corn field. NOTE: 02:27:28:00 to 02:54:04:00 has not yet been shotlisted.