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PET-943 Beta SP
1930's 1940's
Outtakes from "Humoresque" (01:00:03:22-01:01:15:18:00) 01:00:03:22 Man and woman enter concert hall. Shot pans to conductor (maestro) conducting orchestra. 01:01:27:17 CU of toy train. Camera zooms out to reveal store window. Camera zooms in to poster of Paul Boray in music shop window 01:02:17:00 Toy train underneath christmas tree in store window. shot repeats at 01:03:44:22, 01:09:00:00, 01:11:33:12 01:02:38:13 Maestro (conductor) conducting orchestra 01:05:32:20 boys sledding 01:07:16:27 toy trains shot repeats at 01:09:50:00 01:07:22:11 People enter concert hall ("National Institute of Music") Shot repeats at 01:08:13:20 01:07:53:22 CU of 78 rpm record spinning or playing on phonograph shot repeats at 01:10:21:16 01:08:38:14 CU of hand picking up telephone shot repeats at 01:12:00:11 01:09:25:06 Sign Studio D rehearsal 01:10:01:29 Store window 01:10:50:04 Man pastes performance cancelled sign on Paul Boray poster at concert hall 01:14:38:20 CU of door knob turning Outtakes from "Beast with Five Fingers" (01:15:20:16-01:32:07:21) 01:15:20:16 Italian village scenes. Woman buying flowers. Villagers passing by. shots repeats at 01:24:45:20 (longer sequence) 01:16:36:28 Stage coach arrives in Italian village. 01:17:25:10 19th century funeral procession 01:21:13:20 Wheel Chair bound (Handicapped) man falls down a flight of stairs 01:21:40:01 Married couple leave municipal building. 01:22:32:04 Man in wheel chair falls down flight of stairs 01:22:59:10 CU of hand removing cylinder from early phonograph (Edison). CU of hand putting on cylinder. 01:23:15:32 Stage coach arrives in village. CU of people in stage coach. Kids run after Stage coach. 01:32:13:11 Steam Engine train (Locomotive train) 01:35:33:20 British biplanes (RAF?) taking off, biplanes in flight, and biplanes landing. 01:42:41:02 time-lapse of workers disassemble airplane hangar. 01:42:58:09 Train passing by town. Train arrives at station. People exit train. Woman greets and kisses man arms. Locomotive steam engine train travelling at night.