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PET-1202 Beta SP
01:02:25:12 - 01:02:34:12 Starter's gun fired, cavalry man w stopwatch 01:09:10:15 - 01:09:27:04 Two men hard at work with pick axe, shovel 01:10:22:16 - 01:10:31:10 LA man hammers stake into ground 01:11:19:25 - 01:11:25:15 Man swings pick axe - shot from above 01:11:31:09 - 01:11:48:23 CU hammering stake into ground 01:12:18:28 - 01:12:31:06 Man's legs toward CAM, clearing dusty earth 01:17:12:18 - 01:17:35:20 EXT food stall tent - woman serves cowboys 01:17:46:09 - 01:17:59:02 ELA man swinging pick axe 01:25:49:17 - 01:26:00:12 Officer with water hose 01:32:10:05 - 01:32:41:28 CU bull as nose ring is pulled to irritate him 01:33:49:18 - 01:33:57:20 Couple chased by bull jump over fence 01:34:29:00 - 01:34:34:22 Bull barges thru barn and knocks ladder and man 01:39:06:18 - 01:39:18:26 "No Loitering" and quenching gas light in park Outtakes "Oklahoma Kid" 1939 Recreation of whites settlers on Cherokee land Outtakes "Hell's Kitchen" 1939. Boys clean up grounds outside of shelter. Boys fight with cops or guards - melee. Outtakes "Each Dawn I Die" 1939. Prison officers, locking and unlocking cell doors, food cart, handing out food. Man crashes car into brick wall. Outtakes from Nancy Drew movie (1930s) Bull breaks through barn wall or door. Couple in loft. Animal cruelty - cat gut attached to ring in bull's nose is pulled, irritating or hurting bull to illicit response - pretty sad. Outtakes "The Lady with Red Hair" 1940, EXT Chicago city hall (fake) Bustling street scene w ladies and gentlemen walking up step of city hall, cops. Horses and carriages. POV from second tier seating in audience - stage during play. Outtakes "Man who came to Dinner" (1941, 1942) Middle-aged theater (opera house) audience, listen, applaud. Woman and man have argument. Brief Christmas scene in wealthy home, with tree, and tree-trimming. Miners stumble from smoke-filled shaft. Labor action - sabotage. Worker's revolt. Miner's meet, feisty. Working in mine, pick axes. Coal mine