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PET-489 Beta SP
B W, Color
1950s, 1960s, 1970
13:01:00:00 - 13:01:37:00 B W 1950s New York City DAY: LS Fifth Avenue, New York City, filmed from SE corner of 41st Street facing West. Mid 1950s. Many pedestrians, some wearing sunglasses, many in shirtsleeves and summer dresses mild summer day (sunny) light traffic: cars, city buses, taxis, panel trucks. CAM PAN R to 41st Street intersection ("Knox the Hatter" shop on SW corner) New York Public Library building becomes visible on R (between 41st and 42nd Streets). (NOTE: for COLOR footage of this corner, scan ahead later in this tape, t c 13:42:39:21 - 13:42:53:26). 13:01:40:00 - 13:02:19:03 B W 1950s LS night footage of 42nd Street Times Square AREA, New York City (not the theater district very dark shots). LS 42nd Street, bad Art Deco EXT McGraw Hill Building [architect: Raymond Hood, completed 1931] with windows lit from offices inside, nice. This last shot very good for "lights on in office buildings at night" "working late" "burning the midnight oil". 13:02:21:25 - 13:02:35:00 B W 1950s LS Lower East Side, New York City: tenements from empty garbage-strewn lot, bridge approach barely visible on L (Manhattan or Williamsburg Bridge). Not particularly good. 13:02:38:00 - 13:03:08:05 B W 1950s LS Downtown New York City, near South Ferry: tugboats moored at pier, CAM facing across the East River New York Harbor toward Brooklyn Heights. Twilight shot, or perhaps early morning. Calm water. CAM pans L to R to L, tugboat moving in river. 13:03:10:19 - 13:05:32:05 B W 1950s LS Fifth Avenue, New York City spring or autumn day (people in light coats). Facing north from 32nd Street. Pedestrians, heavy traffic base of Empire State Building skyscraper further ahead on street. Funny shot of chubby young businessman in suit and tie walking toward camera and YAWNING passes CAM. Great LA TU Empire State Building, to spire TD Empire State Building. Repeat both LA TU shots, but CAM tighter in on Empire State Building excellent. 13:05:34:10 - 13:06:42:00 B W 1950s LS LA TU skyscraper under construction exposed girders and construction equipment. Workmen walking on girders high over the street. Steel girder moved by crane into horizontal position, then lowered into place. New York City daytime. 13:06:44:05 - 13:07:03:10 B W 1950s New York City: LS Bellevue Hospital (at First Avenue 27th Street) from northbound median of FDR Drive, cars parked in parking lot behind hospital fence. Early to mid 1950s cars moving in both directions on FDR Drive. (Old hospital building, not the later hospital extension.) 13:07:05:25 - 13:08:21:05 B W 1950s LS Fifth Avenue at 31st Street, looking uptown, New York City. Cool day, pedestrians (mostly women) on sidewalk wearing coats. Heavy traffic on Fifth Avenue, daytime (bright sunlight). LA LS TU and LS TD Empire State Building. Quick cut to static shot of brownstones on Park Avenue, midtown (traffic headed downtown and uptown on either side of grassy median) then WS from roughly the same location, but skyscraper visible on far L (may be base of Chrysler Building). 13:08:24:00 - 13:09:45:00 B W 1950s New York City: HA LS George Washington Bridge, very light traffic on upper deck of bridge, to R of Manhattan-side cables and steel tower. Cloudy day. TU Eastern end steel tower of George Washington Bridge, very good. Second take, tighter MCU TU shot George Washington Bridge (Eastern end steel tower, showing architectural details). 13:09:47:15 - 13:10:07:15 B W 1950s New York City: LS Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, at Fifth Avenue and Waverly Place: nice shot of the Washington Arch, from South side of the Arch. On L side of Arch is a 1950s apartment house, to the R is Art Deco apartment tower One Fifth Avenue. 19th Century row houses of Waverly Place on either side of the Arch, in front of the apartment towers, on the North side of the Square. (NOTE: this was filmed before the entire park was closed off to vehicular traffic automobiles, buses and taxi cabs are seen driving under the Arch and passing R CAM POV, near the unseen park fountain). Daytime, summer. 13:10:10:05 - 13:10:19:00 B W 1950s New York City: LS skyscrapers New York Life Building (on left) and Empire State Building (on right), CAM facing NW from about 23rd Street and 3rd Avenue, briefly pans to R. 13:10:21:15 - 13:10:27:06 B W 1950s New York City: LS, day, summer: urban New York City park (Bryant Park?), woman pushing baby carriage, statue in center of shot, surrounded by trees and flowers. Uncertain location. Rather brief shot. 13:10:29:15 - 13:10:48:25 B W 1950s LS New York City tenement buildings, clothes hanging from clotheslines (top floors of tenement). Another shot, closer in on the tenement and clothes on clothesline, with ornate street lamp in R FG. Probably Lower East Side ghetto. 13:10:51:10 - 13:11:28:08 B W 1950s LS New York City office building at night, many windows lit from office lights inside. LS twilight Empire State Building, CAM facing East from ?? 11th Avenue (West Side), at approximately 33rd or 34th Streets low-rise warehouse building with rounded edges at R corner FG. Not great, but an unusual vantage point for the Empire State Building. Movement of traffic cars in FG. 13:11:30:25 - 13:12:19:17 B W 1950s New York City: LS TU night United Nations Building from First Avenue, lights on in United Nations Building, streetlights lit. Con Edison power station smokestacks in R corner belching smoke. Roofs of automobiles passing in FG. Shot repeated, but vantage a little further back automobiles seen traveling on First Avenue in front of United Nations Building. Closer-in TU of United Nations Building tower, lights on in many of the offices of the building. 13:12:22:00 - 13:13:09:25 B W 1950s New York City: LS day Lower East Side street, sidewalk vantage point of old, mostly boarded-up store facades of tenement buildings fire hydrant in FG. Jewish community: R FG business facade with high swinging gates, Yiddish sign atop gates. Elderly man, his back to the CAM, walks slowly past stooped shoulders, hands behind his back in shirtsleeves, wearing white hat. Moody, beautifully composed shot, sense of total solitude. No other movement except the elderly man walking. A few variations of this shot follow: CAM focuses instead on building next to the Yiddish storefront, limited pedestrian movement to a few workers and an apparently homeless man walking away from CAM with hands in pockets and his shirt outside his pants. 13:13:12:05 - 13:13:25:02 B W 1950s New York City: LS day Lower East Side business district. Ornate base of old streetlight in R FG. Center BG of shot is EXT Laufer's Department Store ("Exclusive But Not Expensive" clothing store, "coats", "jackets", etc.) A few pedestrians in shot woman crossing street toward CAM, while eating something, and holding an umbrella. Old-fashioned New York City traffic light in L BG (just red and green lights). Man crosses street carrying old fashioned metal lunchbox. Classic urban ethnic neighborhood. 13:13:28:20 - 13:13:51:12 B W 1950s New York City: LS day Lower East Side corner fruit stand vegetable stand fruit market vegetable market. Upper floors of market have boarded-up windows. Pedestrians walking on sidewalk in front of market. Women carrying large paper bags walk in front of CAM and pass to R. Mid 1950s Chevrolet station wagon passes from R to L. 13:13:54:10 - 13:13:59:01 B W 1950s New York City: LS day Lower East Side corner store "Shoppers Paradise" ("Something New Every Day"), corner of Rivington Street. People milling about in front of store, looking through bins of miscellaneous items for sale. Grille of early 1950s Studebaker in lower R corner of shot. Brief but very good. 13:14:03:00 - 13:15:26:08 B W 1950s New York City: LS day Park Avenue at E 53rd Street, street traffic, taxicabs. Old fashioned street lights. L corner Lever House (400 Park Avenue, between 53rd and 54th Streets, a Modernist office tower constructed in 1951). Good establishing shots of Lever House, with surrounding buildings reflected in it's glass and steel EXT. Two TU shots from base of Lever House to entire side of building, bright sun reflected in glass EXT. 13:15:29:09 - 13:15:43:14 B W 1950s New York City: LA LS Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower (23rd Street and Madison Avenue, at Madison Square, built in 1909), from approximately 3 blocks North on Park Avenue, looking South at the campanile-style tower. Generic office buildings and low rise buildings in FG, scaffolding on EXT of office building in center of shot. 13:15:44:18 - 13:17:30:21 B W 1943 Outtakes from "Casablanca" (Warner Bros. 1943): EXT MCU and VS night Air France DC3 passenger plane idling on tarmac, Air France insignia near nose of plane ("nose art"). Pilot visible in lit cabin. Two large propellers start up. Studio "fog" creates haze around airplane. (These are establishing shots for the famous end scene where Rick and Ilsa depart). LS night Air France DC3 passenger plane moving on tarmac, terminal building behind it. 13:17:32:24 - 03:18:08:00 B W 1943 Outtake from "Casablanca" (Warner Bros. 1943): INT airplane hangar, lit from overhead lamps. Foggy night DC3 plane in far BG, sitting on tarmac. Two men walk across hangar in BG. (Production assistant holds up sign "MAT SHOT"). 13:18:08:15 - 13:20:29:02 Color ca. 1970 New York City: varying (mediocre to pretty good) LS Midtown Manhattan, 6th Avenue by the "new" McGraw Hill Building (at E. 48th Street), looking north a few blocks toward Radio City Music Hall at night. Good shots of lights on in skyscrapers. Pan L, TU Time-Life Building on 6th Avenue. Traffic and taxi cabs turning north onto 6th Avenue. TU 6th Avenue skyscraper. LS flashing red neon lights EXT Radio City Music Hall. Another LS TU Time-Life Building, from 6th Avenue (traffic, cars, taxi cabs). All night shots. 13:20:33:09 - 13:21:46:22 Color ca. 1970 New York City (night): LS Broadway Times Square district, night shots in the rain. Pedestrians with umbrellas. Around 45th 46th streets, corner of Broadway or 7th Avenue. McGinnis Pub and Tango Palace ballroom on R, Castro Convertibles store, Kent Cigarettes billboard, and "Playland" amusement arcade across street, on L. All shots facing south toward Times Square. Excellent color, brightly lit and gaudy neon lights. "WALK" "DON'T WALK" signs. Heavy traffic, city buses, taxi cabs. 13:21:46:23 - 13:22:57:00 Color late 1960s New York City (night): VS LS Broadway at 47th Street (Times Square district), night shots in the rain. WS Longacre Square, facing east towards Palace Theater ("Ben-Hur" on marquee), pedestrians walking in light rain, some with umbrellas. Slow pan to R, big Buitoni neon sign. LS billboards for musical "Hair" and play "Plaza Suite", to R of Palace Theater. Very light traffic. Excellent color, brightly lit and gaudy neon lights. Another shot [at 13:22:40:00] at about 44th Street, facing southeast toward Loew's State Theater (brightly lit neon signs), taxicabs and light traffic moving freely. 13:23:00:23 - 13:24:20:25 Color late 1960s New York City (night): LS WS classic view of Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn shoreline, facing Lower Manhattan, at early evening brightly-lit skyscrapers, Brooklyn Bridge suspension cables illuminated as if strands on a Christmas tree. Tugboat passes beneath bridge. Reflection of lights in water of East River. CAM pans to R. 13:24:25:00 - 13:24:47:20 Color 1960s New York City, day: HA 8th Avenue from about 55th Street, facing North toward Columbus Circle. Traffic heading North on 8th Avenue (taxi cabs, cars). Big Coca Cola sign in distance, at 60th Street and Columbus Circle (demolished later in the 1960s for the Gulf & Western Building, now the Trump International Hotel & Tower). Massive, tall building in L distance is the New York Coliseum at 59th Street and Columbus Circle, now demolished for the new Time-Warner twin skyscraper complex. 13:24:47:22 - 13:26:03:26 Color 1960s New York City, day: WS LA generic midtown skyscrapers, side shot. MCU hand holding slate "Time of Judgement" (name of film production). Water towers on rooftops. Midtown Manhattan TU tall building under construction with crane attached, on the left of the picture, most likely the Americana Hotel (7th Avenue at 52nd 53rd, now the Sheraton New York). 13:26:06:20 - 13:26:32:13 Color 1960s New York City, day: MCU sign establishing shot: "Stuyvesant Town - 310 First Avenue - 442-44-46 East 20th St. - 5-7-9-11-15-17 Stuyvesant Oval". EXT Stuyvesant Town apartment complex. Summer. Family walking on sidewalk, father holding baby, son walking ahead of mother and father. MS street vendor selling ice cream (Good Humor) from ice cream cart wagon, male customer talking to ice cream vendor in Stuyvesant Town park, nice shot blue and yellow umbrella attached to cart. Men walk past holding newspapers. WS brick-faced Stuyvesant Town apartment complex, panel truck on street, few pedestrians. 13:26:35:10 - 13:27:56:20 Color 1962 New York City, day: WS LA TU Americana Hotel under construction (location Midtown Manhattan: NE corner 7th Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets). [Built in 1962, the hotel is now known as the Sheraton New York.] Traffic (cars, trucks, taxi cabs) moving freely on street in front of construction site. A few pedestrians crossing street. LS TU rooftop of Americana Hotel showing it nearly completed. Better shot of corner Seventh Avenue and 53rd Street, facing East taxi cabs, cars, buses, trucks, traffic on 53rd Street (including a 1961 Chevrolet), "Bus Stop" arrow sign on corner, pedestrians. Large sign on Americana Hotel construction site: architects Morris Lapidus, Harle & Liebman, "Luxurious Hotel", "Opening Sept. 26, 1962". Great TU to rooftop of Americana Hotel, showing construction crane still attached to site. Next shot is framework of skyscraper under construction, not the Americana Hotel but in the vicinity water towers on rooftops in FG. 13:27:58:25 - 13:28:19:25 Color 1960s New York City night: WS LS Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers from East River vantage point beneath the Queensboro Bridge, lights from Manhattan buildings and bridge lamps reflected in water. Early evening, still tinge of blue in sky. Classic "urban" shot of thousands of brightly lit skyscraper windows. FDR Drive in BG, lights of automobiles moving on FDR Drive. 13:28:23:02 - 13:28:48:07 Color 1960s New York City night: EXT Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center (Columbus Avenue between W. 62nd and W. 65th Streets Upper West Side), beautiful golden quality to light from Opera House, large fountain in FG of Opera House. Bus passes L to R on Broadway across image FG. 13:28:48:08 - 13:29:26:01 Color 1960s New York City night: EXT New York State Theater at Lincoln Center, large fountain in FG. (Columbus Avenue between W. 62nd and W. 65th Streets Upper West Side). People walking in large open courtyard square near fountain. Many people standing on long outer balcony of theater in far BG. Closer shot of fountain and EXT New York State Theater, people walking by fountain, people on long outer balcony of theater. NOTE: see also 13:31:33:21 - 13:33:22:07 for additional EXT shots of the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center, and the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center. Very nice ECU of water jets of the fountain at Lincoln Center, at 13:33:16:05. 13:29:29:12 - 13:30:42:07 Color 1969 New York City night: EXT Times Square (Broadway at 42nd Street), facing North, spring or summer (people all wearing shirts without jackets). Heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Good color neon lights. Late 1960s cars, taxi cabs, city buses and trucks pass in front of CAM on 42nd Street. To R on Broadway (near 43rd Street) is Globe Theater, with Times Square Bowling Lanes above theater. VS other shots of Times Square area, in order: facing NW corner 42nd and 7th Avenue, late 1960s cars, big sign atop low rise building "Plymouth - The Official Car of the New York Mets" pedestrians crossing NW corner 42nd and 7th Avenue (Times Square), good (pedestrians casually dressed), advertisement for 1969 movie "Krakatoa East of Java" and famous Times Square lights in BG. Excellent sequence. 13:30:42:08 - 13:30:54:18 Color 1969 New York City night: EXT SW corner 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, Times Square, facing West toward marquee and large vertical neon sign of New Amsterdam Theater nice. Across street is marquee for Apollo Theater (stage at the time, a movie theater). Pedestrians crossing 42nd Street heavy traffic on 42nd Street and on 7th Avenue: taxi cabs, buses, cars, trucks. 13:30:57:23 - 13:31:30:26 Color 1960s New York City night: EXT WS Brooklyn Bridge, very dark shots viewed from Brooklyn shoreline. String of lights on bridge cables, illuminated office buildings in BG. Dimly visible tugboats on East River. (Brooklyn Bridge not easily identified due to dark quality of shots we have better examples of this scene in similar shots elsewhere in the PET collection). 13:31:33:21 - 13:33:22:07 Color 1960s New York City night: (see above, 13:28:48:08 - 13:29:26:01) EXT shots New York State Theater (at Lincoln Center), 13:31:33:21 - 13:32:12:28, then EXT Metropolitan Opera House (at Lincoln Center), 13:32:12:29 - 13:33:22:07. Very nice CU water jets of Lincoln Center fountain, 13:33:10:18 - 13:33:22:07. 13:33:25:05 - 13:34:50:00 Color late 1950s New York City day: EXT WS corner of Madison Avenue & 34th Street, looking West on 34th Street towards Empire State Building a block away on L side of street, at 34th and Fifth Avenue. Bright sunlight cool weather (pedestrians people wearing coats). EXT B. Altman's department store across Madison Ave. on R. WS TU LS Empire State Building, two takes (second take closer shot, TU and TD shots). Heavy traffic (trucks, cars, buses, taxi cabs) and pedestrians on sidewalks. 13:34:53:03 - 13:36:01:20 Color late 1950s New York City DAY: EXT WS tons of pedestrians on the North side of 34th Street, near B. Altman's and the Empire State Building. All well-dressed and wearing coats and hats (cool weather) bright sunlight. Many delivery trucks on street, panel truck turns R onto Madison Avenue. Tighter shot of 34th and Madison intersection, traffic cop directing traffic taxi cabs pass through interesection. 1959 Chevrolet visible. Pedestrians crossing street "The Hanover Bank" on L corner. City bus passes CU FG. Truck "D.P. Winne Co. Twine & Paper Products" turns R onto Madison Avenue, tons of trucks, panel trucks, delivery trucks, taxi cabs and cars on street. Busy weekday workday. Very good sequence. 13:36:04:26 - 13:37:41:01 Color 1950s New York City DAY: CENTRAL PARK. EXT VS Tavern On the Green restaurant, Central Park West at 67th Street 3 women standing at curb. Very brief shot. Extended driver's POV "process plate" sequence follows of a drive through Central Park: view from R rear passenger side of vehicle - people sitting on park benches, people standing in field perhaps playing softball, CAM passing horse-drawn hansom cabs (top-hatted drivers, passengers in convertible back seats), pedestrians, baby carriages, people lying on the grass, etc. Beautiful mild, sunny day, early Autumn (leaves beginning to change color). At 13:37:19:15, CAM (rear POV) turns off park road at W. 72nd Street, onto Central Park West (north). Classic mid 1950s cars parked at curb on Central Park West. Beautiful color. Excellent segment. 13:37:41:22 - 13:38:38:00 Color Late 1950s New York City DAY: EXT hotel? (unidentified) with 5 flag masts on facade. (Taft Hotel? 7th Avenue?) Taxi cabs, cars, buses and vehicular traffic pass by in FG. Fixed camera, TD and TU shots. Names of perfumes "Arpege" and "Lanvin" on 2nd floor signs on EXT of building. At 13:38:01:05, a 1959 Cadillac car (with monster tail fins) passes CAM POV L to R. 13:38:41:15 - 13:39:47:08 Color 1950s New York City DAY: LS ocean liner being guided by tugboat in Hudson River name of liner not visible. Circle Line tourist boat passes in FG. Ocean liner glides past West Side Hudson River piers. So-so quality very yellow. We have better. 13:39:49:22 - 13:40:21:27 Color 1950s New York City DAY: LS EXT burlesque theater, "Cafe Jolie", with signs advertising "ALL GIRL REVUE - 3 SHOWS NITELY - Continuous Entertainment - Joe De Carlo Orchestra - Appearing Nightly: SALLY LANE - THE GIRL WHO MADE PARIS BLUSH !" 13:40:21:28 - 13:41:26:20 Color 1956 New York City DAY (late afternoon): LS EXT corner 8th Street and 6th Avenue, Greenwich Village, facing East. Various small shops with focus on south side of 8th Street Nedick's Luncheonette on SE corner. Nice 1950s cars turning onto 8th Street (Ford, Pontiac, Buick, Chevrolet, etc.) Street and sidewalk bustling with pedestrians. Good shots. Closer shot of EXT sign for "VILLAGE BARN" nightclub. LS 8th Street Playhouse movie theater showing "The Conqueror". At 13:41:10:11, EXT flashing neon sign for "HEAT WAVE" nightclub (also on 8th Street). 13:41:29:06 - 13:41:51:23 Color 1956 New York City DAY: LS EXT Greenwich Village art show (Washington Square), on Macdougal Street facing north toward 8th Street (the end of the block). Various art works in frames are shown displayed on iron fences in front of buildings. Two casually dressed men walk slowly toward the CAM, looking at the art works. 13:41:54:14 - 13:42:36:21 Color 1956 New York City DAY, Greenwich Village: LS EXT horse-drawn vegetable wagon or flower wagon, with two men aboard, turns Macdougal Street corner onto Washington Square North, next to the Hotel Earle (NW corner Macdougal Street, in Washington Square). Man in white uniform (Good Humor ice cream vendor) standing beside ice cream cart. Woman on sidewalk pushing baby carriage surrounded by her two daughters. People schmoozing outside Hotel Earle. Pedestrians crossing street. Another shot looking north toward 8th Street (1 block), from corner of Macdougal and Washington Square North. Very brief shot of the Washington Arch. Nice summertime New York City "slice of life" circa 1956. (NOTE: The Hotel Earle is now called the Washington Square Hotel). 13:42:39:21 - 13:42:53:26 Color 1956 New York City DAY: LS Fifth Avenue, New York City, filmed from SE corner of 41st Street facing West. Mid 1950s. (NOTE: b w footage of this corner at the beginning of this reel, 13:01:00:00 - 13:01:37:00 ). Nice vivid color. Many pedestrians, some wearing sunglasses, some in shirtsleeves and summer dresses mild summer day (sunny) moderate to heavy traffic: cars, taxis, panel trucks. "Knox the Hatter" hat shop on SW corner. 13:42:57:00 - 13:44:04:20 Color 1950s New York City DAY: AV New York City Upper West Side, headed south, from airplane looking down. Rather faded color. Riverside Park, Riverside Drive (with elegant pre-war apartment buildings), Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument visible, as well as the West Side Highway. Clip ends at 79th Street Boat Basin, and cloverleaf interchange. 13:44:07:15 - 13:45:03:00 Color 1950s New York City DAY: Several static AVs of Lexington Avenue, from about 23rd Street looking north toward the Chrysler Building. Bright sunny day with puffy clouds. Office building under construction just to the south of Chrysler Building. Camera turns east toward the new United Nations Building complex, lots of low rise buildings around it (before high rise construction began). Queensborough Bridge just visible to R of United Nations Building. 13:45:05:00 - 13:45:22:05 Color 1950s New York City DAY: MS to CU character shots of people ethnicities of New York City. Charming shot of Asian man with his three young children (two boys and a girl). One of the little boys points to the camera, the little girl looks, then the father points to the camera as well. Very cute probably Chinatown location. Then, a character study of a black man smoking a pipe, MS side, sharp focus on his face and shirt, out of focus bg. 13:45:31:01 - 13:46:46:25 Color 1953 New York City DAY: "process plate" segment, somewhat darkish image sequence from car REAR POV, heading uptown from 42nd Street, on Broadway at Times Square. Passing Times Building, small building in median between Broadway and 7th Avenue (headquarters for "Radio Free Europe"), Hotel Astor, Astor Theater (with big billboards advertising "Kirk Douglas in 'Act of Love' Produced and Directed by Anatole Litvak" and - at another theater - "Phil Silvers in 'Top Banana'"), Latin Quarter nightclub, rear entrance to Rivoli Theater, marquee of Broadway theater "Rosalind Russell in 'Wonderful Town' New Musical Comedy", neon sign for Golden Slipper Ballroom, stopping near corner of Roseland Ballroom location. Lots of taxi cabs, buses, and period cars in shots. Good color despite rather dark visuals. 13:46:46:28 - 13:48:33:18 Color ca. 1950 New York City DAY: rear car window POV from moving car "process plate". New York City midtown street passing Salvation Army building (flag flying out front), truck in rear view, lots of slick looking late 1940s cars, buses, and taxi cabs pass in opposite direction. Actual location unknown. Then, another shot at 13:47:32:00 - another rear car window POV, turning onto ? Madison Avenue (at 13:47:49:05, cam passes the New York Life Building - at 51 Madison Avenue, near Madison Square Park - with it's distinctive arched corner entries. More Midtown side street rear window car POV's. 13:48:37:00 - 13:51:24:24 Color 1956 New York City DAY: process plate segment - driver's side car window POV from moving car of 42nd Street area: cars, buses, trucks, pedestrians, marquees, theaters, restaurants, shops, etc. Car POV 8th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Streets, facing West (even then the "Times" Theater had a burlesque show advertised on it's marquee: "Georgia Sothern and Lili St. Cyr in 'Striporama'" !) car turns onto 42nd Street - we see a red and white city bus, many shops and restaurants (Whelan Drugs, Nedicks, Childs Cafeteria, Loft Candy, Romeo's Spaghetti, United Cigars), EXT Hotel Dixie, EXT Selwyn Theater and other theater marquees (some of the movies advertised on the marquees are "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing", "Three Coins In the Fountain", "The Man In the Gray Flannel Suit", "The Purple Heart", and "Guadalcanal Diary"). Car POV past Times Building at the triangular center of 42nd Street and the convergence of Broadway and 7th Avenue (Walgreen's Drugs is storefront in Times Building). Continuing on 42nd Street to 6th Avenue, facing North: Nedick's many shoe shops: Florsheim, Flagg Bros., Adler Shoes for Men, Regal, Thom McAn, Hardy and discount shops. Continuing on 42nd Street to 5th Avenue, facing North: shops - Barricini Candy, Chock Full o' Nuts, Knickerbocker Men's Shop, The Burger House, Stern's Department Store (big store, now demolished), F. W. Woolworth, Lerner Shops, Kitty Kelly shoes, etc. Street construction road crew working on pavement in middle of 42nd Street in front of Stern's, bulldozer or earthmover in street. Lots of colorful 1950s cars parked by the curb (even an early Volkswagen at t c 13:50:49:05). 13:51:25:23 - 13:52:09:25 Color 1950s New York City DAY: LS static shot facing West from POV vehicular overpass at Grand Central Station. Sidewalk pedestrians, and buses, cars, taxis and other vehicular traffic, seen from HA looking down on 42nd Street below. Rexall Drug Store in base of Grand Central at southwest corner. Three takes of this scene, with slightly different camera angles. 13:52:13:27 - 13:53 51:23 Color ca. 1961 New York City DAY: WS Bryant Park corner of 42nd Street and either 5th Avenue or 6th Avenue (uncertain). Appears to be a warm, sunny Spring or Summer day. EXCELLENT shots of masses of pedestrians crossing the street! Iconic images of a "teeming metropolis". Colorful cars, taxis and buses (including some beautiful red and white painted city buses). Traffic cop standing in middle of street directing traffic. People dressed for work: men in suits, hats, ties, and carrying briefcases women in dresses carrying handbags. 6 takes in various camera angles and positions, but basically from the same corner the best of the lot are shot 3 (t c 13:52:46:20 to 13:53:03:16, masses of pedestrians crossing the street) and shot 5 (t c 13:53:31:15 to 13:53:50:24, CAM focusing on a young well-dressed couple waiting to cross the street as hordes of pedestrians and vehicles pass around them). 13:53:55:25 - 13:55:06:05 Color 1954 New York City DAY: Fire in W. 43rd Street theater district, near Broadway: smoke pours out of arched window of building, fire engines and fire equipment fill the street. Fire is apparently in the Hotel Woodstock (now defunct), across street is Hotel Diplomat, a USO headquarters, and Henry Miller's Theater (124 W. 43rd Street, "Oh Men! Oh Women!" is the show on the marquee). LA pan up side of Hotel Woodstock. Good footage. 13:55:09:23 - 13:56:41:03 Color 1958 1959 New York City DAY: Lockdown shot, facing north on Broadway at SW corner of (I believe) 44th Street (RKO Palace Theater diagonally across the street has as it's feature attraction "Rally Round the Flag, Boys"). Lots of 1950s taxi cabs, buses, and automobiles. Seems to be late afternoon, with long shadows. Traffic and pedestrian activity on the light side. 13:56:41:05 - 13:58:03:00 Color 1958 1959 New York City DAY: Lockdown shot, facing northwest on Broadway from ?? 44th Street. Pedestrians, traffic (1950s cars, buses and taxi cabs), late afternoon shadows. EXT shots of theaters and restaurants: Horn & Hardart Automat, Warner Cinerama Theater (aka Strand Theater), marquee for Cinerama film "South Seas Adventure", etc. 1950s cars with tailfins pass in front of CAM POV. 13:58:06:23 - 13:58:55:00 Color 1960s New York City DAY: EXT shots of an automobile accident - car completely flipped over crowd of men hanging around car attempting to pull it rightside up. Location Spanish Harlem ?? Two fire trucks approach accident scene. Not staged. 13:58:58:00 - 13:59:52:23 Color 1950s New York City DAY: HA lockdown from top of Times Building, facing north and looking down at Times Square (intersection of 7th Avenue and Broadway), Astor Hotel at left, Hotel Claridge at bottom right. Bond Clothes building (with huge Pepsi Cola advertising signs) on right. Second shot of same pans up to reveal excellent wide AV HA shot of 195