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VOL. 3, REL. 86 (Also on DN-B-314) 02:00:00:00 1931, HAIL ARRIVAL OF LAVAL AS OMEN OF US-FRENCH ACCORD - New York City, World amity guides the visit of the peasant lad who became President of the Council of Ministers of his nation. Debarking from the Ile de France with his daughter, Mlle. Josette, he is greeted by representatives of the State Department, city officials, and Paul Claudel, French Ambassador. The party boards the tug Macom and is landed at the battery and escorted up lower Broadway to City Hall where Mayor Walker welcomes the diplomats on behalf of the metropolis. 02:02:29:00 1931, CARES OF JOBLESS PARENTS EASED BY FREE CHILD-FEEDING - Chicago, IL - Great Depression - Hungry kiddies rush to "The Shelter" for their only nourishing meal, supplied through philanthropic worker. Unemployed mothers and fathers are relieved of the worry of furnishing food for them in addition to the hazards of seeking work. The youngsters display avid and appreciative appetites. 02:03:16:00 1931, NATION PAYS LAST TRIBUTE AS EDISON GOES TO FINAL REST - Orange, NJ - Bowed in sorrow thousands follow the bier of the creator of electric light as he is buried in a plot here, in the shadow of the Llewellyn Park laboratories where he labored for 45 years perfecting nearly 1,500 inventions that benefitted mankind. Mrs. Hoover, representing her husband, attends the last rites with other notables of the country. And, observing the President's wish, all lights are extinguished for one minute as a silent gesture in memory of the great benefactor. 02:04:16:00 1931, NEWS PARAGRAPHS: UNIVERSAL CITY, Cal. -- Invents 500-passenger dirigible! -- Aged scientist predicts 24-hour crossing to Europe in giant blimp. Futuristic looking dirigible PONTIAC, Mich. -- Freak car specializes in odd angles! -- Locomotive engineers puzzled by new-fangled flivver. Wacking invention: car has wheels that go sideways. 02:06:00:00 1931, IMPOSING ARRAY OF 100,000 ASSEMBLE TO INVOKE WORLD PEACE - Vienna, Austria - Headed by President Miklas, government officials, and ecclesiastical dignitaries, a plea for fraternity in international relations is made, a field mass marking the impressive ceremony. The thousands in attendance pledge themselves and the branches and guilds they represent to aid in a settlement of the upset conditions of Europe. 02:06:52:20 1931, BLUENOSE OUT-RACES THEBAUD TO CAPTURE FISHERMEN'S TITLE - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, With full sail unfurled the Lunenburg schooner leads American challenger in the final of the series for supremacy int the North Atlantic waters. Although beaten, the Gloucestermen make it a fight to the finish and are led in the last heat by only 12 minutes, 1 second. The Yankee clipper never tried as hard as it does in this last encounter to lift the cup. But the Canadian boat will not be defeated, and the New Englanders earn good-will and cheers from the backwoods spectators, thrilled at the at the stubborn battle waged by the American seamen. 02:07:49:22 1931, DARING WORKERS FOIL CONSTRUCTION PERILS ON MONSTER BEACON - New York City - Risking their lives, skilled craftsmen struggle against high winds and hazardous heights to erect a light for airways over Gotham's financial district. The huge steel pole is united in three sections by men defying death to raise it 950 feet above the street. Towering over lower Manhattan it will serve as guide to airmen against the dangerous pinnacles of the skyscraper skyline. (NOTE: This is the Cities Service Building, aka 70 Pine Street. A skyscraper of 66 floors, construction started in 1930 and ended in 1932. It is now known as the American International Building. JL) VOL. 3, REL #88 (Also on DN-LB-506) 02:09:17:00 1931, HOSTILITIES HALTED AS MILITARY FUNERAL HONORS SLAIN TROOPS - Mukden, Manchuria - Unmindful of the pivotal point they have assumed in the world political problem, soldiers of the Nippon forces lay aside their arms while brothers who fell in battle are buried with heroes' honors. Through the war area of the railroad zone the biers are conducted over territory shell-torn from the recent conflict. And during the ceremonies firing ceases. 02:10:27:00 1931, BOOKMEN MARVEL AT FIRST EXHIBIT OF TINY VOLUMES WORTH $50,000. - Brookline, MA - Treasures of a rare and ancient art are shown in public by James D. Henderson, the world's leading collector of miniature tomes. Many of the works antedate printing and are original lettered books of great masters. Featured among the precious library are writings from Sanskrit down to English, the world's most valuable collection of miniature literature. 02:11:30:00 1931, ENTIRE POLICE FORCE IN MAMMOTH REVIEW TO LAUD HERO PALS - Rome, Italy - The bravery of the Metropolitans, crack unit of the city's law enforcement organization, is rewarded with medals commending their acts which are bestowed upon the men by Premier Mussolini, himself. The whole strength of the department is paraded through an intricate series of maneuvers during the ceremony, paying homage to the cited veterans. 02:12:28:00 1931, NEWS PARAGRAPHS: LOS ANGELES, Cal. -- Dog days hit West Coast! -- Thoroughbreds barred in First Annual Mutt Show. Dog show, kids with dogs CHICAGO, Ill. -- First skyscraper goes way of all flesh! -- demolition of the 1885 Home Insurance Building, a 12-story Goliath, makes room for new cloud-piercer (the Field Building, now the LaSalle Bank). TACOMA, Wash. -- Doting dad builds carnival! -- R.O. Bagley's children revel in back-yard Coney Island. ALTON, N.H. -- Woman supplies world with corkscrews! -- Patented process turns out 60,000,000 annually. 02:15:31:00 1931, LIBERTY STATUE GETS BRILLIANT ARMY GIFT ON 45th ANNIVERSARY - New York City - The Statue of Liberty, shrine of patriotism, is illuminated by 95 new flood-lights that make the beautiful structure stand out in sparking relief in the dark waters of the upper bay. A blinker system installed at the top of the head gives the lady a jeweled crown, visible from far out near Sandy Hook. The new effects are introduced on the anniversary of the presentation of the symbol of liberty to this country by France in 1887. VOL. 4, REL 45 (also on DN-B-037) 02:16:06:00 1932, SPECTATORS TOUCHED AS FADING G.A.R. RANKS PASS IN BRAVE ARRAY - New York City - More than 100,000 line the streets of the Metropolis as the fast-thinning column of veterans of '61, now bent with age, march in memory of their comrades. The most colorful figure in the picturesque parade is John Early, 88-year-old Zouave, lone survivor of the famous regiment in the district. In direct contrast with the aging heroes of the Civil War are 15,000 veterans of the WW, and National Guard units, resplendent in dress uniforms. A stirring memorial to departed "buddies." 02:17:24:00 1932, VETERANS CONVERGE ON CAPITAL TO PRESS BONUS CASH CLAIMS - Zanesville, OH - A tired, weather-beaten, and travel-strained "Army" moves towards Washington, DC to lay their demands before Congress for settlement on the adjusted compensation for ex-service men of the WW. Governor White furnishes trucks to carry then through, and eliminates trouble with railroads. Camping on roadsides, as they did when they wore khaki, the unemployed ex-soldiers doggedly maintain the march that startled on the Pacific Coast. 02:18:22:00 1932, DARING BIRDMEN RISK LIVES IN SENSATIONAL FLIGHT OVER SIERRAS - Death Valley, CA - Laden with heavy cargoes of gas and observation equipment, 9 huge airplanes of the 11th Bomb Squadron under command of Lieutenant Charles H. Howard take to the skies from March Field on the initial patrol through the treacherous canyons of the dangerous mountain range. For the first time planes fly through the Yosemite Valley and circle Mt. Whitney below the rim of the peaks to study the air currents peculiar to the region. After 8 hours in the clouds the Army eagles return to their base, the thrilling maneuver a complete success. 02:18:43:00 1932, NEWS PARAGRAPHS: COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Eyes of football world focus on Carideo! -- Famed Knute Rockne star new head of "Tiger" grid squad. NEW YORK CITY -- Needy artists open out-door salon! -- Greenwich Villagers emulate Paris street exhibits. 02:20:18:00 1932, NEW ANTI-AIRCRAFT RECORD ACHIEVED BY COAST DEFENSE AGES - Ft. Monroe, VA - Under the critical eye of War Secretary Patrick J. Hurley, artillerymen at this strategic point on the Atlantic frontier test their accuracy with high-powered new-type weapons against attacks from the skies. Firing with deadly aim, the batteries, using 6-inch guns, shoot the projectiles into the air destroying targets trailed by fearless aviators. A new high mark of direct hits is scored with a deadly precision undreamed of until today. VOL 5, REL. 107 02:21:34:00 1933, BIG CITIES CELEBRATE AS 1932 PASSES OUT GAILY WELCOME 1933 - Unprecedented whoopee and revelry mark the ending of the Old Year. Noisy thousands in New York, Chicago and elsewhere joyously greet the New Year with renewed hope. VOL 5, REL. 117 02:23:17:00 1933, Hoover Gives "Farewell" Speech (SILENT) - NEW YORK, N. Y. -- As a final official message to the American people before retiring from office March 4th, the President, speaking at the Lincoln Day Dinner of the National Republican Club, warns that economic recovery cannot be brought about in this country until Europe's ills also are remedied. He calls upon all nations to unite to prevent an economic WW -- the probable fore-runner of armed conflict -- and urges that some part of the foreign debt payments be set aside to help other countries back on a gold standard. VOL. 5, REL. 202 02:25:20:00 1933, CHANCELLOR DOLLFUSS SETS UP HUGE CAMPS IN GIGANTIC LABOR DRIVE - Wildungsmauer, Austria - Unusual scenes of the famous Chancellor inspecting one of the 270 centers he has established for unemployed men under a plan similar to President Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps for jobless Americans. Dolfuss visits labor camps. 02:26:00:00 1933, SCORES HURT IN CRASH OF TRAINS IN BAY STATE - Quincy, MA - Appalling views on the tracks of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, following a rear-end collision between two commuting trains, in which many were injured. 02:26:40:00 1933, SCHOOLBOY BUILDS OWN AUTO - Seattle, WA - Views of a remarkable home-made vehicle, constructed by Edward Floyd, thirteen-year-old newsboy, at a cost of $13.50, in which he delivers his papers with record speed and comfort. 02:26:57:00 1933, MERCHANT CLOTHES JOBLESS - Kansas City, MO - Unusual scenes as more than five hundred unemployed men line up to receive overcoats from Louis A. Cumonow, local merchant, who distributes them free to the needy. Great Depression. 02:27:23:00 1933, NEW TYPE COMBAT CAR TESTED - Linden, NJ - A high-speed convertible armored machine, recently perfected by Walter Christie, famous designer of tanks, travels at amazing speed over a rough countryside in its first trial runs. 02:27:48:00 1933, TRANSPARENT GOWNS SHOWN - Paris, France - Fashions - A striking display of new modes for women in an exclusive salon where the models display the latest lingerie fashions in dresses made of cellophane. 02:28:18:00 1933, CAT DRINKS FROM BOTTLE - Hollywood, CA - Pictures of a seven-year-old feline that has astonished animal experts by continuing to take nourishment from a nursing bottle, despite its great age. 02:28:53:00 1933, INDIAN TRIBES HAIL PRESIDENT - Oaxaca, Mexico - Views of a historic dance ritual in which native groups, dressed in their finest regalia, perform before a huge crowd including Gen. Abelardo L. Rodriguez, head of the republic and his wife. 02:29:33:00 1933, PRESIDENT SIGNS LIQUOR CODE - WARM SPRINGS, GA. -- Striking scenes at the Little White House as Mr. Roosevelt confers with Secretary of Agriculture Wallace before approving the code that becomes effective after the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment. Alcohol production. PEKIN, ILL. -- One of the world's largest distilleries, capable of turning out 3600 bottles of whiskey and gin an hour, works at top speed in anticipation of the public's demand for its products. VOL 6, REL. 236 02:30:36:17 1934, FDR SAILS ON ASTOR'S YACHT FOR 10-DAY VACATION AT SEA - Jacksonville, FL. - The Chief Executive leaves for a ten-day fishing trip off the Bahamas on Vincent Astor's yacht Nourmahal accompanied by his son and several close friends. 02:31:36:00 1934, THREE NATIONS IN PEACE PACT - Rome, Italy - Premier Mussolini, Chancellor Englebert Dollfuss of Austria and Premier Julius Goemboes of Hungary sign agreements designed to help maintain peace in Europe and to stimulate trade and improve commercial relations between the signatories. 02:32:10:00 1934, TORNADO SWEEPS OVER CITY LEAVING THOUSANDS HOMELESS - New Orleans, LA - A wind of cyclone intensity hits a densely populated area, twisting hundreds of homes into a mass of wreckage and scattering houses, automobiles and furniture over a two-mile sector. Many men, women and children are injured. 02:32:49:00 1934, POLICE FIGHT STRIKE PICKETS - Camden, NJ - Three thousand men walk out at the New York Shipbuilding Company plant. Hand to hand fighting between officers and strikers marks labor difficulties at the Worsted Mills in Cleveland, Ohio. On the other hand, automobile plants in Detroit are booming following President Roosevelt's settlement of the dispute between laborers and manufacturers in the motor industry. 02:33:58:00 1934, THOUSANDS IN FLOWER FESTIVAL - Santa Anita, Mexico - Dressed in costumes, huge throngs of men, women and children dance through the streets of the ancient city to hail the arrival of Spring. 02:34:40:00 1934, LITTLE HEN MOTHERS KITTENS - Lepanto, AR - A small leghorn assumes charge of a litter of young cats, entrusted to her care by its mother, who adopted the bird when it was a chick. 02:35:31:00 1934, NEW ANTI-SKID TIRE TESTED - Paris, France - A new-type tread for automobile "shoes" is demonstrated on slippery streets for the first time by its inventor. Cars stop suddenly without slipping. A motor car equipped with old style treads hits a woman during the tryouts. 02:36:11:00 1934, CIRCUS ARRIVES--SPRING IS HERE - New York City - Hundreds of boys and girls stay up past their bedtime to see the "world's greatest and most colossal show" unload in the freight yards and move to Madison Square Garden where it gives its first performance of the year. 02:37:26:00 1934, SPILLS AND CRACKUPS MAR WEST COAST TRACK CLASSIC - Los Angeles, CA - Daredevil speed demons, driving the latest model racing cars, defy death on the Legion Ascot Speedway in a thrilling race that keeps the crowd tense with excitement. VOL. 6, REL. 300 02:38:20:00 1934, ITALIAN ARMY AIRMAN SMASHES SPEED MARK - Desenzano, Italy - Roaring over Lake Garda, Sergeant Francesco Agello raises the world's record for planes from 424 to 440.5 miles an hour. 03:39:06:00 1934, NATIONAL HORSE SHOW OPENS - New York City - The world's foremost riders vie for honors in the inaugural day's program at the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden, before a brilliant crowd that includes many of Gotham's socially-elect. 02:39:57:00 1934, FILM CHIEF VISITS CUBA - Havana, Cuba - Colonel Batista, chief of the Cuban Army, takes time off from his arduous duties for an interview with Carl Laemmle, Jr., the first motion picture executive to be photographed with the well-guarded soldier. 02:40:22:00 1934, FAMOUS BALLET TUNES UP - Chicago, IL - Led by Ruth Page, premier danseuse, the dancers of the Chicago Grand Opera Company, rapidly approach perfection as they practice for the opening of the new season. 02:42:19:00 1934, FLOATING BREWERY LAUNCHED - Seattle, WA - Complete brewing equipment is placed aboard the Schooner Alumna, which will supply Alaska with beer made in her holds. 02:42:48:00 1934, ACE SEEKS NEW RECORD - Los Angeles, CA - Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, noted war flier aims to lower the West-East transcontinental air record in a new Douglas liner. 02:43:16:00 1934, BABY GOLFER SHOWS FORM - San Mateo, CA - A five-year old girl displays amazing proficiency with a golf club in an unusual practice session between tournaments 02:43:52:00 1934, FAMOUS HORSE WINS TROPHY - Belmont Park, Long Island, New York - Coming back to old time form, Equipoise dashes across the line to capture the prized Whitney Gold Cup in a thrilling race. 02:44:29:00 1930s, MANUAL-ERASMUS BATTLE ENDS IN SCORELESS TIE, Brooklyn, New York - Manual team with Coach McNamara, Erasmus team with Paul Sullivan. Col. Walter Jeffreys Calvin Member of the Board of Education throws out the ball. VOL. 7, REL. 338 02:46:26:00 1935, HARLEM HEAVILY GUARDED AFTER NIGHTS OF RIOTS - Harlem's colored district is strewn with the wreckage of looted shops following a furious outburst of mob violence due to a misunderstanding fostered by Young Communist agitators. 02:47:03:00 1935, PISTOL MOVIE CAMERA USED TO TRAPS CROOKS - Los Angeles, CA - An unusual revolver (gun) takes motion pictures to aid in identifying criminals if they should escape wounds from the real bullets it fires. 02:47:37:00 1935, BICYCLE RIDER PACED BY CAR AT 80-MILE CLIP - Los Angeles, CA - A bike rider travels at a terrific pace with his flimsy machine rocketing along behind a roaring supercharged automobile 02:48:04:00 1935, BIG ESTATES DIVIDED AMONG POOR PEOPLE - Colhuacan, Mexico - Dozens of peasants receive title to individual plots of farm land as the Government moves to break up enormous estates once held by wealthy absentee landlords 02:48:31:00 1935, WAITORS SHOW TACTICS USED FOR RUSH HOUR - French Lick, IN - Well-trained "garcons" at the French Lick Springs Hotel carry trays on their heads and a table over each arm in a race over rough territory. 02:49:02:00 1935, DIVES 165 FEET WITHOUT HARM IN THRILL STUNT - Seattle, WA - Ray Woods leaps from the dizzy height of the George Washington Memorial Bridge in a demonstration before 50,000 persons. He is taken from the water numbed but uninjured 02:49:44:00 1935, BOLD AND HEARTY BUCCANEERS RUN NOVEL NIGHT CLUB - Miami Beach, FL - Buccaneers (pirates) in the flashing rig of harsher days welcome the patrons and wait on table at the Southland's latest after-dinner rendezvous. 02:50:23:00 1935, DEMON DRIVERS IN DARING SKIDS AT AUTO CLASSIC - Los Angeles, CA - Sideslips and lost wheels interrupt the terrific pace of racing drivers, threatening death at every turn on the Legion Ascot Speedway. VOL. 12 #928 02:51:21:00 1940, WOODBRIDGE, N.J.--Sabotage is suspected in a series of explosions throughout the nation, causing 14 deaths and injuries to 23. Government investigators swing into action to probe blast in torpedo and flare plant here, as well as other explosions in defense factories elsewhere. ATLANTA, GA.--Fire in an Army auditorium destroys $1,000,000 worth of military equipment. As in other disasters, cause is a mystery, giving rise to fears of a sabotage plot! STORMS BATTER LAKES REGION - Chicago, IL. - Many deaths and injuries follow in the wake of severe winds of hurricane intensity that sweep the West and Great Lakes area. Shipping is hard hit and many buildings are demolished. BIG BRITISH LINER LEAVES NEW YORK CITY --The S.S. Queen Elizabeth, 85,000-ton pride of the English merchant fleet, which had been kept here to avoid U-boats at sea, finally slips out to sea! GIVE HOSPITAL UNIT TO BRITAIN - New York City - A $100,000 mobile field hospital, including 25 trucks and trailers, 16 tents and other valuable equipment, fitted to accommodate 100 patients and staff of 50, is presented to England! 02:54:36:00 1940, 10,000 TURKS IN PROTEST MARCH AGAINST AXES - CUERO, TEXAS--The advent of Thanksgiving is the signal for a monster celebration and parade--"Texas Turkey Trot"--in this big turkey-growing center. 02:55:12:00 1940, SIX DAY BIKE RACE THRILLING - CHICAGO, ILL.--With pretty Ilona Massey and Binnie Barnes, screen stars, as starters, the annual round of thrills gets underway at the Stadium. 02:55:46:00 1940, SOCIETY OUT FOR HORSE SHOW - New York City - The National Horse Show, opening another season at Madison Square Garden, draws a fashionable gathering to witness the jumping, trick riding and military events. 02:56:48:00 1940, FORDHAM GRIDDERS TOP PURDUE - NEW YORK CITY --29,000 football fans see the hard-hitting Fordham "Rams" batter the "Boilermakers" in a thrilling game, at the Polo Grounds. Final score--13 to 7--and its a bang-up thriller from start to finish! VOL. 11, REL. 801: 02:58:34:12 1939 GLORIA JEAN HOME OT JOIN IN CITY'S ARMISTICE SERVICE - Scranton, PA - Gloria Jean, 11-yr.-old Hollywood singing sensation, gets a triumphal welcome as she returns to her birthplace for the premiere of her new picture, "The Under-Pup." 2000 coal miners "lay off" to take part in a parade.