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EBC-63 Beta SP; NET-477 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00)
Color 1985 This educational film about reproduction and sexuality, intended for high-school students, is thorough and matter-of-fact in tone, with little moralizing, and occasional flashes of humor. It consists mostly of animated diagrams, showing stylized grid-covered human bodies and clinical-looking anatomical cross sections, but there are a few live action sequences, including actual footage of a woman giving birth. The mother greets the newborn with the peculiar observation, "You have a smashed nose just like Leslie did." Directed by Bruce Hoffman. 00:00:20:00 Color 1985 Credit sequence, includes interesting animation: ballet dancer crosses screen, leaving a succession of afterimages, like an Etienne Jules Marey photograph marred by titles. 00:00:56:00 Color 1985 ms cu Newborn baby, b w archival footage: doctor holds baby, silhouette cuts umbilical cord listens to baby's heart with stethoscope maternity ward. 00:01:50:00 Color 1985 ms cu Excellent generic baby footage: Several babies together, empty white BG, very cute, VS. 00:02:21:00 Color 1985 ms cu Children in movie theater, HA, each with popcorn DISSOLVE to audience of teenagers in the same movie theater. 00:03:06:00 Color 1985 Animated diagrams illustrating physiological changes of puberty: Boy's brain secretes hormones testes ovaries series of drawings showing boy maturing into man. 00:04:23:00 Color 1985 ms cu Teenage boy sleeping in bed has wet dream, nocturnal emission - opens his eyes in surprise, stands up in his pajamas, looks at bed in astonishment. The poor kid who played this role probably had to change junior high schools. 00:04:48:00 Color 1985 Animated diagram: Naked man, ZI to testes, DISSOLVE to cell with chromosomes, cell division, meiosis. 00:05:30:00 Color 1985 Sperm cells, microcinematography. 00:05:54:00 Color 1985 Animated diagrams, male reproductive system: comparison of circumcised to uncircumcised penis cross-section of penis during erection. 00:07:52:00 Color 1985 ms cu Three teenage girls in bedroom, suggests slumber party, several shots. 00:08:36:00 Color 1985 Animated diagrams, female reproductive system: series of drawings showing girl maturing into woman ovaries, vagina, uterus menstrual cycle, ovum egg bursts from follicle, cell division, ovulation hymen, urethra, clitoris female genitals. 00:13:30:00 Color 1985 cu Young teenage boy shaving in mirror young teenage girl putting on makeup puberty, adolescence. 00:13:46:00 Color 1985 vs Funny romantic sequence: Man and woman bump into each other on city street, woman drops packages, man helps her same sort-of-nerdy couple walking through park arm-in-arm JUST MARRIED sign on car hotel, man and woman enter room, CU sign DO NOT DISTURB on door couple admires baby in carriage. 00:14:35:00 Color 1985 Animated diagrams, illustrating sexual intercourse: Stylized silhouette man and woman, they gaze at each other cross-section diagram of erect penis cross-section penis and vagina, clinical (not very romantic) ejaculation. 00:16:02:00 Color 1985 cu Microcinematography of sperm cells egg cell surrounded by sperms, fertilization (superimposed technical lettering) mouse ovum egg undergoes cell division, mitosis, early embryo. 00:18:48:00 Color 1985 Animated diagrams, fertilization and pregnancy: Egg cell planted in uterus embryo grows into fetus cross-section of placenta live-action pregnant woman walking, brief animated woman, with cross-section uterus with growing fetus breast and mammary glands. 00:22:52:00 Color 1985 vs Sequence, woman gives birth: Car speeds to hospital, undercranked footage, funny, man and woman get out pregnant woman in hospital, doctors and nurses surround her explicit footage of childbirth doctor presents baby to smiling mother CU baby in maternity ward crib happy family, ZO baby in mother's lap on playground swing, father standing by