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American Engineer
PA-0543 Digibeta; PA-0548 Digibeta
American Engineer 01:01:49:00 LS Silhouette of radio telescope at sunset 01:02:00:00 LS Radio telescope pivots various shots 01:02:36:00 MS Men look at precision scientific instruments dials and gauges 01:02:50:00 MS Woman pours chemicals in laboratory 01:02:54:00 MS African-American man studies monitor 01:02:59:00 MS Men work with scientific apparatus 01:03:07:00 MS Man writes scientific equations on blackboard 01:03:15:00 MS Man in suit looks up something in a book 01:03:18:15 MS Man uses drawing stencil 01:03:23:00 MS Man performs a solder 01:03:29:00 MS Man writes scientific equations on blackboard 01:03:49:00 LS Churning surf 01:04:00:00 LS Hydroelectric plant 01:04:28:00 LS AV of Pittsburgh skyline "Golden Triangle" Allegheny River and Monongahela River and the Ohio River 01:05:00:00 MS Camera pans sides of office buildings looks up sides of highrises in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 01:05:45:00 LS AV of San Francisco skyline fog over the Bay 01:06:10:00 LS Chicago 01:06:15:00 LS More city skylines 01:06:23:00 LS Los Angeles skyline 01:06:30:00 LS AV large spread of manufacturing facilities 01:07:07:00 Interior of oil drilling rig 01:07:10:00 LS Oil drilling rig 01:07:19:00 LS Oil rig in ocean mounted on "Texas Tower" 01:07:30:00 LS AV oil rig in ocean 01:08:00:00 LS AV open pit mine 01:08:24:00 MS Heavy mining extraction equipment 01:08:32:00 MS Helicopter in mountains man holds Geiger counter outside of copter 01:08:40:00 LS Helicopter in mountains 01:08:52:00 LS Explosion occurs on the side of mine dust billows 01:09:00:00 LS Giant shovel fills up railroad cars with minerals 01:09:15:00 LS Railroad cars filled with rock move along tracks in mine 01:09:30:00 LS AV chemical plant camera zooms in 01:09:53:00 MS Camera pans an electron microscope 01:10:12:00 CU Male scientist gazes into microscope viewfinder 01:10:14:00 MS Electric currents travel visibly through the air 01:10:19:00 LS Man gazes down into array of pipes and machinery 01:10:32:00 CU Flashing stenciled sign "RADIATION HAZARD" 01:10:35:00 CU Flashing stenciled sign "DANGER MAGNET ON" 01:10:41:00 LS Cyclotron atom smasher control area with several men standing at banks of equipment 01:10:56:00 LS Men standing around working with cyclotron 01:11:29:00 LS Construction site men in hard hats crane cement mixer 01:11:42:00 LS Modern sleek buildings daytime 01:11:50:00 LS Modern sleek buildings nighttime 01:12:00:00 LS Modern building with many glass windows curves 01:12:25:00 LS Building with domed shape 01:12:27:00 MS High-tension wires 01:12:36:00 LS City buildings illuminated at night 01:12:40:00 LS Times Square at night neon signs predominate 01:12:48:00 LS Professional baseball game in stadium at night man scores at home plate 01:12:58:00 CU Professional baseball game in stadium shown on television screen 01:13:06:00 CU Dance performance shown on television screen 01:13:17:00 LS Woman in tutu is lifted up and spun by man in tuxedo 01:13:27:00 LS In studio setting television camera comes into frame where man and woman are dancing 01:13:33:00 CU Videophone (picturephone) showing face on screen 01:13:44:00 LS Early mainframe computers 01:14:10:00 CU Variety of home appliances are shown spinning around 01:14:13:00 CU Silhouette of propeller enters water and spins 01:14:27:00 LS Submarine periscope in ocean 01:14:31:00 LS Submarine surfaces in ocean 01:14:48:00 LS Jet takes off 01:14:58:00 LS Oceangoing steamship with twin red smokestacks 01:15:16:00 LS AV locomotive traveling on tracks 01:15:21:00 LS Engine of locomotive traveling on tracks 01:15:21:00 LS Greyhound-style passenger bus in the mountains 01:15:33:00 MS Earthmoving equipment building roads 01:16:17:00 LS Dirt road POV driver 01:16:20:00 LS Highway: POV driver 01:16:34:00 LS Highway going under overpass: POV driver 01:16:42:00 LS POV driver peering through two consecutive tunnels 01:16:43:00 LS POV driver going over bridge 01:16:54:00 LS AV various bridges 01:17:27:00 LS AV cloverleaf 01:17:48:00 LS Camera pans full parking lot 01:18:00:00 MS Two engineers move around models of machines in large scale model of plant 01:18:30:00 LS Truck loaded with new cars drives away from a Chevrolet plant 01:18:42:00 MS Worker stamps metal parts 01:19:00:00 MS Various manufacturing processes whereby steel is formed into car parts welding, bending, rolling 01:19:59:00 CU Pistons go up and down 01:20:13:00 MS Engine swung into position 01:20:26:00 MS Beautifully-lit car parts swing by on a blue background 01:20:37:00 MS Silhouette of car engines swinging by on assembly line 01:20:50:00 MS Car parts move neatly on assembly line 01:21:00:00 LS Workers spray engines with liquid 01:21:31:00 LS Giant stamping machine spits out metal parts 01:21:34:00 CU Metal blocks move through flames 01:21:42:00 MS Many car parts spin as they are suspended in mid-air on black background in a surreal fashion 01:21:56:00 MS ZI car engine on flashing colorful background 01:22:09:00 CU Blades of turbine 01:22:12:00 CU Movement of isolated car parts: ball bearings, joints, springs spinning wheels 01:22:20:00 CU Electrical generator (car) sparks 01:22:55:00 CU Car taillight flashes (studio shot) 01:22:57:00 CU Gloved hand switches on car radio 01:23:00:00 CU Headlights turn on 01:23:12:00 MS Man welds large curved piece of metal 01:23:16:00 CU Isolated car parts in motion:crankshafts, pistons 01:23:34:00 LS Silhouette of men sitting at drafting tables with grid of shadows on the wall behind them. 01:23:50:00 LS Car chassis superimposed over array of parts 01:24:02:00 MS Camera pans array of car parts: springs hubs 01:24:06:00 CU Car's footpedals 01:24:09:00 ECU Indicator on gearshift lever dial goes from Neutral to Drive 01:24:10:00 ECU Interlocking gears spin 01:24:14:00 ECU Powerglide stator turning in a bath of oil 01:24:22:00 CU Car tire beginning to roll 01:24:25:00 LS POV driver car accelerates 01:24:29:00 MS Camera is positioned out car window on driver's side car going in opposite direction passes by quickly 01:24:33:00 CU Oil drips down surface ("oil wipe" in picture) 01:24:38:00 CU Car wheel at rest 01:24:41:00 CU Side view car hood 01:24:45:00 CU Car engine 01:24:54:00 CU Camera pans undercarriage of car 01:25:04:00 CU Camera pans curves of car body 01:25:21:00 CU Gloved hand adjusts driver's sideview mirror 01:25:27:00 CU Gloved hand uses door latch 01:25:32:00 CU Gloved hands uses electric window opener 01:25:34:00 CU Car window goes up automatically 01:25:37:00 MS Rain on car side window 01:25:42:00 LS Snowy landscape seen through driver's side window 01:25:43:00 CU Gloved hand adjusts heating in car 01:25:47:00 LS Prairie landscape seen throught driver's side window 01:25:50:00 CU Gloved hand adjusts air conditioning in car 01:25:53:00 LS Car bounds through desert landscapes moving toward camera (torture test) 01:26:00:00 CU Sign "CAUTION TEST AREA" 01:26:05:00 CU Hands on steering wheel during torture test landscapes spins by 01:26:09:00 LS Car bounces through desert landscape 01:26:11:00 CU POV under driver's foot: driver depresses floor pedal 01:26:14:00 CU Series of large animated check marks (orange, blue, yellow) fill screen then camera zooms out 01:26:22:00 LS Silhouette of Chevy against multicolored lights 01:26:35:00 LS Rear of car with built in spare tire visible driving on highway away from camera 01:26:39:00 LS Skyline New York City day 01:26:48:00 LS Camera pans a variety of tall, modern buildings 01:27:06:00 LS AV of beach and coastline 01:27:18:00 LS Car drives away from drive-in teller at bank 01:27:26:00 LS Shopping mall in California "Pickin Chicken" sign visible 01:27:32:00 LS Nighttime drive-in movie theater sign reads "Le Jeune Park AUTO theater" 01:27:38:00 LS Building with sign "Neptune Motel", Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Fla. 01:27:46:00 LS AV curved bridge 01:27:51:00 LS AV section of elevated freeway 01:27:56:00 LS AV traffic circle 01:28:00:00 LS AV sections of highway overpasses, cloverleafs 01:28:19:00 LS Mechanical agricultural harvesting 01:28:30:00 LS Driver's POV going under overpass 01:28:40:00 LS Parking lot 01:28:46:00 LS AV development [Levittown?] 01:28:49:00 LS AV high-rise buildings 01:28:54:00 LS Mount Rushmore, first seen as camera moves through trees then static shot 01:29:22:00 [END OF FILM] 3:27:03- 3:40:21 Pan of hydroelectric plant moves from the top downward to pan across its source, a river with green hills surrounding it. 3:51:19- 4:07:13 Great image of three bridges and a sprawling city (Pittsburgh). Camera pans across the scene, and then zooms in on one particular building. 4:45:18- 4:57:18 Nice LA, linear shot (creating size diminution) of a skyscraper cuts to quick pan down the building to a busy, city street. 4:58:24- 5:14:18 Beautiful AV (flying POV) emerging from clouds to get a crisper, clearer view of the shores of a big city (San Francisco). 5:17:06- 5:41:03 Three AVs of different types of cities. The first looks like New York with dense buildings, the next is flatter with brown mountains surrounding it (Los Angeles-?), and the last is a completely flat, spread-out city. 5:45:21- 6:09:02 Interesting AV pan and slow zoom of some sort of an industrial waste area there are winding waterways, soil, and factories. Nice blues and browns. 7:37:22- 7:51:00 Crisp excavation shot a tactor digs a large hole in the ground in an undeveloped area. 8:28:05- 8:41:07 Long shot (in train-like POV) of minerals being placed in containers on tracks and moving across excavation site. 8:43:17- 9:11:10 Long AV ZIto a chemical engineering plant flat area with single level buildings surrounding the shiny, gray plant. Beyond the plant is green land. worth noting: several short shots of buildings at night. 14:35:24- 14:48:26 Silver train snakes through wintry countryside which cuts to a bus winding around curvy, rocky mountainous area. 15:37:11- 16:11:03 Nice driving POV montage of different areas and types of roads. Starts with dirt road and greenery to pavement and desert to a nicely paved "highway" to a "freeway" with mountains around it to an "expressway" (with overpass and exit roads visible) to driving under several tunnels to a beautiful bridge with crystal clear water beneath it. 16:11:15-16:33:00 Two crisp AVs of bridges. The first is arched and the second is straight across connecting mainland to a city on a peninsula. 16:33:03- 16:41:17 Beautiful overhead view of a long, skinny bridge going from "ridge to ridge" built precariously high into the Rocky Mountains. 16:44:29- 16:56:26 Crisp AVs of looping highway system (looks like Virginia, just outside Washington, DC) with its under and over passes. 23:43:29- 23:51:12 Driving POV ascending a hill (looks like Burnell Heights in San Francisco), going around corners, cutting to a view out of the back seat where we view the side of the car as it moves forward. 24:50:09- 25:00:21 Nice image of blue gloved hand pressing button in car to raise window which cuts to driving POV along a rural road in the rain which then cuts to driving POV in the snow. worth noting: nice, short shot of Florida coastline with mega hotels and beach front (26:24:04-26:29:28), and drive in movie theater ("Le Jeune Park, Auto Theater") at dusk (26:50:24- 26:55:13).