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PA-0019 Beta SP
Educational Industrial
ca. 1959-1960
Barbershops Hair styling Heads Haircuts Haircutting
Barbers "If attractive people are the leaders of society, then barbers and beauticians are the molders of leaders." This film shows the jobs of a hairstylist, a barber and a beautician and the transformation of an entire family. The father takes his son to the barber shop at the same time that the mother takes the daughter to the beauty salon. Also shown are women receiving manicures and facials. CU of a barber pole sign CU of a man's face while the back of his head is combed and trimmed A sign "WE SPECIALIZE IN FLAT TOPS" A boy hesitantly sits in a waiting chair CU of a towel being taken out of a cupboard CU of a boy reading CU of a buzzer trimmer A girl in a floral dress sits in a barber chair, a man pulls on her hair Hair stylist talks to a woman in a barber chair, combing her hair CU of the back of a man's neck being trimmed CU of the concentrating barber's face A female beautician trimming a girl's hair Barber putting powder on a dusting brush, brushes off the neck of a man in the chair CU of hair rollers CU of a box that squirts out shaving cream A beautician applying a facial to another woman, massaging her face A woman getting her nails polished Boy sits in a barber chair, barber trims his hair with buzzers CU of the face of a girl, smiling, her hair being combed by haircutter Boy climbing off a barber chair, man paying the barber Woman gets a net tied around her curlers, is placed under a dryer Man leans against a store-front window with a boy next to him, man lights a cigarette CU of a man crushing a cigarette out with his foot Woman smiling, two male stylists looking at her appreciatively Woman and girl exiting door, the woman spins in circles for a man waiting outside 19:01:07 - Americans At Work - 09349 19:01:53 Man and son come into barbershop. Son shakes hand of barber. 19:05:10 VO: "The traditional partnership of father and son at the barber shop. This is an exclusive men's' world where women do not go." Sequence: Boy looks at father CO of barber's hands 19:05:49 CU of male hairdresser VO: "Since 1945, an increasing number of men have chosen the beautification of womankind as a career. Their customers have confidence in their judgment because, after all, who is more appreciative of beautiful women than a man?"