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Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 4, No. 1)
PA-1045B Beta SP; PA-0558 Digibeta
Newsreels Automobiles Driving Mountains Roads, Winding Winding Roads Oceans Dust Swimwear Beaches Transportation Surfboards Surfing Paddling (surfboards) Sports, Water Headstands (on surfboard) Waving Rocks Sexuality; Newsreels Rocky (terrain) Terrain (rocky) Thermometers Temperature Dogs Terriers Animals Shirtless Wiping (sweat from brow) Sweat (wiping from brow) Rustic (settlements) Campsites Death Valley, CA Shacks Workers (landscape) Doors, Shack Headphones Radios Loading (cartons) Cartons (loading) Supplies Provisions Stores, Retail "Retail Store" Trucks Sacks, Mail Mail Letters (mail) Windows (truck) Deserts Dusty Warnings (signs) Signs (warning) Danger Poison (water) Water (poison) Bones Skeletons Ghost Towns Adobe Buildings Wagons "Wild Rose" Running (boys) Towels Pants (boy pulling pants up) Waving Packages Melted Chocolate Laughter Rowdiness Grabbing Boxes (chocolate) Food Anxiousness Newsreels Tripods Waving (arm) Running (onto railroad tracks) Trains Railroads Tracks, Train Photographers Steam Locomotives Transportation Automobiles Trunks, Automobile Darkrooms Bottles (developing fluids) Signs, "Do Not Disturb" "Halt...Do Not Disturb" "Do Not Disturb" Illustrations Soldiers Sentries Rifles Guns Cameras Negatives, Photographic Hats (berets) Stunts Springs Eyes Jokes, Practical Practical Jokes Newsreels LawEnforcement Police Guns Pistols "Saturday Night Specials" Bullets Automobiles Transportation Safety, Automobile Gloves Nodding Wires Buttons Seats, Automobile Steering Wheels Brake Pedals Clutch Pedals Pedals (brake & clutch) Motorcycles (police) Highways Hands (pressing buttons) Elkhart Police Dept. Gunshots Stomping (brake & clutch pedals) Stopping (automobile) Tape Measures Measurements Pavement Hands (holding tape measure) Splotch (on highway pavement) Test Cards Cards, Test Results, Test Tickets, Traffic Violations, Traffic Documents Newsreels Animals Wildlife Deer Pets Bucks (deer) Stairs Doorways Collars (deer wearing) Lips (deer licking its lips) Sidewalks Automobiles Transportation Doors, Automobile Ears Hearing Prodding Stores, Department Department Stores Plates, Dinner Towns, Small Locking (automobile door) Slamming (automobile door) Pointing Admonition Businessmen Surprise Reactions Curiosity Confusion Scratching (head) Head Scratching Beds Bedrooms Chewing (deer) Ears (deer's) Noise (reaction to noise) Eggs Frying (eggs) Food Kitchens Stoves Cooking Licking Oddities Jars (deer licking jar) Countertops Hooves (deer's) Cupboards Eating Families Tables, Dinner Dinner Dining Rooms Hats, Straw; CHEVROLET ADVERTISING NEWSREELS AUTOMOBILES TRANSPORTATION ODDITIES GAGS FADS BEACHES WAVES SURFING PACIFIC OCEAN SEAS CITIES INDIANA ELKHART GUNS POLICE DRIVING HIGHWAYS ROADS HEALTH AND SAFETY CAMERAS PHOTOGRAPHY HOBBIES RECREATION LEISURE RAILROADS STEAM ENGINES ROUNDHOUSES TRAINS CALIFORNIA DEATH VALLEY TRONA DEPRESSION CCC CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS DEER ANIMALS BUCKS NEW JERSEY BARNEGAT PETS FAMILIES NEW DEAL DESERTS HEAT MELTED CHOCOLATES MELTING NEW DEAL BORAX CHEMICALS ANIMAL ODDITIES ANIMAL ABUSE ANTHROPOMORPHISM
Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 4, No. 1) SURFBOARD RIDERS SHOW TRICKS ON WEST COAST BREAKERS. ELKHART, IND. POLICE USE 2-GUN METHOD TO TEST MOTORISTS' REACTION TIME. CAMERA FANS SHOOT IRON HORSES. TRONA FLYER MAKES RECORD RUN FRON TRONA, CALIF. TO CCC CAMP IN DEATH VALLEY. PETE, THE DEER LIVES IN A HOUSE WITH A NEW JERSEY FAMILY. Promotional newsreel sponsored by General Motors: Automobile driving along coastline, men and women surfing Supply truck driving through desert (Death Valley) to remote campsite Man lying on railroad tracks (photographing trains from odd angles), developing photographs in trunk of car Police using paint guns to measure automobile's braking distance Family with pet deer. Title Card: "Chevrolet Motor Division...General Motors Sales Corporation...Presents...The Leader News" superimposed over montage. Title Card: "Water Babes Slam Slippers, Strike Permanent Waves" superimposed over newspapers coming off of printing press. Malibu, California: LS 3 automobiles driving along winding road (at base of oceanfront mountain). MS above automobile (leaving dusty trail). Several women (wearing swimsuits) getting out of car (parked on beach surfboards strapped to roof) women removing surfboards. Men and women (carrying surfboards) running toward ocean. VS several men and women paddling surfboards riding waves man surfing while standing on head falling from surfboard. CU 4 women (wearing swimsuits) waving from rock. Title Card: "Death Valley Record Set, Trona Flyer Battles Heat" superimposed over newspapers coming off of printing press. ECU wall thermometer (illustration of terrier at top) indicating 112 degrees. Shirtless boy checking temperature on thermometer (wiping sweat from brow). MS rustic settlement in rugged hills at rim of Death Valley (wooden shacks people working outside). Boy, standing beside shack door, holding headphones to his ears (boy sitting beside him third boy approaches). 2 boys loading cartons onto truck parked beside small "Retail Store". CU boy tossing mail sack through open passenger window walking around front of truck. LS small, desert settlement (resembles prison camp) with tents, small buildings and water tower (hills in BG). Truck driving passed Spanish-style building. VS truck (leaving dusty trail) driving through (and negotiating grades in) rocky desert. CU sign in desert indicating: "Warning...Poison Water...Do Not Use For Any Purpose" truck passing sign. Truck approaching sun baked bones (skeleton) of large animal. Truck passing through ghost town (adobe building and small wagon prominent). CU weathered wooden signpost with arrow indicating direction to "Wild Rose" and "Death Valley". LS truck approaching desert settlement. Boys (waving) running out of shacks. 3 boys (one listening to headphones) running o.s. 2 shirtless boys running from shack (boy with towel around neck is pulling up his pants other boy is waving arm). Several boys converging on truck. CU several boys anxiously watching boy opening package CU melted box of chocolate. Laughing, rowdy boys grabbing at box CU hands reaching into box (grabbing melted pieces of chocolate) Title Card: "Shoot Engineer on Sight, Addicts Seek Dizzy Angles" superimposed over newspapers coming off of printing press. Man (wearing suit and carrying shoulder bag) frantically waving arm and running onto railroad tracks (in path of oncoming train) man lying down on tracks as train approaches taking photograph of train (as it switches tracks and passes him by, showering and obscuring him with steam). Man taking photograph of locomotive (pan to) well-dressed passengers taking photographs atop locomotive. VS photographers setting up tripods (to photograph locomotive inside train maintenance building). VS photographers. Photographer lying on back beside locomotive. VS locomotive suspended by chains (crowd beneath). VS man running across railroad tracks (beside spectators on rotating platform). VS man assisting man into automobile trunk (mobile darkroom) man in trunk with bottles of fluid (as trunk closes). Man placing sign on car indicating "Halt...Do Not Disturb" CU above sign with illustration of soldier (sentry) holding rifle. Man (on hands and knees camera dangling from neck) inside automobile trunk trunk opening man sitting on automobile bumper, examining film (negatives) with another man. CU boy (wearing beret) adjusting camera setting something (resembling a snake-in-a-can) springs out, hitting him in eye. Title Card: "Guns Bark as Paint Flies, Put Driver on Two Spots" superimposed over newspapers coming off of printing press. Elkhart, Indiana: CU hand loading 2 pistols (resembling "Saturday Night Specials") mounted on steel plate. Hand loading bullet into gun. Policeman rising from knees beside automobile putting on gloves and nodding while talking to someone o.s. CU hand placing wire (with taped button) onto car seat. Policeman adjusting wiring beneath steering wheel. ECU hands attaching (tying) wire to brake pedal. Men standing beside car (2 guns mounted on car's grill) car pulling away (revealing policeman standing beside motorcycle). 2 policemen driving car along highway. CU hand pressing taped button. 2 pistols (resembling "Saturday Night Specials") mounted on steel plate on car's grill (Elkhart Police Dept.) one gun firing. ECU foot stomping brake and clutch pedals second gun firing. CU above car pulling to stop. 2 policemen and inspector getting out of car walking behind it placing tape measure on ground. MS policeman (tape measure in hand) bending to pavement. CU hand holding tape measure beside splotched area. ECU "Elkhart Police Dept. Division of Traffic Safety Test Card" indicating test results. Policeman writing (what appears to be) traffic ticket (man, standing beside him, watching) another policeman appears (winding tape measure removing papers (documents) from coat pocket. Title Card: "Soft Life for One Buck, Pete Adopts New Quarters" superimposed over newspapers coming off of printing press. CU deer (buck) running down flight of stairs. Woman exiting doorway followed by deer (deer wearing a collar and licking its lips) both walking down sidewalk o.s. Parked automobile woman opening back door of car, prodding deer to climb in. Car pulling alongside curb (store's awning indicates "Abramowitz's Department Store") woman (driver) sliding across front seat exiting passenger door (small town, residential BG). CU woman's hands locking and slamming car door (deer's nose visible). Woman beside car (pointing finger at car window), admonishing (unseen) deer to wait in car and behave woman turning and entering store. Businessman walking along sidewalk (in residential area) glancing at parked car stopping (with surprised expression). ECU deer's head (looking about curiously). Businessman glancing into car (walking away) scratching head in confusion. Woman entering doorway, followed by deer. Deer standing in bedroom jumping onto bed. ECU deer chewing deer's ear flapping deer resting on bed deer abruptly raising head (in response to sound(?) ear cupping forward). ECU eggs frying in skillet. ECU deer (looking about curiously). Deer, standing on bed jumping off bed. Deer licking jar on table (in kitchen beside woman cooking at stove). ECU eggs frying in skillet. Deer nosing around kitchen counter jumping up and putting front hooves on countertop placing head in cupboard and eating napkin(?). ECU deer licking plate in cupboard. Family, sitting around dinner table, drinking coffee (deer, wearing straw hat, licking plate at table). ECU deer, wearing straw hat, eating from plate at table.