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Don't Be Afraid
PA-1898 Beta SP
Don't Be Afraid BILLY'S FEAR OF DARKNESS IN HIS BEDROOM PROMPTS HIS MOTHER TO EXPLAIN TO HIM THAT FEAR IS NATURAL. DISCUSSION OF VARIOUS KINDS OF FEAR - RATIONAL, IRRATIONAL. IN CONCLUSION, FILM ASKS AUDIENCE TO DISCUSS BILLY'S FEARS. Ken Smith sez: Billy is afraid of the dark, but his understanding mother tells him "don't be ashamed of fear," and this apparently helps. Ominous music plays during flashbacks, where Billy sees how he and his friends have dealt with fear in their lives. But where's the montage of speculative fears? Where're the monsters??? A disappointment. 11:05:46 Mom tries to get little boy to go to bed. He is playing with construction set. She puts him to bed and puts out the light. He is afraid of the dark. 11:07:34 Boy jumps up and calls his mother 11:08:12 Mother cooks breakfast for dad and boy. Fat in frying pan catches fire and scares mom. 11:09:17 Boy playing catch outside school. Little boy looks up. 11:10:32 Little boy playing with Collie dog. Little girl runs away. 11:11:18 Woman answers telephone 11:13:12 Dad brings little girl a puppy. 11:13:20 Little girl takes dog for a walk. 11:14:20 Little boy and parents discuss report card. THE END 15:01:54:18 - 15:03:03:23 NIGHTMARES (BOYS) (FEAR) (STOCK) INT. NIGHT MS little boy lying in bed with eyes open. Camera zooms in to his tense face. CUT to blurry shot of lamp in corner of room. It comes into focus - dark shadows play on the bedroom wall. Foreboding music swells. CUT to ECU of little boy s eyes. CUT to shadows on wall - curtain blows in the wind. PAN across wall of shadows. CUT to MS little boy lying very still. Music booms -- little boy sits up in bed dramatically and runs fro door, switches on the light, opens the door, and calls, Mother! Mother! 15:03:46:09 - 15:04:25:05 ACCIDENTS (GREASE FIRE IN KITCHEN) (STOCK) INT. KITCHEN MS Mom cooking breakfast. Dad and son (about 10 years old) sit at the table talking behind her. CUT to rear view of Mom adding pepper to the eggs and bacon in the pan. She lifts the pan up and a grease fire starts. CUT to frontal view of Mom screaming. She waves her spatula in the air. CUT to MCU grease fire on the stove. CUT to Dad and son jumping up from table. Dad grabs the top of a pan and smothers the flame. They all look relieved. 15:06:53:05 - 15:07:01:23 TRANSITIONS (UPSETTING PHONE CALLS) (CONCERNED MOMS) (STOCK) INT. KITCHEN MS MS Mom picking up telephone -- she looks worried. CUT to her friend on the other line -- she talks worriedly.