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Midwest Holiday
PA-2083 (part) Beta SP; PA-2189 Beta SP; PA-0304 Beta SP
Educational Industrial
Midwest Holiday PRESENTS THE MICHIGAN DUNES TO THE GRAND TETONS OF WYOMING. SHOWS MOUNT RUSHMORE IN S. DAK'S BLACK HILLS, MINNESOTA'S IRON RANGE, LINCOLN'S HOME, TOM SAWYER'S HABITAT & MANY OTHER BEAUTIFUL SCENES IN 10 MIDWESTERN STATES. Ken Smith sez: Dale Bennett, a journalist, is about to travel to Paris on a long-term assignment "covering the big stories" -- and he's eager to go. But his news editor tells him to take a vacation first, so he starts aimlessly driving across the Midwest (Jack Kerouac take note) and runs into the Craigs -- lovely, lithesome "Connie" and her nameless, elderly dad. While helping them fix their car, Dale inadvertently lets it roll off a very unMidwestern cliff. The Craigs don't seem to care, so Dale hitches their trailer to his car and the three of them hit the road! Dale thinks Connie is something special but it's hard to see why, since Connie hardly utters a word through the entire film. She just looks annoyed and bored as she paints oils of the sights she sees along the highway. Dale and the Craigs visit such vacation hot spots as the Kansas City War Memorial ("a place like this makes me feel the shadow of history") and Duluth, Minnesota ("this is real vacation country"). After their odyssey is complete, Dale returns to his editor, convinces him to print one of Connie's paintings each week(!), gives up his overseas assignment, and runs off to the hometown of his pouting true love, who we hope will at least have the courtesy to smile when she says "I do." Despite all the plot twists and U-turns, this film isn't especially entertaining in fact, it's pretty dull. Just like the Midwest??? Stock Shots: urban streets sign painted on door: Editorial Office, Managing Editor, City Room city room of newspaper excellent shot of cars on highway Lake Michigan dune buggy man harasses woman on beach man swimming in a lake station wagon pulling into the Standard Oil station gas station and attendant car stalled on road men looking under the hood empty car rolls down cliff and burst into flames car tows a trailer Interlochen all outdoors: young people playing acoustic basses french horn player young woman sitting down playing trombone people in medieval costumes orchestras and choruses "Taps" being played on a bugle at sunset. Locations: Spring Mill State Park, Indiana water wheel New Salem State Park, Illinois, log buildings Missisippi River with tugboat Hannibal, Missouri: Mark Twain's home Kansas City, shot of War Memorial and cityscape State Capitol building Lincoln, Nebraska Boot Hill in Dodge City, longhorn cattle Oklahoma City, oil derricks in city Pike's Peak, Rocky Mountains Rocky Mountain National Park Grand Teton Mountains, Wyoming Yellowstone River waterfall Old Faithful Montana: Dude ranch, horses fording stream CU fisherman with fish Mount Rushmore, South Dakota in the Black Hills Badlands of South Dakota Itaska [sp?] Park in Minnesota, the beginning of the Missisippi River Great Mosave[sp?]Range (Iron Range in Minn.), port of Duluth on Lake Superior Wisconsin trees and lakes, Wolf River, tour boat Iowa State Fair kissing marriage proposal Car drives on wooden bridge over small stream rapids fisherman casting in lake at the foot of Rocky Mountains golden field of wheat five wheat harvesters in a row go through field open pit iron ore mine chipmunks herds of dairy cattle Ferris wheel cotton candy livestock big pig Man takes a vacation through the American Midwest, finds the woman of his dreams, proposes to her and decides that to settle there. Excellent footage of national and state parks and scenic vistas. Man says to woman "You know you're mighty purty when you're mad." 15:00:16:23- 15:00:26:10 Great, crisp overview shot of busy Chicago street camera pans to specific building. 15:04:08:23- 15:04:15:11 Short but nice driving POV (we can see the top of the steering wheel) as we move along pretty, rural roads. The best part of this shot is the beautiful black trailor in front of us. 15:10:24:12- 15:10:35:01 Crisp driving POV we see a bright Mississippi River in northern Illinois as well as a bright, blue sky. 15:10:48:23- 15:11:04:20 Nice driving POV of entering Hannibal, Missouri via a small bridge the town is built into a hill. There's a nice overlap into a different angle of the town as we turn a corner to see Mark Twain's home. 15:11:18:00- 15:11:29:10 Excellent driving POV entering Kansas City, Missouri from the highway. Tall, phallic war memorial is prominent in the frame. This dissolves to crisp, colorful shot of Kansas City skyline. 15:12:02:20- 15:12:12:03 Beautiful stationary medium long shot of Oklahoma City's oil towers. 15:12:56:21- 15:13:22:21 Scenic driving POV of snow capped mountains and blue sky. As we ascend mountain, the shot dissolves into a view of surrounding vistas. There is a pan across the mountains to a look-out spot where people stand admiring the view. 15:13:44:28- 15:14:01:02 Connie sketches scenery in Wyoming. Our POV becomes hers as we look out at the post card vista of mountains, water, and blue sky. Camera pans slowly across the scenery. worth noting: a series of very short shots of South Dakota Badlands, Duluth, Minnesota, and the Iowa State Fair.