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Narcotics: Pit of Despair
PA-2009 Beta SP; PA-0785 Digibeta
Educational Industrial
Narcotics: Pit of Despair Produced by Mel Marshall. Director: Mel Marshall. Writer: Edward Brennan. Camera and editor: Jay Lovins. Narrator: Patrick Miller. Consultant: William F. Quinn, M.D., Chairman, Committee on Dangerous Drugs, California Medical Association and Chairman, California Narcotics Advisory Commission. With Kevin Tighe (John Scott) Gerald LeRoy (Pete) Julie Connors (Helen). Tells the story of a boy from a good home who begins using narcotics 'JUST FOR KICKS' and later becomes addicted to the point where he is dropped out of school and eventually arrested. One of the definitive drug films of the sixties, Pit of Despair was well known to high school A-V squads. By now, we've seen and heard most of the anti-drug clichs, but it's still a surprise to find so many encapsulated into a single film. Ken Smith remarks: It's a fat field, but this is the quintessential drug film. "peddlers of misery who prey on the unwary, the uninformed, the curious, the thrillseekers. Most young people will continue through life as normal, responsible citizens. Others -- the shunted and unloved, the unguided, the seekers of thrills and kicks, will become candidates for the slave world of life-long drug addiction. But no one is immune." "The formula is generally the same. Take a life of responsibility, the inability to make right choices, add to it ignorance and indifference, and top it off with a desire for escapism and kicks. The sum total is then conceivably found in the bennies, the reefer, the pot needle." "too busy with his girl, his car, his sports" sandy-haired and snaggle-toothed, John drives a snazzy british sports car Pete is a bearded groovester who wears a ribbed turtleneck with a zippered front "...pep himself up on bennies. He's handled them before and he knows where to draw the line." "a private party...plenty of fun and laughs." "take a break from the books and live a little" "the responsibilities of growing up" "strongly etched in his character" are "the practice of putting things off, making excuses, shirking unpleasent tasks" decides to "join the party" groovy Farfisa organ Zombies music "John doesn't realize it, but he's just been cast as the star fall-guy in a real-life tragedy" narrator as nagging bad conscience can say things no actor would Helen flutters her false eyelashes, thrusts forward her large breasts, and lures John into the web handheld party camera work "The exhertion of the dance, the excitement of Helen and several beers have taken effect. Inhibition and caution are forgotten. When Helen suggests they have a few more beers, he's all for it. Why not? Everyone else is doing it. To refuse would be 'square.' Besides, he's never been high on it before. And he never will. He can handle the stuff." "under the influence of the beer" she's a "hype" with a police record, "the swinger," "the hip chick of the gang" the garage is where "some of the gang are really blasting" "that's where the real action is" "Come on and take a look. Take a trip from 'Squaresville'. Live a little." "Why not? It can't do any harm to -- look." "the trippers, the grasshoppers, the hip ones" "flying high as a kite" in "their phony world of kicks" "Forget it, man, and get with the countdown. Shake this square world and blast off for Kicksville." "the feeling of 'putting one over'" "individuality, willpower, character are slipping down the drain" "the old behavior habits and excuses" "a few harmless puffs -- just to see what it's like" "Drag it, man! Try anything once! Fly! You can't get a habit from weed!" "John surrenders his dignity and lays his future on the chopping block" "Now he's too involved to think. He's having KICKS. He's away and flying. Up, up, out of this world." "But everything that goes up must come down." "escape from the troubles he brings on himself" "he's become psychologically dependent" "He thinks only a pal can help. Help split this square world." "Psychologically he's ready to make the 'big scene'. Caution, intelligence, normal defenses go up in pot smoke." "his confused brain" "the real blast" "living hell" "venom" "Of every thousand hypes who ride the toboggan to hell, only a few ever get off." "John isn't afraid, and he ceratinly isn't 'square'." "Sweat it out, pal. You wanted kicks. Now pay the price." "At first it seemed like such harmless fun. It was hip to go along with the gang. But where's the gang now?" (and where are his parents?) "Too late he realizes that by joining to belong, he's more alone than ever." Whowho-whoooooooahhhhhhhguhguhguggggg! "The agony will reach it's peak in 36 to 72 hours and continue for two more weeks." "Cool it. Cut it. Strangle it. In the jungle land of narcotics, it's fight, claw, kill, and every man for himself." steals his mom's "best silverware" "no one must ever know he's a hopeless junkie" "shame" "stigma" suit-wearing cops burst in and arrest "another small tentacle of the drug octopus is cut off" "with a police record to haunt him as long as he lives" (fair?) "the very best treatment modern science can give" "I wonder if Pete and Hank are out of prison yet? Won't do any harm to just stop by and say hello...." There is NO END. 12:16:43 CU cobra snake 12:18:01 VS of students outside school campus 12:20:05 CU man (at running track) reflectively looking TO: great ZI on bearded guy behind fence 12:23:26 overhead shot of party with streamers, balloons and people dancing TO: various CU shots of people euphorically dancing 12:27:51 LS of people getting high 12:31:39 MS male student in classroom receiving a 'D' on test 12:31:55 MLS from above and through fence of 2 men in 'drug deal' 12:32:31 CU 2 men in car smoking marijuana 12:32:22 LS man intoxicated stumbling into 3 women and negotiating crosswalk awkwardly 12:32:31 MS from below of looking up at man in delirium looking down at off screen space, the curb 12:33:35 CU 2 men rolling marijuana cigarettes 12:34:42 CU of man's hands preparing heroin needle 12:37:00 MS man shooting up heroin to CU 12:39:31 MS man having heroin withdrawal DT's 12:40:50 MS man shooting up man with DT's ZI to XCU of arm and syringe shooting heroin 12:42:15 LS man entering 'pawn shop' - sign visible 12:42:39 LS policeman entering 'police department' 12:43:35 LS drug bust 2 police officers, 3 drug offenders 12:43:45 LS man in prison, MS guard opens jail door