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News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 1, Issue 6)
PA-0094 Beta SP
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News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 1, Issue 6) 0:34:25 - UNITED NATIONS CONDEMNS RED CHINA VS delegates at United Nations political committee session vote on resolution General Matthew Ridgway studies war map in war zone American infantry soldiers advance through snow covered landscape, battle front, Korea (United Nations forces counterattack, slowing down Chinese and North Korean troops penetrating south of Seoul, Korean War - January, 1951) 0:36:27 - GEN. EISENHOWER SURVEYS ATLANTIC PACT DEFENSES President Harry S Truman, Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, Secretary of Defense, George C Marshall, at airport with departing General Dwight Eisenhower who speaks (SYNC-SOUND General Eisenhower shakes hands with President Vincent Auriol of France smiling Eisenhower, seated at large round table filled with government officials Eisenhower arrives airport in Holland Eisenhower motorcade and meeting with officials in Denmark AV of London...Eisenhower meets and shakes hands with General Bernard Montgomery AV of Rome...Eisenhower meets and shakes hands with statesmen in Italy Eisenhower meets General John McCloy... reviews military parade Eisenhower and wife, Mamie Eisenhower, debark airplane, winter weather...greeted by President Harry Truman at airport Eisenhower reports on his mission to Europe congressmen fill theater to hear and applaud BG, Sam Rayburn (Eisenhower sync-SOUND) (President Truman appointed Eisenhower as first head of NATO and sent him overseas to get the allied organization started - January, 1951) 0:40:30 - AIR NEWS VS Russian bombers and jet fighter airplanes shown in flight, on captured film footage. VS US Navy jets (Panthers) take off from aircraft carrier, engage two MIG's in dog fight over North Korea, shoot one down, then return to carrier VS US Air Force F-86 (Sabre-jet) shoots down MIG plane over North Korea. 0:42:45 - THE US IN THE CAMERA THE 82nd US CONGRESS OPENS WS Washington DC, Capitol Building and Mall Series of brief shots of Senators: Earle Clements, Willis Smith, Thomas Hennings, John Pastore, Mike Monroney, George Smathers, Russell Long, Tom Connally, Ernest McFarland, Lyndon Johnson (Senate Whip), Frank Carlson, Everett Dirksen, John Butler, Eugene Millikin, Robert Taft, and Kenneth Wherry... Congressional leaders: John McCormack, Sam Rayburn, and J Percy Priest VS workers repairing and rebuilding EXT & INT Capitol Building Speaker of House, Sam Rayburn, and Republican Minority Leader, Joseph Martin, convene House of Representatives into opening session President Harry S Truman speaks to joint session of Congress - showing new reconstructed rostrum and great marble rostrum of past WS Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Capitol 0:45:40 - SCIENCE Physics professor at University of Toronto gives class demonstration on properties of liquid air. His lecture is more in the way of a vaudeville act filled with sight gags and the class reaction is animated with rollicking good humor 0:48:26 - SPORTS MOUNT HOOD SKIWAY - OREGON VS bus-like tramway filled with skiers ascends Mt. Hood like a cable car VS skiers, downhill on snow covered slopes CYPRESS GARDENS RACEWAY - FLORIDA VS speedboats race through waterway course filled with hazards (steeplechase). Great action shots of boats going over hurdles (some in SLO MO)...and one shot of boats criss-crossing in mid air as if about to collide 0:51:26 - AMERICA'S HERITAGE ABRAHAM LINCOLN: THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS Actor impersonates Lincoln. Makes the famous speech. The night before, he requests to hear band play Dixie American flag, waves This material, with some omissions, appears in the film FREEDOM HIGHWAY (Jerry Fairbanks Productions for Greyhound Lines, 1955)