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Universal Newsreel Stories (California) (No. 3)
PA-3847 Beta SP
ca. 1950
Universal Newsreel Stories (California) (No. 3) 00:00:00:00 - 00:00:49:26 Fairfield, California Opening of Universal's "Once Upon a Horse." VS of horses wearing women's bonnets. 00:00:50:03 - 00:02:05:26 City is Born: Seven Towns Join to Form "Pacifica" a city of 22,000 VS shots of Bay Area suburbia. VS post office, landscape, rooftops and ocean in distance, sign: Pedro Vally Pop. 8600, suburban houses. GS of swearing in of city council and Mayor Mrs. Jean Fassler. 00:02:06:10 -00:02:42:05 San Francisco GS woman and her two children looking at poster for new movie with a bald heroine. VS woman getting her head shaved in publicity stunt. GS bald woman. 00:02:42:22 - 00:03:38:05 Santa Cruz, California Living Dolls Doll fashion show. Little girls walk across stage carrying dolls dressed like themselves. Cowgirls, rain coated, cutesy, brides, etc. Santa appears with the girls at the end. 00:03:38:10 - 00:04:58:03 (also on PA-3846) Amateur Skating Championships in Oakland, California GS of hundreds of kids on wheels in an auditorium. A 17 year old blond Latina from Long Island wins. VS of kids and teens figure roller skating. 00:05:03:19 - 00:05:46:08 San Francisco mint closes after 100 years of operation VS inside mint. Pennies pour out of machines, workers pulling levers. Cost of transporting pennies east, where they are mostly used, is given as the reason. Pan of old employees. 00:05:46:09 - 00:06:30:20 Yuba City, California AVs of rising waters of Feather River and levy repairs to keep water out. VS residents evacuating homes. 00:06:32:14 - 00:07:09:17 California CU man's finger pointing at Bible passage. VS man's concrete and wood replica of Ezekiel's wheel. 00:07:09:20 - 00:08:37:19 (1953) GS California State House in Sacramento. Gov. Knight making appeal for Will Rogers Memorial hospital in upstate New York for amusement industry's own tuberculosis hospital. 00:08:45:26 - 00:09:43:26 Camellia Festival and Parade in Sacramento. 5,000 children march with floats. Pan of crowd. Crowning of queen by mayor HH Hindren. GS of beauty queen contestants. 00:09:44:06 - 00:11:05:05 Flood Ravage Northwest Hit and 47 Perish VS flood waters, volunteers sand bagging, submerged homes. AVs of flooded land. GS helicopter lands and cameraman responsible for aforementioned shots introduced. GS refugee centers, crying babies and moms. 00:11:05:09 - 00:12:07:13 Sacramento, California Testing of possible new police cruisers. VS speeding cars attempting to stop quick, skids, cops measuring distance and using radar to check speed. VS motorcycles giving chase and participating in same test. 00:12:07:24 - 00:13:00:08 San Francisco Mining magnate Walter Scott Hallbart's jewelery collection is auctioned off. Funds to be divided among his heirs. VS of jewels and decorations. VS auction underway. 00:13:08:09 - 00:13:43:28 Dockside ceremony at Treasure Island Naval base in San Francisco Bay to acknowledge transfer of two ships to Spain. VS hundred naval personnel on wharf and on board deck of ship Spanish diplomat signs for ship, Spanish troops board ship, and Spanish flag raised. 00:13:43:29 - 00:14:35:13 Santa Cruz, California Tour of Santa's Village: signs say North Pole. MCU little girl licking snowy pole. GS petting farm and little girl feeding lamb. GS miniature train through redwood forest. VS old lady in shoe, Don Quixote ad windmills, lollipop house and tree that kids pick from. 00:14:35:17 - 00:15:20:28 Kensington and El CerritoCalifornia Five teenagers put together their own telephone company from junked and outdated equipment. Services 28 subscribers. VS teens in coveralls working on the equipment: panels of wires, etc. GS of one of their telephone poles. MS teen girl answering phone. 00:15:21:01 - 00:00:16:05:01 California VS cowboys riding steers. 00:16:05:07 - 00:17:09:14 Los Banos, California 1957 VS of their 50th Anniversary parade, mainly children walking in costume. Good shot of two kids dressed like chickens. VS of rodeo: bucking broncos. 00:17:17:03 - 00:18:57:18 A New Note in Music Mills College, Oakland Female college students in avant-garde orchestra. VS of college coeds playing weird looking instruments like giant xylophones, strange glass bells and horizontal harps. 00:18:57:20 - 00:20:08:19 Mechanical Cop on Job Woodland, California VS installation of traffic light in small town. VS traffic, school kids crossing with light. GS crowd of elementary school children surrounding light and staring up at it.