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Report on Puerto Rico, USA.
PA-0127 Beta SP
Report on Puerto Rico, USA. Produced and Directed by Emerson Yorke. Commentator: Fred Maness. Photography: Russell Carrier. Script: Juan Veldez. Original Music: Solita Palmer. Shows efforts to improve Puerto Rico's economy, mentioning the improved welfare of its people, growth of agriculture and industry and its tourist attractions. The land, people and industrial production of Puerto Rico., especially as available for commercial exploitation by US business. Shows landmarks, natural beauty and praises the stability of the democratic government of the Commonwealth. Alludes to Puerto Ricans fighting for independence. Shots: San Juan, Lottery cockfighting government housing authority built low-cost housing units Buildings in San Juan: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico (coeducational) School of Tropical Medicine hospitals, radio towers Spanish language newspaper heavy construction Isla Verde Airport, Ramey Air Force Base (SAC), bombers, air refueling crew simulated air-sea rescue helicopter Air Force MP's drill salt fields sugar cane fields and cutting pineapple plantations pineapples held by a child coffee bushes jibaro families pick coffee coconut drinks beach hotel resort pools woman in front of giant display showing air and water temperature at beach volleyball tennis El Yunque mountain the rain forest orchids ferns Luquillo beach VOs: "The timeless surf pounds the Carribbean shoreline of what Christopher Columbus dubbed El Puerto Rico, the rich port which he discovered on his second voyage westward in 1493." industrial incentives for American business: 10-year tax exemptions "Operation Bootstrap moves forward and today Puerto Rico is an integral part of the American economic system, a new frontier for business enterprise." "In these days of international strain, popular twice-elected native Governor Munoz Marin, aware of the agitations of a small minority of nationalistic fanatics and malcontents administers the affairs of the Commonwealth with clear vision and the loyal support of a stable and well-trained officialdom." mention of a village (didn't get the name) "scene of the recent ill-fated nationalistic uprising by the insurgents"