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Up In Smoke
PA-4078 Beta SP; PA-0108 Beta SP
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Up In Smoke Producer: Wetzel O. Whitaker. Director: Scott Whitaker. This film starts with a steamboat gliding along a Southern river. What follows is a parody of a cutthroat Southern tobacco company. "The Boss" (the head of the tobacco company) is a Huey Long character unconcerned with people's health. He (and all of his stereotypically foolish southern cohorts) want to sell sell sell. His son (an outstanding athlete and a southern gentleman) eventually changes his father's greedy attitude to one of respect for human lives. This film plays like a 1960s TV sitcom. 20:29:30:00 Up in Smoke - 24298 20:29:55:00 CU of smokestacks producing black smoke (20:29:57:00) 20:29:58:00 wide shot of steamboat on river (20:30:04:00) VO - Nestled in the... 20:30:05:00 MCU of paddle wheel of steamboat southern VO - ...fertile regions of the Southeastern United States... 20:30:09:00 cross fade to MCU of tobacco plants southern VO - the heart of our tobacco country. camera pans up to tobacco harvesting tractor (20:30:16:00) 20:30:17:00 wide shot of sprinklers on tobacco field (20:30:25:00) 20:30:26:00 CU of tobacco plants being harvested by hand southern VO - These colorful tobacco plants ripen and mature to provide mankind with one of the real.. 20:30:31:00 med shot of black workers in moving tobacco harvesting hut southern VO - ...comforts and luxuries of life, a satisfying and relaxing smoke. The Old Virginie Tobacco Company, home of the famous Humbar cigarette, the famous menthol carbonated cigarette... (20:30:46:00) 20:30:47:00 med shot of man unloading bales of tobacco southern VO - one of the many big producers in Tobacco Land, USA. (20:30:53:00) 20:30:55:00 CU of glass door with letters Old Virginie Tobacco Company camera zoom on door VO - Let s go behind behind the scenes where we find the Old Virginie Tobacco Company in a state of excitement. The quarterly sales report is just in, and the big question on every ones lips is... 20:31:08:00 MCU - tall blond woman and short guy talking as they walk down hallway VO - ...Are Humbars America s favorite cigarette? 20:31:13:00 short guy runs into another woman - papers go flying (20:31:15:00) 20:31:15:00 MCU of guy on ground - glasses askew, papers everywhere 20:31:17:00 CU of blond girl laughing 20:31:18:00 CU of nervous woman - Oh! Can t y all watch when y all going by! 20:31:22:00 CU of short nerdy guy looking angry - I, Miss Calhoun, am on important business for the big boss hisself. These are the latest figures on the campaign to make every man,... 20:31:32:00 CU of anxious grumpy lady nerdy guy - ... woman, and child in the whole country... 20:31:33:00 CU of blond girl looking serious nerdy guy - ...a cigarette smoker. (20:31:34:00) 20:31:35:00 med shot of office - ladies at desks - nerdy guy gathers papers, stands up - man sticks his head out of closed door - Where s that office boy? (20:31:39:00) 20:31:42:00 CU of nervous office boy, adjusting glasses - Here, sir...I m comin Mr. Blue, I m comin (20:31:43:00) 20:31:44:00 MCU of man shaking his head 20:31:45:00 med shot of office - anxious lady helps nerdy guy pick up papers 20:31:47:00 MCU - Mr. Blue grabs report from nerdy guy camera follows him past secretary s desk ( Take care of these! ) Mr. Blue opens double doors to conference room (20:31:57:00) 20:31:58:00 MCU of three men in conference room reading papers - Mr. Blue enters - they all stand and walk around room to man in corner getting a facial 20:32:08:00 - med shot of Mr. Blue addressing man with covered face - Here are the quarterly national survey figures, JB JB - ohh, yeah... 20:32:14:00 CU of man s hand on cigarette sales report - Humbars are second - Mr. Blue gasps - 20:32:16:00 med shot of Mr. Blue and other conference room men Mr. Blue - whispers I can t read these, with Humbars in second! passes then to next guy in line, he passes them to next guy, etc. 20:32:30:00 CU of last guy in line - looks shocked - Who me? Uh-uh! 20:32:34:00 med shot - last guy gives them back to Mr. Blue, he tries to give them away 20:32:42:00 MCU of facial guy and Mr. Blue Facial guy - Speak up, I can t hear you! Mr. Blue - In first place,... 20:32:45:00 CU of Mr. Blue looking very unhappy - 1 and a half million, Kenyon... 20:32:50:00 - med shot - facial guy yanks towel off face, sits straight up - Kenyon!!! Mr. Blue - In second place, by 1 million, Humbars Boss - Second! Second! he stands up and glared at Mr. Blue, then walks down line of lackeys - I ll give you char ters just three months, one more quarter! By that time, I want every man woman and child in this country smokin Humbars! (20:33:12:00) 20:33:14:00 MCU of boss in white suit - On every billboard, radio and television, on every newspaper and magazine... 20:33:19:00 camera pulls back to reveal row of men sitting in front of boss s desk Boss - ...I want ads in the Boy Scout magazine, and every college newspaper, full page ads in color, heh-heh... Boss turns and looks at globe - And let s not forget the soldier boys and sailors. (20:33:33:00) 20:33:34:00 - Boss standing over globe - Especially those in the hospitals, send them all free cigarettes. (20:33:38:00) 20:33:39:00 MCU of row of lackeys in suits 20:33:40:00 MCU of Boss walking back to desk Boss - I wanna help those poor boys are their way. Oh... 20:33:44:00 MCU of boss from between shoulders of lackeys Boss - ...and speaking of boys, let s not forget the young people. Get ads in every... 20:33:52:00 MCU of row of lackeys Boss - ...high school paper, their yearbooks,... 20:33:54:00 MCU of Boss Boss - ...and that Weekly Reader. Give those kids something for their busy little minds, I always say. And other thing... 20:34:00:00 MCU of lackeys 20:34:01:00 MCU of Boss Boss - We need a new slogan! 20:34:03:00 MCU of one lackey - JB, you know our competitor who says their cigarettes take you away? Well, I ve got a better slogan. Now get this - Humbars take you out of this world! Lackey taps forehead with self-satisfaction (20:34:16:00) 20:34:17:00 MCU of Boss - let me think on that one. 20:34:21:00 - MCU of Boss pointing finger at lackey - door behind them opens - guy in lab coat enters- yelling 20:34:22:00 - med shot - reaction of row of lackeys, Boss 20:34:23:00 med wide shot of scientist entering - I ve got it, JB, Look! Scientist walks toward Boss 20:34:28:00 med shot of Boss and scientist, holding mouse Scientist - We gave this mouse the residue from smoking one Humbar cigarette, and it didn t die! Scientist looks ecstatic 20:34:34:00 frightening CU of mouse in grip of scientist 20:34:36:00 MCU row of lackeys lean in to look at mouse 20:34:38:00 CU of mouse dying (20:34:43:00) 20:34:44:00 MCU of Boss and Scientist looking shocked Scientist turns and walks away sadly - Oh, well back to the lab. and drops mouse in garbage. (20:34:57:00) 20:34:58:00 MCU - row of lackeys looking confused, worried 20:35:00:00 med shot of Boss standing, leaning over desk Boss - Well, Gentlemen, keep a still upper lip. As Stonewall used to say.. 20:35:10:00 - MCU row of lackeys 20:35:12:00 - MCU of Boss - We may have lost the battle, but we all ain t lost the war. Now get out there and sell cigarettes! (20:35:18:00) 20:35:19:00 Lackey - Yes sir, JB! med shot of lackeys looking busy 20:35:25:00 CU of hand dialing rotary phone (20:35:27:00) 20:35:34:00 - med shot of man watching television in the dark - It s Humbar Time and drawing of box of cigarettes on screen camera zooms in on television (20:35:38:00) TV - It s Humbar Time, time for America s favorite cigarette! 20:35:39:00 - TV scene - construction worker and waitress light up (20:35:38:00) 20:36:01:00 CU of carton of Humbars sliding across counter toward camera 20:36:03:00 CU of man s hand putting quarter on counter, woman s hand pushing pack of cigarettes toward him 20:36:05:00 CU of cash register numbers popping up 20:36:06:00 CU of change return machine - hand taking change 20:36:08:00 CU of cash register drawer popping open - full of cash 20:36:10:00 CU of man s hands giving pile of cartons of cigarettes to another set of hands 20:36:12:00 CU of man putting coin in cigarette machine - pack of cigarettes dispensed 20:36:14:00 CU of Lackey tapping finger on forehead 20:36:17:00 MCU of Boss at desk, pointing finger 20:36:18:00 CU of numbers popping up on cash register 20:36:19:00 CU of sales popping up on cash register another quick cash register numbers CU 20:36:20:00 CU of fingers ringing up sale 20:36:22:00 CU of man s hand offering bill, taking carton of cigarettes 20:36:23:00 CU of hand passing pack of cigarettes to another hand 20:36:24:00 3 quick shots of sales sign popping up on cash register 20:36:26:00 MCU of man giving pack of cigarettes to customer 20:26:29:00 CU of numbers on cash register 20:26:30:00 CU of hand sliding two cartons across counter 20:36:31:00 med shot of crowd of people looking up 20:36:35:00 MCU of man in suit on lift rising up to scaffolding where worker is painting Suit - This is your on-the-spot reporter with another unrehearsed interview to find out which cigarette America prefers best. (20:36:45:00) 20:36:45:00 CU of pack of Humbar cigarettes in hand of reporter, who puts pack into worker s pocket 20:35:47:00 MCU - reporter and worker Reporter - Which cigarette do you prefer? Worker feels around in pockets, finds Humbars, gives them to reporter Reporter - well, well, well, well, Ladies and gentlemen, that's 100% for Humbars! reporter starts rising - Remember folk, Humbars take you out of this world!....Wait...whoa, wait! worker looks up at him (20:37:11:00) 20:37:12:00 med shot of crowd looking up (20:37:15:00) 20:37:16:00 med shot of worker looking up into sky - fade to black (20:37:21:00) 20:37:23:00 fade up - CU of Old Virginie Tobacco Co. door 20:37:26:00 cross fade to med shot of ladies at desks in office - camera moves toward woman at end of row 20:37:33:00 med shot - young man stands in front of lady s desk Lady - Hel-lo... Young guy - Hi, is Daddy in? Lady - He s always in to you. He s got a big shot in there now but I m sure he won t mind. 20:37:43:00 med shot of two other ladies smiling over at cute young guy 1st Lady - Nice to have you back..How was college? 20:37:45:00 med shot of young guy and lady at desk guy - It was swell, thanks. Say, don t bother Daddy.. (20:37:48:00) 20:37:48:00 CU of lady - Oh he won t mind. smiles and thinks to self - I wouldn t mind (20:37:52:00) 20:37:53:00 MCU of college guy, looking over at other women staring at him 20:37:54:00 med shot of ladies suddenly looking back at work 20:37:55:00 MCU of college guy, quick CU of lady 20:37:56:00 MCU of college guy - No, don t bother him. I ll wait. 20:37:58:00 med shot of college guy looking at poster of baseball player, then female singer (20:38:12:00) 20:38:14:00 med shot of college guy sitting down, reading paper Lackey recognizes him, comes over to shake his hand 20:38:21:00 MCU of Lackey and College Guy Lackey - As they say around the office, it s a smoking pleasure to see you! (20:38:24:00) 20:38:36:00 CU of college guy - Are these your brain children? 20:38:38:00 MCU of poster with glamorous woman smoking 20:38:40:00 MCU of college guy and lackey Lackey - Real mellow, eh? real mellow. Well, I've got to be going, kid...that s the way the filter tips! You'll be around, though, eh? College guy - Yeah, sure. (20:38:50:00) 20:38:51:00 MCU - Lackey leaving, stops next to poster of baseball player - turns and looks at college guy (20:39:00:00) 20:39:00:00 med shot of college guy reading paper - shot blur dissolves into 20:39:03:00 MCU of quarterback in football game - ready for snap - cigarette in mouth (20:39:08:00) 20:39:09:00 MCU of quarterback running for touchdown with cigarette in mouth, dodging tackles - shot blurs back to college guy (20:39:14:00) 20:39:16:00 MCU of college guy reading paper 20:39:17:00 MCU of Lackey looking back at college kid - Lackey has thinking face on - taps finger on forehead - fade out (20:39:23:00) 20:39:15:00 med shot of college guy reading paper - doors behind him open, Boss and colleague come out 20:39:38:00 Boss notices son, comes to give him a hug - Oh, Junior! Am I glad to see you! My boy, my boy! Why didn t you tell us you were coming.... (20:39:45:00) 20:39:46:00 med shot of Boss and Junior in office 20:39:54:00 Junior - Hey Dad, what s new around here anyway? Boss - What s new? Oh, ho... Boss walks over to chart of Tobacco Sales Boss - Look at that chart! Look at that chart! Look at that rise in sales! Why we ll have every man, woman, and child between the ages of 10 and 90 smoking Humbars in this country in the next few years. 20:40:14:00 Junior - No Dad, from all I ve been able to understand, cigarette smoke is really bad for people. Fact several of the prominent doctors up on the campus say it s undermining the health of the nation. Boss - Nonsense, Son, nonsense. Of course we get a few complains now and them, but we ve got people who will swear by what we claim about cigarettes. (20:40:35:00) 20:40:36:00 same shot Boss - walking to desk, camera follows - Of course we ll get a little less smoking from those people who are afraid of heart trouble, lung cancer, and the like, but if they quit smoking, smokers are just like street cars, they ll be another one along in a few minutes. (20:40:52:00) 20:40:54:00 CU of Junior, eating apple - Just what is it in cigarettes that s so dangerous? 20:40:58:00 MCU of Boss sitting in chair Junior - I know about nicotine, of course. Boss - Oh just the ordinary things that you find around the house: tar, arsenic, carbon dioxide, formaldahyde.. (20:41:09:00) 20:41:10:00 CU of Junior - Formaldehyde! 20:41:11:00 MCU of Boss looking unhappy Junior - You mean embalming fluid? Boss - No, not enough to hurt you son. Just enough to tickle your throat. Remember there s a lot of satisfaction in a good smooth smoke. Satisfies... 20:41:24:00 MCU of Junior Boss - ...the tobacco craving. Tobacco craving, huh? Junior throws apple away Junior - What you really mean... 20:41:31:00 MCU of Boss looking angry Junior - ... is you ve got em hooked! Boss - Not so loud, Son, that hurts! Say what re they teachin you up at that Yankee university, bad manners? (20:41:38:00) 20:41:39:00 med shot of Son walking around room Junior - Dad I don t mean to be impolite, but look, if cigarette smoking so bad for people, why do we keep it undercover? (20:41:47:00) Boss - standing - Well, Son, you may be a great quarterback and Phi Beta Kappa, but they didn t teach you much. This is a... 20:41:57:00 CU of Junior Boss - ...big business! And if we scared em, do you think they d smoke? (20:42:00:00) 20:42:01:00 CU of Boss - Why boy, we ve got a big responsibility to our stockholders, our tobacco growers, and our employees. We ve just got to sell cigarettes! (20:42:10:00) 20:42:11:00 CU of Junior - Even if it means not telling the public what suckers they are? (20:42:13:00) 20:42:14:00 med shot of Boss and Junior Boss - Not so harshly Son. Let s just say we use a little whitewash over the rough spots. You know, sort of tell them half-truths. Junior - But we re conspiring against the public by getting them to do something by trickery and deceit. 20:42:29:00 CU of Boss - Don't rile me, boy, don't rile me. What would your dear departed mother say to hear you talk like this? Rest her soul. My, but she used to love her Humbar... (20:42:44:00) 20:43:17:00 med shot of Boss and scientist, Junior standing behind them Boss - There, there, Waldo. Don't worry. Remember, if at first you don t succeed, one of these days you ll come up with a filter to satisfy all these anti-smoking campaigns. Thanks Waldo. Waldo walks back toward door, dumps burning cigarette in garbage (20:43:46:00) 20:43:46:00 MCU of Boss, Junior Junior - Dad, I thought that your ad said that your new filter filtered out nicotine and carbs and all that stuff. Boss - It did, Son. But then we had to increase the strong tobacco to get the taste back. So the filter really isn t any good. But it does sell cigarettes. (20:44:05:00) 20:44:06:00 CU of Junior, angry - Is that all we re interested in Dad? Just selling cigarettes? 20:44:10:00 med shot of Boss, Junior Boss - C mere, Son. Boss walks toward window, pulls back curtains to reveal vista of factories 20:44:19:00 med wide shot of Boss and Junior in front of window Boss - All this will belong to you someday if you ll just smarten up a bit. DO you realize what a big industry this is? Boss and son walk away from window, toward camera Boss - Us tobacco men earned 4 and a half billion dollars last year. Junior - All I can say is that s a lot of money going up in smoke. Boss - Watch your lip, Son, watch your lip. 20:44:43:00 Boss and Junior walk back to Tobacco Sales chart Boss - Now this here chart shows the rise of... 20:44:47:00 CU of Junior Boss - ...cigarette smokin ... 20:44:49:00 CU of chart of cigarette smoking next to chart of cancer deaths Boss - the last ten years. 20:44:52:00 CU of Junior Boss - Here we see that... 20:44:53:00 CU of chart title - Cancer Deaths Boss - ...lung cancer has increased... 20:44:55:00 CU of Junior Boss - at the same ration as cigarette... (20:44:57:00) 20:44:58:00 - med shot of Boss trying to cover chart Boss - Whoops...wrong chart 20:45:00:00 CU of Junior, smiles Junior - So all those figures show that smoking and cancer really do have a relationship. Smoking... 20:45:09:00 CU of Boss Junior - ...could cause cancer. Boss - That s a nasty dirty thing to say, Son. A lovely pure white cigarette, causing cancer? It gets me, right here pounds chest, starts coughing (20:45:21:00) 20:45:22:00 med shot of Boss and Junior, Boss bent over coughing Junior - But I mean it, Dad, does cigarette smoking cause cancer? Boss - Well, they say it does, we say it don t. Junior - But if they re right, smoking could shorten lives. Boss - Well, what s two to ten years, more or less. Remember, the world s too crowded already. Junior - Maybe we shouldn t keep it a secret. Boss - walking over to desk - camera follows Boss - Well, Son, if every smoker got lung cancer and shortened his life 20 years, we d still sell cigarettes. Remember, Son, money talks. And right now it says for you to quit biting ... 20:46:03:00 CU of Junior Boss - ...the hand that s feeding you (20:46:04:00) 20:46:05:00 med shot of Boss seated at desk, Junior standing over him Junior - Well I don t like it. And I don t want any part of it. I feel like a hypocrite having anything to do with making suckers out of the rest of the country when I don t even smoke myself. 20:46:15:00 - Son leaves - Boss remains seated at desk, silent 20:46:21:00 CU of framed photo of Junior in football game on desk 20:46:23:00 med shot of Boss sitting at desk (20:46:24:00) 20:46:25:00 med shot of Junior walking out of office past posters stops at baseball player poster 20:46:28:00 CU of Junior 20:46:29:00 CU of poster slogan - Can t get a hit without a Humbar 20:46:33:00 camera pans up poster to baseball player s face - 20:46:34:00 quick CU of Junior cut back to poster player blurs - replaced with different uniform, huge cigarette in stead of bat - player swings, huge cigarette breaks (20:46:42:00) 20:46:43:00 CU of Junior, smiling, shakes his head 20:46:45:00 med shot of Junior in front of posters, walks back to poster of lady 20:46:49:00 CU of lady with cigarette - she comes alive, turns and smiles with hideous rotted teeth (20:46:58:00) 20:46:59:00 CU of Junior 20:47:01:00 - CU of poster slogan - Humbars Keep Kissing Sweet 20:47:03:00 CU of Junior shaking head 20:47:05:00 med shot Junior in front of posters 20:47:10:00 CU of poster slogan - Humbars Keep Me Afloat 20:47:13:00 CU pan up poster to bare-chested sailor 20:47:16:00 CU - sailor comes to life - camera zooms in on sailboat tattoo over heart 20:47:20:00 sailor looks down 20:47:22:00 sailboat sinks 20:47:25:00 CU of sailor coughing (20:47:30:00) 20:47:31:00 CU of Junior, smiling, shaking head 20:47:34:00 med shot of Junior leaving the office (20:47:36:00) 20:47:57:00 Lackey standing next to sidewalk - throws football at Junior 20:48:00:00 photographers run in and photograph Junior 20:48:02:00 MCU of model looking very conceited , trying out poses Lackey runs up to her gives her a pack of cigarettes, and pushes her toward Junior (20:48:13:00) 20:48:14:00 MCU of model smiling, holding cigarette up to Junior s lips (20:48:20:00) 20:47:37:00 med shot of Boss, lackeys looking at photos on table Lackey - Junior s a famous All-American. If anyone can get the kids to smoke, he can! (20:47:45:00) 20:50:25:00 MCU of Junior and Boss Boss - I may be a rough old tobacco man, Son, but as for you re not smoking, I m right proud. This ain t for publication, but uh, I wouldn t smoke for a million dollars. Boss starts laugh and taps head (20:50:51:00)