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You Have Everything (Chevrolet Truck Field Training Film)
PA-1007 Beta SP
Chevrolet Truck Division (sponsor) Trucks Highways Streets Chevrolet (trucks)
You Have Everything (Chevrolet Truck Field Training Film) 11:34:11:09 MCU old pickup truck, man in suit walks up to passenger door, CU of man CU Black old sedan CU old yellow "bread" truck CU old orange farmer's pickup CU old blue van (?) CU old black van CU old black pickup truck CU hand signing purchase order for car CU man inspecting pickup, with man in suit right beside him, CU 2 men talking, they walk to hood, open it and look inside, then walk over to desk salesman gets pamphlet and shows it to customer, VS CU pages of pamphlet 11:36:25:01 Man driving pickup truck full of bags & boxes of produce, makes turn Camera pans side of building and fades to 2 men talking at desk One man shows the other a pamphlet on special equipment for Chevrolet trucks 11:36:25:07- 11:36:35:00 Beautiful shot of a black truck carrying neatly packaged produce rounding the corner from Main Street in what looks like an agricultural town. There are nice buildings (some look like smaller warehouses) one says EGGS in huge letters and a restaurant is next door to it. 11:38:04:04 Shot of large Orange M.A.T. Truck turning into direction of camera, VS CU truck 2 men walking towards camera (both in hats), they stop to talk right in front of camera CU truck data book MCU large yellow pickup truck driving across screen pans back of truck which holds gray cement blocks 11:39:43:00 Blue wagon in front of "Meats and grocery" store, 2 men approaching it, man puts foot on running board CU 2 men talking Man shows storeowner pamphlet MCU store owner at driver's seat of blue wagon truck drives away CU truck's side, FAIRVIEW MARKET GROCERIES & MEAT CU facade of TWIN PINES FARM DAIRY CU 2 men talking in office 11:41:50:27 CU white milk truck 2 men approach it MCU milkman carrying bottles to truck, gets in, drives off CU 2 men talking CU one man showing another a pamphlet VS men talking CU CHEVROLET hood MCU Acme Cartage truck CU Maple City Lumber truck CU General Industries pickup truck VS CU different professional trucks THE END