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DN-ZLB-063 Beta SP
1940s, 20s
FDR, inaugurations, US presidents, politics, politicians, government, WWII, military, Hawaii, farmers, surfing, water sports, oceans, water, sea, tourism, vacations, resorts, WWI, NASA, space flight, astronauts, Gordon Cooper, military, Philippines, Burma, China, Asia, soldiers, combat, allies, Atlantic City, May Day, Aerials
FDR inauguration for fourth term as US president, White House, Washington DC, January 20, 1945. WWII Pacific theater of battles. Hawaii tourism films from 1920s-30s. Return of NASA Project Mercury mission astronaut Gordon Cooper. 15:01:20:22 - 15:06:03:14 b w w sound 1945 Newsreel credits- soldiers, tanks, planes, ships etc. AV, WS White House. Guests enter gates. Wounded US WWII veterans, military servicemen arrive. Soldier on crutches. VO: male narrator - first inauguration on White House grounds. VS reporters, photographers with cameras. FDR's grandchildren wait on portico steps. Presidential advisor Harry Hopkins. Secretary of war Henry Stimson and wife, Sec. of Navy, Interior. Chief Justice Harlan Fisk Stone. Naval admiral Ernest King. Secretary of state E. Stettinius, Jr. and wife. General of armies George Marshall and wife. Swearing in of VP Harry Truman. FDR takes oath of office (behind podium). Excellent FDR speech WWII 'test of courage, resolve, wisdom, democracy.' VS spectators in cold, including Japanese-Americans. 'We will work for just and honorable peace, victory in war.' FDR laughs with Truman. 15:06:03:16 - 15:09:26:02 b w w sound 1945 VS WWII footage. 'Sea Rescue by Helicopter.' Helicopter raising pilot on harness from downed plane in Lake Michigan, lowering onto ground in Chicago, IL. 'Japanese airbase hit by allies in Philippines.' Bomber planes from Morotai attack Porto Princesa airfield in Luzon. Squadron in flight. AVs bombs falling from planes. US Coast Guard ship Mackinaw cuts through ice in Great Lakes, paving way for cargo vessels. US Infantry landing ships on rough stormy Atlantic Ocean coming back from Sicily, Salerno, Normandy. Typhoon off Philippines. VS US military aircraft carrier in tropical storm. Heavy wind, dust. Crewmen use rope to tie down planes on deck. 15:09:26:03 - 15:11:28:11 b w w sound 1944 'Allied Burma drive continues.' Allied troops march on Burma road. Chinese troops cross river by Bhamo. Chinese artillery w US help defending against Japanese. VS bombers, explosions, troops. Chinese advance. Bombing, carnage, burning ruins. Buddha statue, temple in ruins. US army Gen. Dan Sultan. Raising of Chinese flag over Bhamo. 15:11:36:04 - 15:23:02:15 b w w sound 1943, 44 Meeting of the 'Big Three.' Tehran, Iran. Stalin, FDR, Churchill meet to plan WWII offensive strategy for coming year. Map w Chinese flag spreading over Pacific. Ground forces landing at Enwitok atoll. Brief shot of Gen. MacArthur. Flak being shot at ships. Battles, wounded soldiers. Tsai Pan. Guam. Dramatic male VO. VS Allied troops relaxing. Gen Eisenhower at map. Allied landing on northern coast of France (D-Day Normandy). Troops rushing shore, beaches. Map of European liberation. VS Crowds rally in Rome, Paris, Bucharest, Brussels, Belgrade, Athens. Quebec meeting between Churchill, FDR. FDR reelection. Industry, weapons, ammunition manufacture. German strike at Belgium. Tanks. Sea battles. Philippines. VS national delegates at summit. 15:23:09:11 - 15:31:52:05 b w silent 1920s Hawaii tour film, sponsored by Ford. Ceremony of schoolchildren from Hawaii, Japan, Philippines, China forming large American flag. Fast motion: Children in robes slap hands in 'pattycake' game and dance. Swimmers race in water. Middle-aged farmers slice and share pineapple. PAN field. WS Men harvesting pineapples. CU pineapples being picked. Pineapple processing. PAN blowing plants in field. VS portraits of US presidents. US, British flags. Hawaiian workers kneading, pounding dough. Children eating mangoes. VS men scale tree for papaya fruit. CU farmer talking plowing with oxen. Rice paddies. Boat in harbor. 15:31:52:05 - 15:33:20:09 b w silent 1920s Maui. Ferry in harbor. Women sewing thread. Statue of King Kamehameha I. 15:33:20:10 - 15:41:00:05 b w silent 1920s Hawaii, Waikiki. Diamond Head mountain. Weird staged sequence of Hawaiian woman and man in pioneer costume. They point to wagon train. Pioneers with wagon, horses. Mission Memorial High School. Children line up in schoolyards. Texas- Staged Old West-type scenes in saloon, street etc. Int: play performed in one room schoolhouse. Norma Talmadge in theater. Fort Bliss army base, El Paso, Texas. Large high school grounds. Herds of antelope in field. 15:41:00:06 - 15:45:06:17 b w silent 1920s Hawaii tour film, sponsored by Ford. 'Hawaiian Surf Riding.' (Surfing) Surfers dancing, paddling to sea. Excellent Canoe POV surfers riding waves. 15:45:06:18 - 15:46:50:06 b w silent 1920s Atlantic City, NJ. Tourism film sponsored by Ford. AV of town. HA people walking on boardwalk by beach. Men in old-fashioned swimsuits play volleyball, pose doing piggyback on beach. Children play on beach. WS ocean waves rolling into shore. VS stores in town. People ride in 'rolling chair' carriages down crowded boardwalk. 15:46:50:07 - 15:48:03:07 b w silent 1920s Animated illustration of editorial cartoons promoting US liberty war bonds for WWI rehabilitation effort. Uncle Sam with rifle guarding farm field, Lady Liberty holding bag labeled 'victory' bag running from dog labeled 'famine.' 15:48:10:14 - 15:54:37:03 b w silent 1930s May Day? outdoor festival. Girls in dresses and bonnets dance strangely in field. Children toss balls. Orchestra plays with crowd in stands. VS people dancing on wooden platform for competition. Children march with ribbons around the maypole. Funny and weird scene of young woman performing and crossing legs on wooden platform, then doing gymnastic stunts in field. 15:54:44:11 - 16:00:31:20 b w w sound 1963 Newsreel 'Return of a Hero.' Astronaut Gordon Cooper returns from Mercury MA-9 orbit mission. VO male host. VS Recovery of orbiter capsule from ocean. US Navy helicopter. Cadets watch from naval aircraft carrier. Capsule is lowered onto deck. Good: Cooper emerges and salutes officers. Cooper drinks fruit juice in sick bay, later eats steak dinner with NASA scientists, engineers. VO: proof of man's fitness in space, preparation for NASA Gemini program. Cooper homecoming ceremony on airstrip in Hawaii. His wife Trudy, daughters Camala and Janita walk to greet him, wearing leis. Cooper kisses family, receives leis. Crowds watch motorcade parade in Honolulu. Cooper and family arrive from plane at Cape Canaveral, FL. Cooper waves from car in welcoming parade. Crowd cheers, waves American flags. Press conference. Brief: Cooper talks about space flight (23 nights in space), not being worried about electrical malfunction.