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DN-LB-519 Beta SP
09:35:47:00 B W 1936 23Sep36 Si Universal Newsreel main title w montage. 09:36:06:00 B W 1936 Si Cleveland, Ohio American Legion Holds Big Reunion In Cleveland, O. Parade on sunny day with police units, American Legion veterans carrying flag, Indians in headdresses, drum majorettes, overweight women and many flags. Patriotic Patriotism Military Veterans Convention Ethnic stereotypes Americana. 09:36:51:00 B W 1936 Si Washington, DC [Civil War Veterans Parade] Men slowly march up street with flags and banners wearing medal. People on sidelines applaud. Man does jig as he marches. Women kiss veteran. Reviewing platform. Confederate Army Military Veterans. Geriatrics Dance Jig. 09:37:40:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `Freighter Sinks In Crash During Record New York Fog'. Norwegion Freighter Pluto sitting broken in East River water with deck covered. Several shots. 09:38:10:00 B W 1936 Si Chicago, Illinois `Surgeons Try To Save Baby Doomed To Die.' 5 day-old Julian Tafel, Jr. dies after failed surgery on colon. 2 shots of nurses & surgeons working in good shots. 3 doctors' pose for camera. Family at hospital bedside. 09:38:41:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `New York Yankees `Pro' Grid Eleven Ready For Battle.' Practicing on Randall's Island doing calisthenics posing for picture with coaches. CU of players, running play toward camera. Professional Football, Sports training. 09:39:16:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `Impressive Rites Mark Holy Name Convention in N.Y.'. 60,000 Catholic men in Randall's Island stadium. Procession, VIPs pray on stage before cross with Christ. Men kneeling on field in prayer in religious service. Religion. Catholic. 09:40:00:00 B W 1936 Si Lodi, California `California Wine Center Holds Fete To Mark Vintage.' Very elaborate floats with flowers, Japanese themes and one saying Queen Tokay. Large model of Spanish mission. Wine casks in street with wine being poured for people. People toast with raised glasses. Motorcycle stuntman through three walls or barriers. Celebration Wine Festival Americana. Agriculture Winery. 09:40:55:00 B W 1936 Si Salt Lake City, Utah `Fearless Youth Stages Wire Act Over Lion Cage.' Buddy LaVarro w parasol for balance walks wire over pen of lions as brothers poke at them with stick & chair. CU of smiling brother. Stunts Oddities Circus Training. 09:41:35:00 B W 1936 Si Venice, California `Ocean-Going Bike Devised For Deep Sea Fishermen' Man pedals paddle wheel mounted on two pontoons offshore to fish. Putting fish into creal. Inventions Oddities Gags Fisherman. 09:42:09:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `German Flying Boat Tries Out New Sea Route.' Schwabenland ship with plane on board, catapult greased, Man at dials, throws level to launch, plane off and in air banks above camera. Transport planes Zephyr and Aeolus take off from their mother ship. Aviation Launching Airplane Trans-Atlantic Flight. 09:43:01:00 B W 1936 Si Rochester, England [Imperial Airways Caledonia Clipper plane] Huge amphibious airplane takes off & past camera. First scheduled transatlantic flight. Aviation. 09:43:24:00 B W 1936 Si Roby, Indiana `Speed Demons Defy Death In Auto Classic'. Crowd in bleachers, flagman starts dirt track race. Cars around turns, wheel lost by Duke Nalon and into crowd. Spectator on stretcher into ambulance. Car spins out in fornt of camera pushed back onto track. Checkered flag given to winner. MCU of winner 09:44:31:00 B W 1936 Si Canada `Dominion Shows Power Resources To World Experts'. River falls and rapids. Interior of large dam with turbines. MCU of VIPS outside power plant and leaving. Electrical Industry Power Plant Dam interior. End: 09:45:12:00 09:45:19:00 B W 1936 Si Universal Newsreel main title w montage behind. 09:45:37:00 B W 1936 05Oct36 Si Belmont Park, New York `Pompoon Wins $80,000 Futurity In Record Time'. Horses on track, man with binoculars, crowd in grandstand before race & man laying on grass with hat over eyes. Man w binoculars, horses running hard, left to right in straightaway race, with leader pulling away at finish. MCU of jockey MS of horse being wiped down by groom. Race, Sports, Horse Racing. 09:46:31:00 B W 1936 Si Madrid, Spain. `Rebel Army Hurls Its Might Against Madrid Defenders' Pan over countryside, soldiers firing, moving up, Firing machine guns. POV from train (?). Soldiers marching through crowds with fists raised. While workers Militiamen fight off sporadic rebel attacks in the Guadarrama mountains nearby, new detachments of Government troops parade in the main streets of the capital on their way to the front. Spanish Civil War Fighting. 09:47:00:00 B W 1936 Si. Chicago, Illinois `A Million Dreams Go Up In Smoke In Narcotics Bonfire'. Men stacking bundles in metal container, pour gasoline over it. Show drug paraphenalia, opium pipes, needles, etc. Throw match and fire burns violently. Drugs Marijuana Hashish Police Evidence. 09:47:40:00 B W 1936 Si Wyomissing, Pennsylvania `Pickets Clash With Police In Textile Strike.' Men & women walking line outside of Berkshire Knitting Mills. Past camera. Men going into to mill police on horseback & with clubs in street. Tear gas fired & people watch. Arrested man walked off between policemen. Labor Union Strike Picket Line. 09:48:16:00 B W 1936 Si Newport News, Virginia `New 20,000-Ton Airplane Carrier Goes Down Ways'. Banner over bow of USS Enterprise men knocking blocks out, Mrs. Claude Swanson, wife of Secretary of Navy, swings bottle and ship slowly slides down, MCU of Mrs. Swanson, ship slowly sliding, girls applaud. Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Navy Launching. 09:49:09:00 B W 1936 Si Venice, California `Young Samson 22 Months Old A Child Prodigy'. Baby in diaper on beach with barbells, bowling ball and pins set up. Rolls ball at pins. Lifts dumbbell. Drops them. Stunt Gag Paper-mache Phoney Staged. 09:49:57:00 B W 1936 Si Washington, DC `Autogiro For Air And Highway Has Amazing Try-out'. Autogyro landing in front of Willard Hotel with large crowd around. Pilot Jim Ray folds propellers, drives off curb and down street with cars & Capitol in background. Showing to Department of Commerce officials. Inventions Transportation. 09:50:48:00 B W 1936 Si New Haven, Connecticut `Yale 11 Trims Cornell, 23-0, In Fast Game'. Sports, College Football. Kick off, people applaud. Pass with jump catch short run for touchdown. Statue of Liberty play almost makes touchdown. Several plays up middle. 09:52:27:00 B W 1936 Si South Bend, Indiana [Notre Dame 21, Carnegie Tech 7 in opener] College Football sports. Sunshine, crowds, passing, running. 09:53:56:00 B W 1936 Si Toronto, Canada `Toronto Police In Annual March To Church Service.' Scottish bagpipe band leading police marching up street mounted police. VIPs in top hats with wreath & wreath placing at foot of statue inscribed `To Our Glorious Dead.' 09:54:58:00 B W 1936 Si Universal Newspaper Newsreel end title: Talk of the World End: 09:55:07:00 09:55:14:00 B W 1936 12Oct36 Si Westbury, New York. `Italian Auto Ace Wins Celebrated Road Race Classic.' Footage of first Vanderbilt Cup race in 1906 with cars and much steam around road course. High angle of 1936 300 mile race and cars around track seen from slightly high angle and from blimp. MS from alongside track. Checkered flag and winning driver, Tazio Nuvolari, with huge cup trophy. Crowd estimated at 150,000 watched at least part of race. Sports Auto Racing. Trophy 09:57:10:00 B W 1936 Si San Francisco, California `Big Freighter Aground Near Golden Gate.' Freighter Ohioan in fog, men on shore with lines pulling & winching breeches buoy ashore with men for rescue. Listing freighter with waves breaking over it seen from near Seal Rocks. 09:57:42:00 B W 1936 Si Los Angeles, California `Electrical Fete Marks 1st. Power From Boulder Dam'. Power transformers, mad at control turning knob. Floats in night parade re Boulder, dam viewed by many people. Westinghouse float & other elaborate floats with bathing beauties and well lighted. Electrification Electricity Americana Promotion Industry. 09:58:25:00 B W 1936 Si Fredericksburg, Virginia `Ancient Dog Sale Revived As Mutts Go On The Block'. Men walking many dogs, girl. Hunting dogs. Crowd of people looking. Small dog auctioned. Dog and baby girl. Small dog walked by man. Animals Dogs. 09:59:02:00 B W 1936 Si Lakewood, New Jersey `Winter's Coming! Aged Oil Magnate Heads For Florida'. Rockefeller family members boarding train, girls looking out window. John D. Rockefeller helped out of automobile and into train. Train leaves away from camera. Oil Magnate Baron Businessman Wealth Vacation Leisure Depression. 09:59:37:00 B W 1936 Si London, England `Hundreds Injured In London's Worst Blackshirt Riot' Crowds surround double decker trollies fighting and police on horses with clubs beating them back. People arrested. Sir Oswald Mosely, Blackshirt leader attempts to parade his followers thru East End London. Fighting Fascists Demonstration Pre WWII. 10:00:24:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `Bronk Busters Thrill Gotham At Garden Rodeo'. Serpentine horse parade with flags. Bucking broncs throwing riders seen from high up. Brahma bulls throwing cowboys. Saddle bronc riding and thrown. Man dragged by horse with foot in stirrup. Sports Entertainment. 10:01:47:00 B W 1936 Si Universal Newspaper Newsreel end title. The Talk of the World. End: 10:01:57:00 10:02:02:00 B W 1936 Si 19Oct36 Alameda, California `Philippine Clipper On 1st Passenger Flight To Manila.' Taxiing and turning Pan over people before boarding walk to plane. Plane taxiing. Int. of plane and cabin with passengers reading & steward making up bunks. Flying over partially completed Golden Gate bridge. Commercial Aviation Trip. Travel. 10:02:48:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `Rodeo Champions Put On Show For Hospital Shut-Ins.' Bellevue hospital ext. and cowboys on horses. Young patients & nurses watching as small boys do rope tricks. Boys in wheelchairs, on crutches, in casts. Man wrestling with horse & does tricks. Horse kisses cowboy. Charity. Entertainment Gag Oddities. 10:03:36:00 B W 1936 Si Shanghai, China `Natives Flee As Japanese Troops Occupy Hongkew'. Angered by murder of Japanese sailor & wounding of two others, Japanese marines and troops land & occupy the Chinese district of Hongkew. Truck with wreaths down street past people watching on side. Japanese with machine guns, armored vehicles, troops running down street, motorcycles, wagons, trucks stopped & people searched by Japanese soldiers watching. Sino-Japanese War Pre WWII Occupation Invasion. 10:04:23:00 B W 1936 Si Miami, Florida `Newest Type of Racing Boat Tops 100 Miles Per Hour'. View from front of hull on launching cradle beside water. Miami Queen with two 450 hp Liberty Motors towed thru water past camera. Runby at slow speed. Water speed record attempt Design. speed boat Inboard. 10:04:52:00 B W 1936 Si Paris, France `Arctic Expedition victims Mourned In Solemn Rites'. Dr. Jean Charcot seen before expedition on bridge of ship going through ice floes. Sunset through rigging. Bodies and coffins on street in Paris. Military lined up and ceremony for 22 who died mourners monument Explorers Exploration Science. 10:05:41:00 B W 1936 Si East Hartford, Connecticut `New Speed Plane Expected To Make 375 Miles An Hour'. Monoplane overhead, comes in for landing on grass field and taxiis up. Capt. Frank Hawks out of cockpit near rear of plane receives kiss from woman with flowers. Aviation Record. Hawkes (?). 10:06:20:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `Girls And Furs Combine Against Old Man Winter'. TD Rockefeller Center tower to models with fur coats on rooftoop with St. Patrick's in background. White & dark furs, woman in buff colored fur. Various coats modeled for camera. Group picture at end. Fur Fashions Modelled. Promotion. 10:07:16:00 B W 1936 Si Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. `U. of Pennsylvania Trims Princeton in 7-0 Grid Upset.' Large packed stadium, kickoff. Good long touchdown run. College Football Sports. 10:08:04:00 B W 1936 Si Minneapolis, Minnesota [Minnesota 26, Michigan 0] Good running game with long touchdown run. College Football Sports. 10:09:00:00 B W 1936 Si Birmingham, Alabama `Volunteers Hold Crimson Tide To Scoreless Tie'. Good multiple spectator shots game in MLS. Marching band onto field. College Football Sports Students. 10:10:08:00 B W 1936 Si Evanston, Illinois `Northwestern Beats Ohio State In Close Battle'. MS of pass & touchdown catch. Fumble & cheering spectators. Goalline drive. Touchdown pass. Kick for points to win. Northwestern 14, Ohio State 13. College Football Sports 10:11:18:00 10:11:23:00 B W 1936 Sd. 26Oct36 New York City `Cardinal Pacelli Starts Air Tour of United States.' Wild sound. People kissing ring of Cardinal Pacelli, Papal Secretary of State, at Roosevelt Field before boarding chartered plane with Spellman (?), posing, plane takes off. Religion, Catholic, Ritual. 10:11:59:00 B W 1936 Sd. Dover, England `London To Paris In New Train Ferry A Sleeper Jump'. Passenger railroad cars loaded onto ferry, man pushes button, view of ferry leaving dock. Transportation Train & Ferry English Channel. Eleven hour trip from London to Paris. Sd not usable. Boat train. 10:12:34:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `Fordham Trims St. Mary's, 7-6, In Tight Game'. Sliding on wet field. Passing Field goal kicked running. Tearing down goal posts. Catholic College Sports Football. 10:14:04:00 B W 1936 Si Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania `Pitt Crushes Notre Dame 26-0'. Pass and run for touchdown. Good crowd shots. Good short run & leap for touchdown. Pittsburgh 26, Notre Dame 0. College Football Sports. 10:15:03:00 B W 1936 Sd. Princeton, New Jersey `Princeton Sinks Navy 7-0' Cadets tip hats to cheers. Running, passing & fumble in MLS with good coverage. Crowd across field. College football Sports Wild Sound. End: 10:16:28:00 10:16:36:00 B W 1936 Si `Girl Reporter Ends Globe Hop Within 25 Days'. Dorothy Kilgallen, newspaper woman, completes a dash around the globe in 25 days covering more than 25,000 miles using zeppelin, airplanes and steamers as transportation. Photographers & others greeting her arrival at night. Poses with parents and others outside plane. Stunt Record Around The World Travel. 10:17:05:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `$50,000 Miniature Railroad Display Draws Grown-ups'. Working model railroad with people watching thru window, 2 shots of boy with nose pressed to glass. Model station man lifting engine off tracks, replacing it. Gag. 10:17:56:00 B W 1936 Si Kansas City, KS `Freak Cow WIth 12 in. legs Is The Smallest Ever.' Cow follows man, poses next to him alongside wall & alongside normal size cow. Girl pets cow. Miniature Animals Cows Oddities Breeding Genetics 10:18:26:00 B W 1936 Si Weaverville, California `Giant Hose Used To Cut New Road Through Mountain.' Hose on pipe guided to blast rock for road construction. Man riding and guiding. Highway construction Water Force. 10:19:08:00 B W 1936 Si Adel, Georgia `Farmers Raise Huge Crop Of Millpond Fish' Men arrive as 300 acre mill pond is drained, show up with various nets to gather large fish. Man walks out with four very large ones others with strings of several dozen on pole. Gag shot of woman with large fish, man with small. Fishing. Oddities Gags. 10:19:57:00 B W 1936 Si Palo Alto, California `Trojans Defeat Stanford'. Kickoff with short kick. Long kick. Pass interception. Short touchdown pass. College Football Sports. USC 14, Stanford 7. 10:21:44:00 B W 1936 Si Columbus, Goergia `Auburn Defeats Georgia, 20 To 13, In 41st Meeting' MCU & LS of fans. Pass for touchdown. Player catches pass in front of camera. College Football Sports. 10:23:09:00 B W 1936 Si Canada `Golf Playing Puts Leafs In Shape For Rink'. Hockey players pose in front of building, walk past camera, do exercise on grass. Calithenics. Run cross football field. Swining golf clubs and teeing off. Ball in MCU being hit. Sports training conditioning. Off season. End: 10:24:19:00 10:24:26:00 B W 1936 02Nov36 Si Bruceton, Pennsylvania `Coal Blasts Made To Order In Govt. Mine Experiments.' Men watching as miner lays out coal dust over fuse and sticks of dynamite. Huge explosion and flash. Tanks lit and exploding. Men watch explosions in several bunkers at once in experiments conduced by US Bureau of Mines. Flames Testing. 10:25:14:00 B W 1936 Si Princeton Junction, New Jersey `One Dead, 19 Hurt, As Express Train Crashes in Jersey'. Passenger railroad car on side with front crushed. Other mangled cars. 6 pullman cars of a Pennsylvania Railroad Express, speading to Cleveland, Ohio, derailed. Men standing looking at twisted metal. Railroad men. Removing stretchers. Wreckage Passenger Train. 10:25:58:00 B W 1936 Si Rome, Italy `Il Duce's Tank Regiments Put On A Big Show.'. Tanks on field & over large crest of hill. Machine puts rails into place for tanks to go up hill other through water pits. Flame throwers on tanks as they advance in huge clouds of smoke & flames. Good action. Military, Italian Army, Fascists, Pre WWII Military Maneuvers. 10:26:44:00 B W 1936 Si Upper Darby, Pennsylvania `Girls Literally Run The Town on 150th Anniversay'. Police men back out and women in shorts take over showing legs, putting on make up pixillated traffic riding fire truck in shorts and attaching hose to hydrant hosing down building. Police court and staged flogging of male criminal. Gags Stunts Sex Gender Oddities. 10:27:39:00 B W 1936 Si New York City `Fordham Holds Pitt Scoreless'. Grandstand filled, Running. Kick from end zone. College Football Sports. 10:28:27:00 B W 1936 Si New Haven, Connecticut `Dartmouth Trims Yale 11-7'. Sunny day and large crowd. Touch back. Touchdown pass. College Football Sports. 10:29:26:00 B W 1936 Si Evanston, Illinois `Northwestern Stops Minnesota 6-0'. High angle running and sliding on muddy field. MCU of runner and tackle. Umbrellas in stands. College Football Sports. 10:30:32:00 B W 1936 Si Canada `Toronto Varsity Defeat McGill In Rugby Game'. Marching band up field and performs. Kick off and running. Several points kicked. College Sports Rugby. End: 10:31:40:00