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Dai Toa News #1 - Segment Only
DN-250 1 inch
Aerials; WWII - Navy - Japanese; Attack - Pearl Harbor - AVs; Wheeler Field - Strafing; Invasion - Hong Kong - Fighting; Prisoners - British - Hong Kong; Oil Tanks - Burning; Banzai; Officers - Surrender - British; Planes - Cockpit - Pilot - Japanese;
12:16:50:10 - 12:26:35:00 B W 1941 HI, Wheeler Field Hong Kong Aircraft carrier & other ships through heavy seas. Sailors, pilots listen, planes take off, overhead. View over Hawaii & explosions. Strafing field. Chart showing US losses. ships underway. Title: 12:20:00 Fall of Hong Kong. Map. Army firing artillery. Troops on transport for landing, ships into harbor, AV of planes, cockpit of fighters. Dive bombers dropping bombs. AV over land with oil tanks burning. View from ground. Troops place charges on planes on runway, climb crane, run down embankment. Troops firing as officers watch w binoculars. Banzai by troops. Captured British troops & equipment. British officers salutes. tranquil harbor. Formation of Japanese planes over as troops move into Hong Kong through streets.