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Defense of Moscow, R2
DN-LB-055 Beta SP
WWII - Moscow - USSR; Wreckage - Weapons - German; Casualty - Corpse - German; Medal - Awarding; Airport - Winter; Aircraft - Taxing - Take-off - Landing; Bomb - Loading - Dropping; Cockpit; Advance - Tanks; POW - German; Barbed Wire; Tanks Barrier; Battle;
03:12:33:00 - 03:21:22:00 B W 1940s USSR, Moscow Wreckages of German armored vehicles. Bloody German corpse. Red Army soldiers lined for medals presenting. Snowing. Russian planes takes off in snow. Loading bombs. Pilot in overalls mounts cockpit. Signal pistol. Taxiing. Take-off. Landing. Cockpit INT. Bomb dropping. Major General Rokosovski on horse w maps. PAN battle field. Russ. on ground crawling. Removing camouflage & mounting tanks. Tanks advance thru barbed wire. German wreckage. Shattered wooden house. German corpses. Germ. POWs. walking on snow. Drawings from Napoleon's War. Miserable faces of Germans. Cold feet. Views of Moscow w tanks barriers in snow. Military poster. Rokosovski, Major Gen.