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Aerials; New York City, Lower East Side, Judaism, Orthodox Jews, ; Jewish, Jewish holidays, Passover, outdoor markets, street scenes, ; Lindbergh kidnapping, abduction, Martha's Vineyard, ; tennis, tennis championships, tennis tournaments, tennis matches, tennis players, ; Vincent Richards, Vinnie Richards, Karol Kozeluh, Karel Kozeluh, ; Rosh Hoshanah, Jewish New Year, rabbis, ; Japanese martial arts, kendo, samurai, swords, ; race walking, walking races, cross country racing, race walkers, ; British, English, Legs Diamond, gangsters, mobsters, ; Egypt, Egyptian, archaeology, excavations, temples, ruins, ; cars, car crashes, crash testing, dogs, dog shows, ; Ruthenia, Ruthenians, Ukraine, Ukranians, Eastern Europe, Eastern European, ; peasants, 1930, early 1930s.
********************************************************** 01:01:10:14 - 01:02:30:05 B W w Sound Newsreel Title: GHETTO IN BEE-HIVE OF ACTIVITY ON EVE OF PASSOVER FETE NEW YORK CITY Lower East Side, New York City 1932 Good shots of busy Lower East Side outdoor market before Passover. VO Male narrator. HA Opening shot of Lower East Side outdoor market. Narrator explains Jewish people are getting ready for Passover. MS Chickens hanging in window display of poultry shop w Hebrew writing on windows. VS Vendors selling and people buying at outdoor market. WS Jewish man with full white beard, wearing long coat and hat, leaving wine stand w Hebrew lettering, carrying a jug of wine. WS Long line of poor Orthodox Jews waiting outside synagogue for free matzos matzohs. MS Poor Orthodox Jews receiving free matzoh bread. ********************************************************** 01:02:30:06 - 01:04:23:08 B W w Sound Newsreel Title: LINDY TOT STILL HELD DESPITE PAYMENT OF $50,000 IN RANSOM CASH CUTTYHUNK, MASS. Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts 1932 Lindbergh baby (Charles Lindbergh's infant son) still missing after the ransom money was paid in the Lindbergh kidnapping. Shots of locales involved in the Lindbergh kidnapping, including Martha's Vineyard. Reenactment of the Lindbergh kidnapping, but with a happy ending (kidnapper scared away by alarm). VO Male narrator. WS Neighborhood street in Vineyard Haven, village in the town of Tisbury on Martha's Vineyard, MA WS Menemsha Harbor, Martha's Vineyard, MA AV Martha's Vineyard Facade of florist shop. WS St. Thomas Cemetery CU Street signs for corner of Whittemore Ave. and Tremont Ave. CU Bundled, stacked bills of gold certificates. Tom Marshall of Chicago, inventor of an invisible-ray protection device, demonstrating his invention in a bedroom. VS Reenactment of the Lindbergh kidnapping: Mother putting baby in crib. Kidnapper leaning ladder against house and climbing up ladder to window. Kidnapper entering window, tripping the ray (setting off the alarm bell and turning on the light). CU Alarm bell ringing. Kidnapper climbing down ladder and running away. ********************************************************** 01:04:33:00 - 01:05:33:28 B W Silent Newsreel Title: RICHARDS DEFEATS KOZELUH IN TENNIS UPSET FOR PRO TITLE FOREST HILLS, New York Forest Hills, Queens, New York 1930 Shots of American tennis player Vinnie Richards (Vincent Richards) and Czech tennis player Karol Kozeluh (Karel Kozeluh) in the finals of the United States Professional Championship (now the US Open). Opening shot of Richards and Kozeluh, wearing blazers and pants, walking down steps and carrying tennis rackets before the final men's singles match at the US Professional Championship. WS Spectators. HA Vinnie Richards, wearing shirt and pants, playing tennis. WS Kozeluh, wearing visor cap, shirt, and pants, serving the ball. HA Richards and Kozeluh playing tennis, Richards winning a point (looks like the match point). MS Richards and Kozeluh standing together after the match, tournament champion Richards being handed the tournament trophy from Louis B. Dailey, president of the US Lawn Tennis Association. ********************************************************** 01:05:33:29 - 01:06:16:20 B W Silent Newsreel Title: SACRED RAM'S HORN HERALDS ARRIVAL OF JEWISH NEW YEAR 5691 NEW YORK CITY New York City 1930 Opening shot of five elderly rabbis w white beards and wearing robes, gathered around a table covered w a cloth w the Star of David and Hebrew lettering. PAN Rabbi banging a paddle on a pedestal on the table, to rabbi blowing the shofar (ram's horn), to rabbis holding open books. CU Rabbi banging on the pedestal w a paddle. CU Rabbi blowing the shofar. CU Rabbis reading from open books. CU Hebrew text on the pages of an open Jewish book (possibly the Torah or Talmud). ********************************************************** 01:06:17:00 - 01:07:29:01 B W Silent Newsreel Title: 2500th ANNIVERSARY OF "SAMURAI" HONORED BY OLDEN DANCE REVIVAL LOS ANGELES, CAL. Los Angeles, California 1930 Shots of Japanese men and boys performing Japanese martial arts routine w samurai swords in samurai festival. Opening shot of group of Japanese boys, wearing traditional Japanese or samurai robes and headbands, swinging samurai swords (katanas) during martial arts routine (outdoors). WS Young Japanese boy swinging samurai sword and performing katas (forms) during martial arts routine. WS Japanese man swinging samurai sword and performing katas, reenacting ritual suicide (seppuku, hara kiri) w sword, bowing at end of routine. ********************************************************** 01:07:29:02 - 01:08:21:29 B W Silent Newsreel Title: 35-YEAR-OLD HARRIER FIRST IN 12th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL WALK LONDON-TO-BRIGHTON, ENG. London, England Brighton, England 1930 Shots of walking race through the streets of London. Opening shot of rear view of contestants (all men) at starting line of the walking race. WS Racers walking over bridge at the beginning of the race. WS Racers walking past double-decker buses. VS Leading racer T. W. Green, an English railroader, walking past spectators on the streets of London. ZI Winner T. W. Green walking through crowd and being hoisted on the shoulders of spectators at end of race. ********************************************************** 01:08:22:00 - 01:08:43:29 B W Silent Newsreel News Paragraph: "Legs" Diamond back! Notorious underworld character met by police after exclusion from England, Germany and Belgium Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1930 Brief footage of mobster Legs Diamond walking through crowd. Opening shot of crowd gathered outside to see gangster Legs Diamond. ZI Legs Diamond smoking a cigar and walking through crowd w his entourage. Cut to large ship in harbor. Man (possibly a reporter) and photographer hurriedly exiting building. ********************************************************** 01:08:44:00 - 01:09:29:10 B W Silent Newsreel News Blurb: Hermopolis, Egypt Excavate dwellings of ancient kings! Scientists uncover palaces of Rameses II and Sethos II. Hermopolis, Egypt 1930 Shots of Egyptian laborers digging at the excavation site of the temples of Rameses II and Sethos II in Hermopolis, Egypt. VS Egyptian workers (men and boys, in native clothing) digging at excavation site. HA Ruins of temple foundation at the excavation site. HA Egyptian overseer cracking whip at young Egyptian laborers as they run past him. HA European archaeologists standing in pit w excavated block w Egyptian hieroglyphics. ********************************************************** 01:09:29:11 - 01:10:04:28 B W Silent Newsreel News Blurb: Evanston, Ill. Mother and daughter co-eds at Northwestern U.! Mrs. Nettie Seeley, 38, and Betty, 14, attend same classes together. Evanston, Illinois (Midwest USA) 1930 Opening shot of Midwestern mother and daughter, both college students, greeting dean or university official (wearing robe) on campus at Northwestern University (outdoors). Midwestern mother and daughter smiling at camera, shaking hands w dean or university official, walking arm-in-arm on campus. ********************************************************** 01:10:04:29 - 01:10:50:00 B W Silent Newsreel News Paragraph: Wilmington, Del. Cars crash with 50-mile impact! Amazing new bumper invention a success in initial trials. Wilmington, Delaware 1930 Shots of collision testing of cars. VS Car driving and crashing into a parked car at 50 mph in collision tests (outdoors). VS Men inspecting cars after crash in collision test. CU Bumpers of cars being inspected after crash in collision test. ********************************************************** 01:10:52:05 - 01:11:43:20 B W Silent Newsreel Title: CANINE ARISTOCRACY FEATURES ENTRIES AT KENNEL CLUB SHOW WESTPORT, CONN. Westport, Connecticut (New England) 1930 Shots of several different breeds of purebred dogs at a dog show. Very brief opening shot of a group of dogs standing together at the dog show (outdoors). WS Judges inspecting two setters in competition at the dog show. CU Springer spaniel VS Purebred dogs on leashes: Great Dane, sheepdog, terrier, poodle, other breeds. CU White poodle ********************************************************** 01:11:46:21 - 01:17:34:20 B W Silent MT Outtakes Ruthenian Jewish village Ruthenia (Eastern Europe) circa 1935 or mid 1930s Shots of Ruthenian Jews and peasants in traditional clothing. Good footage of street scenes in Ruthenian town. 01:11:46:21 Facade of synagogue. CU Star of David over entrance to synagogue. Hebrew lettering on walls of buildings. Elderly Ruthenian man w white beard walking down street. Fat Ruthenian peasant woman carrying dead fowl (possibly pheasant), smiling at CAM. Ruthenian girl carrying dead fowl (possibly pheasant), looking at CAM. CU Ruthenian Orthodox Jewish teenage boy (teenager) w forelocks, smiling at CAM. Ruthenian man carrying live duck or goose while walking down street. EXT Textile shop called Adolf Mermelstein. Group of Orthodox Jewish men standing on street. Ruthenian man w beard, smoking large pipe, smiling at CAM. 01:13:38:00 Jewish cemetery. Gravestones w Hebrew engraving, large hut w thatched roof in BG. 01:14:01:17 VS Street scenes of Ruthenian town: Doorway of synagogue. Ruthenian boys playing violins on the street. Soldier, w rifle slung on back, walking on street, and oxen pulling cart in BG. Group of Ruthenian peasant women w sacks slung over their backs. Horsedrawn carts and traffic on street. Parade of soldiers, wearing military coats, marching down street. Ruthenian man w big moustache, smoking pipe, looking at CAM. 01:15:56:18 VS Outdoor market in Ruthenian town: Two men stacking hay on street. Ruthenian peasant woman wearing traditional fur coat. Ruthenian man wearing traditional fur coat, walking down street. Ruthenian peasant women selling fruits or vegetables at outdoor market. 01:17:34:20 END