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Space Program Highlights - Mercury thru Shuttle pt. 2
DN-B-007 Beta SP
Rocket - Apollo 11 Saturn V; Rocket - Apollo 13 Saturn V; Rocket - Apollo 16 Saturn V; Rocket Apollo 17 Saturn V; Exploration - Moon - Lunar Rover - POV; Saluting - Moon; Astronauts - Docking;
Color 1977 Space Program Highlights - Mercury thru Shuttle pt. 2 Apollo 11 Saturn V on board Lunar module undocks from CM & LM over surface descending & landing. pan surface. Mission control technicians during first step. Armstrong on surface. Stills of print, astronaut & flag. Apollo 13 Saturn V. CM after power shut down & camera thru tunnel into LM. Lovell & Swigert in LM Fred Haines sleeping. Service module showing damage. Apollo 16 Saturn V mission patch over lunar pic map of landing site. Duke & Young on surface, Duke salutes samples collected lunar rover POV. Apollo 17 Saturn V. Eugene Cernan on lunar surface. LM lifts off & approaches turns & docks with CM. Armstrong, Neil Lovell, James Swigert, Jack Haines, Fred Duke, Charles Young, John Cernan, Eugene