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[WWII - Paul Robeson Singing at His Birthday Party]
DN-B-178 Beta SP
Party - Birthday - Paul Robeson; Speech - Robeson - Freedom - 1944ca; Anti-Fascism; Struggle - Freedom - Blacks; Music - Song - Singing - Robeson;
08:20:48:01 - 08:29:08:27 B W 1944 [WWII - Paul Robeson Singing at His Birthday Party] New York City - 17th Regiment Armory Paul Robeson at mic by Birthday cake. Robeson in mustache & goatee, wearing tuxedo. Speaks then sings (an unidentified spiritual, and "The Ballad of Joe Hill"). Speaks again. Talks of struggle for freedom of all peoples. Talks of learning many languages so as to get to know the peoples of the world. Talks of people fighting for their freedom if its not given. Speaks of threat of fascism on American soil. Robeson, Paul