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DN-B-207 Beta SP
Aerials; WWII - Invasion - Normandy - D-Day; Equipment - Stock piles; Locomotives - Freight Cars; Ships assembled; Channel Crossing - Landing; Explosions; Rockets - Firing; Pillboxes; Slave Labor - German Newsreels;
13:14:26:00 - 13:23:20:00 B W 1944 06 06 D-Day England France, Normandy Ike & others look at maps. German pictures of slave labor. Fortifications. Pillbox & channel defenses. US equipment stockpiled in England. Bombs moved rows of fighter planes. Crates in warehouses. Locomotives, freight cars, ships assembled. Assault boats launched from ships. Men boarding landing craft. AV over ships in channel during landing. Transport & paratroopers out of planes seen from inside & other planes. Rockets firing & landing craft going in & firing. Planes laying smoke screen. Landing seen from beach as troops rush ashore. Troops up beach. Flamethrower used blowing up pillboxes.