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[Lenox Hill Hospital - X-Rays & Doctor]
DN-B-276 Beta SP
Medicine - X-Rays - Viewed; Discussion - Doctors - X-Rays - Evidence; Hospital; Nurse - Technician - Machine - X-Ray; Camera - X-Ray - Jun48;
05:15:08:01 - 05:19:24:22 B W 1948 [Lenox Hill Hospital - X-Rays & Doctor] New York City - Lenox Hill Hospital X-Ray Requisition for E. Conrad. Sign X-Ray Department. Radiographic C room sign. Control. Patient tended by nurse under X-Ray machine nurses places camera. CU of patient, camera, technician at controls views thru window. Doctors looking at X-rays in conference room & discussing. Dr. Pickhardt viewing, pointing, and talking. Others acknowledging. Spots on X-rays. Pickhardt, Dr