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Funeral Pyres of Nazidom
DN-B-295 Beta SP
WWII - Germany - Ruins; Industry - Krupp - Tank Manufacturing - Wreckage; Debris; Nuremberg - Stadium - Swastika - Explosion; Tanks - Ruins - Advancing;
03:21:58:21 - 03:24:03:12 B W 1945 05 10 Funeral Pyres of Nazidom Germany, Leipzig Germany, Magdeburg Germany, Nuremberg Aerials over Leipzig. Magdeburg & Krupp tank factory w destroyed assembly line & railyard. Nuremberg with masive ruins & US tanks through. Stone eagle American flag raised over Swastika at stadium. Swastika blown up w debris flying. ws Huge Nazi Swastika in a wreath is blown of building in stadium in Nuremberg, Germany. End of WWII, exploding, destruction, fascism. US troops reviewed among ruins. Patton, Gen