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DN-B-321 Beta SP
1930s, 1940s
B W 1930s, 1940s Babe Ruth Montage, good. 00:29:45:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1932 Babe Ruth works out in gym, on exercise bicycle, sits in sauna, wipes sweat off face, sparring. 00:30:40:00 B W 1930s, 1940s Ruth trains in gym, on exercise bicycle, leg presses, sparring, woman watching, she wipes his brow. 00:31:34:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1933 VS Babe Ruth pitching in stadium. Ruth rounds the bases after hitting a home run, fans swarm onto field. 00:32:32:00 B W 1930s, 1940s Babe Ruth at top table at sports writers award dinner. 00:33:15:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1935 Babe Ruth Signs with the Boston Braves, VS. 00:33:59:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1936 World Series: Giants Take First Game of the Series VS game against Yankees, Babe Ruth is spectator, sits between two women, waves. 00:37:52:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1937 Americans Win Annual All-Star Ball Game Joe DiMaggio plays, Babe Ruth watches, VS of game. President Roosevelt, FDR, throws out first ball, good. 00:39:35:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1938 One Million See Preview Parade of World's Fair "World of Tomorrow" floats. VS parade, floats, cyclists, black woman and man dance on float. Babe Ruth sits in back of convertible wearing period costume and wig. 00:40:40:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1939 Babe Ruth plays softball in St. Albans. N.Y. with women. 00:41:14:00 B W 1930s, 1940s "Believe it or Not" old-timers charity game with Ruth, Graham McNamee and Grantland Rice. VS indoor game. 00:42:48:00 B W 1939 Commemoration of 100 Years of Baseball. VS Immortals, good, and fans, as they gather to dedicate the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, on June 12, 1939. (01:14:27:00 - ribbon cutting ceremony at Cooperstown Museum, L to R: Ford Frick, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, William Harridge and William G. Bramham). (Individual all-time great players are seen in L to R pans - Eddie Collins at 01:14:33:08, Babe Ruth at 01:14:34:22, Connie Mack at 01:14:36:08, Cy Young at 01:14:38:25, Honus Wagner at 01:14:40:25, Grover Cleveland Alexander at 01:14:43:00, Tris Speaker at 01:14:44:28, Napoleon Larry Lajoie at 01:14:48:00, George Sisler at 01:14:49:20, Walter Johnson at 01:14:51:20) All-star game, VS. Doubleday Field. 00:44:07:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1946 Dave Soden sponsors New York orphan's trip to Long Beach where they meet Babe Ruth and Dixie Walker, eat ice cream, and hot dogs. Excellent, boys and girls, black and white, on beach with women, and nun in full habit. Good CU of children eating ice cream cones. 00:45:07:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1947 "Babe Ruth Comes Home" Ruth leaves hospital after operation, very frail, fans cheer, he seems to be crying. Man with parcel, "Happy Birthday Babe from Boston". 00:46:11:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1947 "Babe Ruth Day" VS of spectators, excellent. Ruth speaks into microphone from field and thanks fans, very husky voice after throat operation. Fans give him a standing ovation. 00:47:14:00 B W 1930s, 1940s Babe plays Santa Claus at Astor Hotel for children with polio, has to keep fixing beard. One boy asks him for a rabbit. Gives boy car instead of rabbit, all the while fixing his beard. Children sing Jingle Bells, then Ruth pulls his beard down. Little girl pokes her finger in dog's eye, dog then knocks girl over licking her. Babe Ruth wishes children all over the world a very merry christmas. Infantile paralysis 00:49:40:00 B W 1930s, 1940s 1948 New York Yankees Silver Anniversary celebration. Team from 1923 appears in full uniform, including Babe Ruth, Yankee Stadium. Ruth is in bad shape, bent over and sickly. 00:50:58:00 B W 1930s, 1940s "Motion Picture Industry Stages Tribute to Rockne" VS crowd of fans at night with spotlight shining on them. VS football game, plays, spectators. 00:52:47:00 B W 1930s, 1940s Notre Dame football game ?? 00:53:42:00 B W 1930s, 1940s "BABE RUTH DIES NATIONAL IDOL MOURNED BY ALL" Obituary for Babe Ruth, shows VS of his career and life. Partial sound. EXT Yankee Stadium. "Babe Ruth" locker. 00:55:25:00 B W 1930s, 1940s New York City, Coney Island ? Male body building contest. EXT Contestants flex muscles, black and Latino men, spectators watching. Older man dances on stage. Black man wins trophy. Strong man. 00:56:18:00 B W 1930s, 1940s Woman lifts barbell weights. Contortionist. She bends over backwards, lifts dumbbell, and slowly stands up again. VS lifting weights with one arm. Strong woman. She throws man, several times, good self-defense moves.