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Universal Newsreels; Why Defend China?
DN-B-393 Beta SP
1936, 1937
Aerials, monuments, memorials, FDR, Mt. Rushmore, aviation history, transatlantic flights, Harry Richman, Dick Merrill, George Henry Dern, Sino-Japanese war, China, Japan, Spanish Civil War, Lady Peace, Messenger, Beryl Markham, Alf Landon, revolutions, military, fascism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Manchuria, Asia, combat, government, communism, historical
03:00:48:13 - 03:27:54:03 B W silent & w sound 1936,37 Universal Newsreels- Spanish Civil War, Mt. Rushmore, 1936 US presidential campaign, transcontinental aviation. Japanese - made newsreel on Sino - Japanese conflict 1930s. 03:00:48:13 - 03:02:34:03 B W silent 1936 Naval battleship at sea. Spanish Civil War. Nationalist military coup. Nationalist soldiers at attention, marching in city street. Children in Nationalist uniforms, women in uniform saluting. Man (Franco?) raising Spanish flag on balcony and kissing it. Generals walking through streets. Soldiers, Republican rebels running through field and in trenches. Cameraman running with camera on tripod. VS British RAF pilot, ground crews with biplane (International Brigades for Republican militia.) Downed Republican plane, medics tending to wounded pilot on stretcher, wounded elderly rural man sitting on ground. 03:02:34:04 - 03:03:18:16 B W silent 1936 "Capital Mourns at the Bier of Secretary of War Dern" (Sec. of War George Henry Dern died August 1936.) Pallbearers carrying coffin draped in American flag to car. Military officers, government officials leaving funeral. VS soldiers stand at attention for funeral motorcade procession. Car POV. 03:03:18:17 - 03:04:10:21 B W silent 1936 "T-Men Now Taught Marksmanship by the Coast Guard" Excellent- Federal treasury agents in uniform standing on firing line, firing pistols at targets on outdoor shooting range. VS bullet holes in circular targets, faces of men firing. Uniformed Coast Guard sailors shooting rifles at targets with male silhouettes. 03:04:10:22 - 03:05:22:15 B W silent 1936 September, 2, 1936. Entertainer, aviation enthusiast Harry Richman and Eastern Airlines pilot Henry "Dick" Merrill preparation for attempt at first transatlantic roundtrip crossing, New York to London in "Lady Peace" Vultee VIA single engine airplane. VS crews fueling, preparing plane. Heavily tanned Richman and Merrill speaking to media, boarding plane and taking off. 03:05:30:08 - 03:07:17:09 B W w sound 1936 Richman-Merrill landing in Europe in "Lady Peace" on first leg of New York to London round trip. Sound: crews, crowds waiting. Plane turning on airstrip. Press conference with Eastern Airlines Captain, thanking, shaking hands. "In the next ten years, we'll all be going on weekends to London." Richman w arm on Merrill's shoulder, says "C'mon Kid." VS Plane taking off for return flight to New York. 03:07:17:10 - 03:07:53:26 B W w sound 1936 "FDR at the Unveiling of Mt. Rushmore." (actually dedication ceremony for Thomas Jefferson head) Crowd applauding FDR arriving in car. American flag over face of Jefferson is pulled off. FDR, South Dakota governor Tom Berry, sculptor Gutzon Borglum talking, pointing up. VS heads- George Washington face. 03:08:01:13 - 03:10:16:17 B W w sound 1936 "Bird Woman Hops Over Ocean for New Air Record." Beryl Markham's solo transatlantic flight from Abingdon, England to Nova Scotia, New York in "The Messenger" Vega VP-KCC single engine airplane. AV POV. VS plane crash landed in Nova Scotia. Crowd gathered around plane with nose down in peat bog on beach. Group of men posing by shack. Markham landing in plane with male pilot at Floyd Bennett Field, Long Island, New York, thanking crowd for reception. VS ticker tape parade New York City, car POV motorcade. Markham answers question at news conference. "I hope to have my hair washed and buy some clothes." 03:10:16:18 - 03:11:04:26 B W w sound 1936 FDR and Kansas governor (Republican) Alf Landon campaigning for president in Topeka, KS Landon arriving at capital building, waving to crowds and walking up steps. Landon and FDR (seated) talking and smiling. Landon waving straw hat, crowd cheering, he leaves in motorcade. FDR standing on wife Eleanor's arm, waving hat to crowd. 03:11:04:27 - 03:13:12:08 B W silent & w sound 1936 Spanish Civil War. "Civil War Engulfs More of Spain as Fighters Press On." Popular army running in field, down hill. Soldiers on horseback. Infantry firing machine guns, rifles, artillery cannons from bunker, advancing on house. VS combat. German VO and music at 03:12:04:05. Armed guards at checkpoints. Vehicle POV traveling through town. Victims in ambulances w facial bandages etc. Female villagers loading rifles. 03:13:02:09 - 03:16:34:05 B W w sound c. 1937 Japanese newsreel. US War Dept. logo. English VO. Pro-Japan contrasts "enlightened, modern" benevolent Japan and primitive strife, unrest, "hatred" of China. Timeline of Chinese aggression. 1912 Sun Yat Sen attempts revolution, Civil War between North & South China. 1924 Russia invades outer Mongolia, turns Chinese sentiment against US and Britain. 1925-28 Kuomintang Chinese nationalists strike at Britain colonial areas in Canton and Hong Kong. 1931 Chinese invasion of Manchuria. Anti-Japanese propaganda, slogans in Chinese schoolbooks. Hatred as "national policy." VS Japanese hospitals, schools, other institutions in China. Dobunkai, Japanese Society of Cultural Work for China. Tong Ren college, Shanghai, etc. 03:16:34:06 - 03:21:00:16 B W w sound c. 1937 Title- "And So..." Bomb explosion. Music and map pinpointing conflict. July 7, 1937- Chinese soldiers fire on Japanese at Lukowkiao (Marco Polo Bridge) near Peking. VS Chinese bombing of Shanghai, damaged burning buildings, civilian casualties. Japanese soldiers firing at planes. VS Japanese citizens supporting military effort against China- parades, fundraising, women serving tea to uniformed soldiers, sewing and packing supply bags for soldiers. Women & children at temples, "praying for speedy end to fighting." Chinese and Japanese schoolkids learning in classroom- "no hate for China." 03:21:09:28 - 03:23:00:13 B W w sound c. 1937 Japanese Navy ship with flag waving. Military supplies being unloaded at dock. Horse writhing in rope harness. Armored vehicle lowered from ship. Japanese soldiers feeding poor Chinese children in North China, lighting old woman's cigarette. People working in farm field. Japanese soldier placing flowers at Chinese grave site "honoring the memory of a valiant foe." 03:23:01:12 - 03:27:54:03 B W w sound c. 1937 Japanese newspaper. VO: Russian influence on China. Nanking - Moscow Non-Aggression Pact. Chinese soldiers marching against map of USSR, China. Japanese government official delivering address on need to suppress anti-Japanese sentiment. Warships on ocean. VO: Japan fighting not out of hatred but for "a better future for both countries." Military on march. VS combat- soldiers firing in trenches. Soldiers riding on horseback through tunnel. Citizens smiling and greeting soldiers. Music plays over sunset.