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DN-LB-015 1 inch; Beta SP (off-site)
1940s, 1951
B W 1940s, 1951 Japanese-American soldiers WWII. GRAPHIC INJURIES. 00:53:25:00 B W 1940s, 1951 Arlington Cemetery, Virginia (sound) Patriotic speech about free men in America at Nisei Service for dead Japanese-American veterans Guards stand by coffins, wreaths, mourners. American flags folded over coffins as bugle plays. Flags presented to families, band marches out of cemetery. Officers pose with grieving families for press. Opportunism. Cynicism. 01:00:07:00 B W 1940s, 1951 PMG School, Camp Gordon, VA. VS of men sorting through salvaged ? military vehicles. Transporting trucks, crane lifts to railroad flatbed, good. Ambulance assembly. 01:05:32:00 B W 1940s, 1951 EXT, training, VS men climbing poles, very good. 01:08:26:00 B W 1940s, 1951 INT, physical training, hall full of men doing stretching exercises. Martial arts display, judo and other throws performed, excellent. Men tumble and fall on floor, learning how to break falls. Self defense routine. 01:10:51:00 B W 1940s, 1951 General Charles DeGaulle and General Wilson, in Africa, reviewing troops, saluting, VS, good CUs. VS band. 01:13:57:00 B W 1940s, 1951 Posthumous presentation of Purple Hearts to Japanese- American parents, Honolulu. VS of families, speeches and medal ceremony, relatives of dead stand on line, receive medals. 01:16:50:00 B W 1940s, 1951 Nettuno, Italy. VS Italina railway guns, mountains in BG. VS loading and firing huge guns, moving guns along tracks. 01:21:06:00 B W 1940s, 1951 Castlenorado, Italy. 349th Infantry cross river, over stone bridge, others walking up hill in BG. VS walking on narrow trails through wooded and mountainous area. CUs soldiers resting, tired, smoking, chewing, one is Asian, good. Continue march, carrying supplies, dusk. 01:25:33:00 B W 1944 Fifth Army, May 17, 1944. American and British flags. Flag presentation ceremony with marching, folding flags, pomp and ceremony. 01:29:59:00 B W 1940s, 1951 Mankin Atoll, Gilbert Islands Tired US soldiers sit in destroyed village, check out Japanese flag, half of airplane fuselage in water. Men climb from ship to transport, beach landing under fire. Walking, driving through, and, getting stuck in mud. POW questioned, fed. Carrying dead bodies on stretchers through deep water. 01:35:06:00 B W 1943 WARNING! VERY GRAPHIC MEDICAL MATERIAL. (1943) EXT, Surgeons scrub hands and arms, wear masks, VS surgery. Man with entire face blown off, covered in flies. VS facial injuries, underarm wound, graphic. Sign, "SHORE PARTY EVACUATION STATION" Shipping dead and wounded, VS. 01:38:00:00 B W 1940s, 1951 VS of American soldiers burying dead comrades. Body wrapped in white cover in grave, chaplain prays, soldiers fill in grave with earth. Gun salute, covered bodies laid out, soldiers stand, listen to chaplain. 01:39:50:00 B W 1940s, 1951 CU shovel patting down, smoothing out, grave. 01:40:18:00 B W 1943 Japanese-American soldiers from Hawaii in Alvignano, Italy, 1943. Soldier surrounded by others plays guitar, surly, uninspired singing, (anger ?). Man dances, good. Pan men singing, sad. One soldier lays in other's lap, intimate