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[WWII - England, British Battle Squadron Leaving Portland Harbor]
DN-LB-059 Beta SP
Aerials; WWII - England - Navy; Ships - Battleships - AVs; Ships - British - Destroyers; Flotilla; Defense - Submarine; Aircraft Carrier; Ships - Line - 1939ca; Signal Flags; Harbor - English Channel;
06:39:53:00 - 06:45:14:00 B W 1939 England, Portland Harbor - English Channel May39. British Battle Squadron leaving Portland Harbour. Royal Sovereign going to sea with signal flying, past harbor entrance w crew at stations. Other ships w land behind. 3 battleships & destroyer flotilla out to sea. In line at sunset. Destroyer Flotilla maneuvering to take up stations for submarine defense. Battleship Nelson leaving port. AV of Nelson & others. Shot of Rodney with Ark Royal in distance. Ships abreast. Shot of Newcastle, Nelson & Rodney (3 battleships). Aircraft carrier & other ships. Ship - Battleship - Rodney Ship - Battleship - Nelson Ship - Destroyer - Newcastle Ship - Battleship - Royal Sovereign Ship - Aircraft Carrier - Ark Royal