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Visiting Diet Delegation Visits State Department
DN-LB-087 Beta SP
04:01:07:17 B W 1950 Si. Washington, DC. Dean Acheson at desk signing autographs? for Japanese Diet delegation, VS. Acheson shaking hands, smiling. 04:02:17:07 B W 1950 Ext, large ugly concrete building, Department of State at 320 Twenty-First Street, NW. Delegation led by military man, they enter department. Leaving building, man smoking, last man carries newspaper. 04:03:13:04 B W 1950 POV from back seat of car, MCU looks like wallet with 'VAIL' on it. 04:03:22:04 B W 1950 Int, airport, high angle of ticket counters. Delegation walks to Northwest Orient plane, carrying bags and coats. Standing and posing for photographs. Visit-Official. Government-Federal-State Dept. Delegation-Japanese. 04:04:25:05 B W 1950 Si. San Francisco, CA. 'Visiting Japanese Women Leaders.' Army transport ship docking in fog, mist. Man in fore- ground stretching his arms, looks cold. Looks like ghost ship, good. People waiting on dock, flags. Good shots of docking. Black dockers secure ship with ropes. Ship's name plate, 'Gen Nelson M Walker' MCU of people waving, Japanese-Americans, Caucasians, African-Americans. Soldiers on deck waiting. PAN across deck, civilian passengers, mostly Japanese women. Waving and shaking officer's hand. Greeted by white American woman. Int, women going through immigration or customs? Man taking notes, checking passports. Reporter asking older Japanese man questions. Women greeted after disembarking, nodding and receiving flowers. 04:07:57:27 B W 1950 Int, conference room full of women, some men. One Japanese leader in traditional dress. Possibly reporters asking questions? Smoking. Leaders-Women-Japanese Gender-Roles. Weather-Fog. Exercise-Physical-Stretch. Delegation- Official. Press-Reporters-Photographers. Ship-Transport-Docking. Politics-International. Propaganda-Japanese-American. End 04:08:40:20