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March of Time outtakes
DN-LB-175 Beta SP
05:01:21:00 B W 1939 Hollywood Scenes. Ext, Mortuary, clock on facade. 05:01:34:00 B W 1939 Bus with banner, 'Jane Withers Fans Chicago Il Happiness Club.' Cuts back to Hollywood Mortuary, clock with swinging pendulum 05:01:56:00 B W 1939 Ext, drug store window, 'The Homer Drug Co.', with "House of Westmore" Cosmetics displayed in display case. Cuts to houses on hill, LS of houses. 05:02:43:00 B W 1939 'Wimpy's' hamburger joint, Ext. 05:03:07:00 B W 1939 Santa Fe train pulls into station. 05:03:19:00 B W 1939 Eatery, cuts to street scene, woman in bathing suit walking dog. 05:03:31:00 B W 1939 Int, recording studio, radio actors standing around microphone, four men, one woman. VS reading from scripts, KNK microphone, CUs of faces. 05:04:36:00 B W 1939 Make- up studio, woman with towel or scarf on head having face made up. Lipstick brushed on. 05:05:04:00 B W 1939 Male hair stylist, dresser, fixing woman's hair (woman is actress ANITA LOUISE. JL.) Louise looks in hand mirror, they chat. 05:05:43:00 B W 1939 Long HA of stage show, dancers, dark, chorus line. 05:06:22:00 B W 1939 Wig factory, women working at bench, forms on shelves in background. CU of wig making, needles, head form in woman's lap as she works. Wigs on forms for Alice Faye and Gracie? Allen. 05:07:14:00 B W 1939 Make-up artist applies lipstick, same man does hair. VS applying lipstick, CUs. 05:08:42:00 B W 1939 HA crowd, audience, light crosses over. 05:09:46:00 B W 1939 Walter Winchell at NBC microphone reading from script. Recording cut, man claps hands to start again. Winchell starts reading and speaking, very animated, moving around a lot in chair. Waits for cue, reads again, talks excitedly into microphone, good. MOS. NO SOUND. 05:10:50:30 B W 1939 Hollywood Eateries. Ext, Hollywood store (Vendome Fine Foods), cars up and down on street, people walking. Star signs autographs outside, Vat 69 display in store window, VS store. 05:11:57:00 B W 1939 Ext, 'Sunset Haberdashers'. 05:12:13:00 B W 1939 HA rooftops, Grauman's Chinese Theater, traffic on street below. 05:12:25:00 B W 1939 Jean Harlow prints in Grauman's cement, hand and foot. 05:12:28:00 B W 1939 Cars pull into 'Nutburgers' eatery hamburger joint, several takes. 05:12:56:00 B W 1939 Billboard advert for 'Al Levy's Tavern - Mingle with the stars.' 05:13:06:00 B W 1939 Night, 'Pantages' theater, sign lit up. 05:13:29:00 B W 1939 Ext, A&P supermarket? 05:13:38:00 B W 1939 Int, costume room, tailors sewing, cutting, ironing. 05:14:23:00 B W 1939 Ext, house on corner. Star gets into chauffeur-driven car (limousine), drives off, two takes. 05:15:17:00 B W 1939 Door, 'Eddie Schmidt.' 05:15:24:00 B W 1939 Chalk board time table with stars names listed, days and times too. Names include Powell, Power, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Jack Benny, Selznick, Astaire, Menjou, Robert Taylor, Fairbanks, Gary Cooper, Sam Goldwyn... 05:15:43:00 B W 1939 Ext, restaurant neon sign, day time, 'Universal Cafe, Meet & Eat with the STARS.' 05:15:58:00 B W 1939 Two young women at counter, one eating hamburger, other drinks milkshake or soda through straw, VS. 05:16:51:00 B W 1939 Brief, Ext Sunset, stage show in dark, dancing with fans. 05:17:53:00 B W 1939 CU audience, dark. Jean Hersholt (in shadows) smoking pipe, 05:18:18:00 B W 1939 Edward G Robinson smoking pipe, talking, laughing (in shadow). 05:18:45:00 B W 1939 Ext, fine food store. 05:19:12:00 B W 1939 LS Tennis Club, club house, balcony, umbrella, tables and chairs below. People wandering around. 05:19:41:00 B W 1939 Charlie Chaplin comes out of building, racket in hand. 05:20:00:00 B W 1939 Chaplin poses with Ellsworth Vines and Fred Perry. Chaplin sits on man's lap, looks like Groucho Marx, pretends to be ventriloquist's dummy, play acting. Players get ready, shake hands. Groucho in sleeping bag on court. Chaplin gives him table tennis bat to play with. 05:20:40:00 B W 1939 Chaplin hitting ball, VS doubles game, serious. 05:21:19:00 B W 1939 Cuts to Marx playing, wearing sunglasses. Marx serves, cameramen behind him, up high. 05:22:03:00 B W 1939 Chaplin playing. 05:22:21:00 B W 1939 CUs of Hollywood stars watching game including Paulette Goddard, Douglas Fairbanks, Harpo Marx, Ronald Colman, Constance Bennett, others. 05:23:14:00 B W 1939 CU Harpo, acting for camera. 05:23:31:00 B W 1939 WA court, doubles game. Cuts back to Harpo, balding like Groucho. Stars shaking hands, going into club house, VS CUs. One man in shorts clutches woman's arm, has other hand in small of her back, ownership. Cuts back to game of tennis. 05:24:37:00 B W 1939 Signs, 'Jumbo Malts 10c,' 'Enderizing Studio,' 'The body Beautiful.' 05:24:54:00 B W 1939 Long HA, Mount Wilson Observatory. 05:25:16:00 B W 1939 Radio studio. Hollywood radio actors Chester "Chet" Lauck and Norris "Tuffy" Goff speaking into NBC microphones (they portrayed radio's Lum and Abner. JL). 05:26:30:00 B W 1939 Reporter on phone, old type. Hangs up receiver and starts to type. Picks up phone again. 05:27:13:00 B W 1939 Sign, 'Lonesome Club For Lonely Folks 18 to 80.' Int, make-up factory. HA of women boxing products, cosmetic packing assembly line. Tins on conveyor belt, piled up. 05:28:37:00 B W 1939 Int, huge machinery, men operating. 05:29:43:00 B W 1939 Woman (actress Anita Louise) being made-up by older man (Max Factor) brushing her eye lashes. Applying eyebrow pencil. 05:30:40:00 B W 1939 Cuts to Max Factor at desk with lots of cosmetics making notes, testing. 05:30:51:00 B W 1939 MLS, women at counter, buying cosmetics, make-up, in store (Max Factor salon). Cuts to EXT of building, vertical sign 'Max Factor,' traffic on street. 05:32:18:00 B W 1939 Man applying lipstick to woman's lips with brush. 05:32:32:00 B W 1939 Woman having hair cut. 05:33:03:03 B W 1939 Sd. Nino Martini singing, sound out of sync, he walks about set, tree, city lights in background. Love song. Si. Cuts to LS of set, director, cameraman, Martini singing, lots of gesticulation, camera pulled on track. Industry-Motion Picture-Film. California-Hollywood. Hollywood-Stars- Studios-Street scenes-Restaurants. Stars-Movie-Hollywood. Sport- Tennis-Celebrity. Celebrities-Hollywood. VIPs-Hollywood. Labor-Women's. Factory-Wig-Cosmetic. Studios-Radio-Hollywood- Recording. Recording-Radio-Music. Performance-Hollywood stars. Store fronts-Hollywood. Observatory-Mt Wilson. Hair-Cut-Trim.